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dential Reasons, but by Divine Directions and Authority, the Office and Commission is truly said to be from the Holy-Ghoft, though conferred by the Ministry of Men. Consequently it is po Pride or Ambition to say, That the Offices of Bishops and Presbyters, and their Right to feed such Flocks, as by A postolical or Episcopal Hands are committed to them, is derived from God, and therefore not to be taken from them in any other way than such as he has authorized in his Holy Word. If Pride and Ambition is to be charged upon any Clergy, it is most justly chargeable upon those who affect to get into the highest Stations of the Church by flattering the Civil Powers, and endeavouring to make them and the World believe, that all Power, Spiritual as well as Temporal, is derived only from them, that so by their Help and Alistance they may at least get the Temporal Polesions and Honours which, by the Bounty of Pious and Religious Princes have been settled on the Church. The Office of a Bishop or Priest, though it carry a Divine Authority with it, is an Office of Labour; and therefore S. Paul says, (s) He that desireth the Office of a Bishop, defirezh a good Work. He then that desireth the Work, is not according to S. Paul's Testimony, proud and ambitious. But he, that by indirect Means, such as giving up to Temporal Princes, all that Power which Christ vested in his Apostles and their Succellors the Bi. shops, seeks to advance himself, cannot be excused from Pride and Ambition.

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BOOKS Printed for Henry CLEMENTS,

at the Half-Moon in St. Paul's Churcbe Tard.

is Null and Void, when administred in Opposition

to the Divine Right of the Apoftolick Succession : Occafion'd chiefly by the Anti-Episcopal Usurpations of our English Diffenting Teachers. The 3d Edition.

Sacerdotal Powers: Or, The Necefsity of Confeffion, Penance, and Abfolution, asserted; in an Efsay, occasion'd by Two Sermons preach'd at Salisbury, Nov. the 5th, and the 7th, 1710. The ad Edition.

A Letter ço the Author of Lay-Baptism Invalid. By Tho. Breis, D. D. which may serve as an Appendix to Sacerdotal Powers.

Diflenters and other Unauthorizd Baptisms Null and Void : In Answer to a Pamphlet call’d, The Judgment of the Church of England in the Case of Lay-Baptism, and of Dissenters Baptism. The ad Edition.

The Bishop of Oxford's Chargé consider'd, in reference the Independency of the Church, a proper Sacrifice in the Sacrament, Sacerdotal Absolution, and Valid Baptism.

The Second Part of Lay-Baptism Invalid : Shewing, that the Ancient Catholick Church never had any Law, Tradition or Custom, for the Validity of Lay-Baptisms ; prov'd from Mr. Bingham's Scholastical History, and other Evidences not produced by that Historian.

A Supplement to the First and Second Parts of Lay-Baptism Invalid: In Answer to the Second Part of Mr. Bingo bam's Scholastical History.

All these written by the Author of Lay-Baptism Invalid.

The Judgment of the Reform'd in France ; as also that of Mr. Calvin, and other Genevans, concerning Lay-Baptism. Collected by a Priest of the Church of England, and Rector of a Church in the City of London. In a Letter to the Author of Lay-Baptism Invalid. Price 4 d. Proper to be bound up with the other Pieces, which make Two large Volumes in 8vo. price 12 s.


The Genuine Works of St. Cyprian, Archbishop of Carthage, and Primate of all Afries; who suffered Martyrdom for the Chriftian Faith, in the Year of our Lord 258. together with his Life, Writtten by his own Deacon, Pontius. All done into English from the Oxford Edition; and illustrated with divers Notes. To which is added, A Differtation upon the Case of Heretical and Schismatical Baptisms at the Close of the Famous Council of Carthage, held in the Year of our Lord 256. Whose Acts are also herewith published. By Natth. Marshal, L. L. B. Rector of the united Parishes of St. Vedast, and St. Michael le Quern London, and Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty.

The Life of the Reverend and Learned Mr. John Sage, Author of the Principles of the Cyprianick Age. Wherein also fome Account is given of his Writings, both Printed and in Manuscript. Price I s.

An Essay upon Two Arabick Manuscripts of the Bodleian Library; and that ancient Book, called, The Doctrine of the Apostles, which is said to be extant in them : Wherein Mr. Whiston's Mistakes about both, are plainly prov'd. The Second Edition. Price I s.

Some Instances of the Defects and Omissions in Mr. IVhifton's Collection of Testimonies from the Scriptures and Fathers, against the tree Deity of the Son and Holy Ghost; and of misapplying and misinterpreting divers of em.

Both these by Dr. Grabe. To the last of which is prefix'd, a Discourse giving some Account of the Learned Author, and his Manuscripts. By George Hickes, D. D. Price is.

Fudicial Power of the Church asserted : In a Sermon preach'd at a Visitation in the Archdeaconry of York. By James Talbot, D. D. late Rector of Spofforth in Yorkshire,

Of Original Sin: A Sermon preach'd before the Lord Mayor, Aldermen, &c. at St. Paul's, Feb. 22., 1712-13; By William Delaune, D.D. President of St. John' Baptift College, Oxon. The Second Edition. Price 3 d.

The Authority of Christian Princes, and of Bishops and Pastors, in Ecclesiastical Matters, not Inconsistent with the true Nature of Christ's Kingdom. A Sermon Preach'd at Banbury, June 16. 1717. on John xviii. 36. Occasion'd by a Sermon lately Publish'd by the Ld. Bp. of Bangor on the



Price 25.

fame Subject. By Benj. Loveling, M. A. Vicar of Banbury
in Oxfordshire.

Dilsenters Self-Condemn'd: Being a full Answer to De-
laune's Plea for the Nonconformiits ; lately recommended
by Daniel Foe, futhor or the Review. To which is added,
the Diffenters Harmony in Principles with the Papists.
By William Robertson, M. A. late à Dissenting Teacher.

The Mirre and the Crown; or å real Distinction between
them. In a Letter to a Member of Convocation. In Two
Parts. Price 10 d.

The Principles of Deism represented, and set in a clear
Light. In Two Dialogues becween a Sceptick and Deift.
The 1 st concerning Christian Revelation ; The ad concern-
ing Natural Religion. The Second Edition. Price 1 s. 6 d.

Št. Athanafius's Four Orations against the Arians, and his
Oration against the Gentiles. Translated from the Original
Greek, by Mr. Samuel Parker. In Two Volumes. To
which the Translator has prefix'd Observations for the bet-
ter Application of St. Athanafius's Reasoning : Together
with a few Queries recommended to Mr. Whifton's Confi-
deration ; and a Confutation of his impious Doctrines, in
a Table of References from Mr. Whilton's Treatises to the
Orations aforesaid. Price 9 s.

Bibliotheca Biblica : Being a Commentary upon all the
Books of the Old and New

Testament, gather'd out of the
Writings of Fathers, and Ecclesiastical Historians, and
Acts of Councils down to the Year of our Lord 451. being
that of the 4th General Council; and Lower as Occasion
may require: Comprehending the Proper, Allegorical ór,
Mystick, and Moral Import of the Text, as delivered or
illustrated in the writings and Monuments aforesaid,
in such a Manner that, to hear, the Sense of several Co-
mentators in the same, thë Names only of those that

agree with the first in it, are mentiòn'd, to avoid Repetition; and after such Texts as have been wade Use of the Antients against any Hercfies, the Denomination of the Hereticks against whom they have been produced, are inserted.

To which are added Introductory Discourses upon the Authors and Authentickness of the Books, the Time of their being Written, &c. extracted, for the most part, out of the best Authors that have writ upon those Subjects No. 6. for the Year 1717. to be continued Monthly,

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And the NECESSITY of an

EPISCOPACY, Episcopal Commission

Preaching GOD'S WORD, Christian Sacraments, Holy SCRIPTURES,


And for the valid Miniftration of the

Proved from the




Primitive Church .

TOGË T HER With an impartial Account of the false Principles

of Papifts, Lutherans, and Calvinists, concerning the Identity of Bishops and PRESBYTERS.

A LSO The valid Succeffion of our ENGLISH BISHOPS

vindicated, against the Objections of PresbyTERIANS and ROMANISTS.

A N D The Popib Fable of the Nags-Head Consecration of Archbishop Parker fully refuted.


the Half Moon in S. Paul's Church-yard, 1718.

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