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town of Leeds, and near to the Leeds and Bradford Railway ; also, the Advowson of the Vicarage of Rothwell, the Tithes being commuted at upwards of 9001. per annum.

This advowson, though advertised in September last, is offered to capitalists this year. M ESSRS. FAREBROTHER, CLARK, and LYE will SELL by

AUCTION, at Garraways Coffee House, Change Alley, London, the Advowson to the Living of Irnham-cum-corby, with Parsonage House, Twenty-six Acres of Glebe Land, a Farm, and the Commuted Tithe, yielding about 9501. per annum.

These gentlemen seem long to have had a difficulty in providing a customer for the good thing announced above. But our readers must choose for themselves, since they will find many eligible offers. The splendid Freehold Domain and Manors of Gayhurst and Stoke Gold

ington, near Newport Pagnell, on the high road to Northampton, only about four miles from the Wolverton Station, with its noble Mansion, rich and finely timbered Park, and fertile Meadows, bounded for a considerable extent by a beautiful reach of the River Ouse; also the Perpetual Advowson of the united Rectories of Gayhurst and Stoke; several compact Farms, fine Woodlands, thickly stored with Oak and intersected by handsome broad turfrides, altogether about 2,500 Acres, in a ring fence, forming one of the most desirable seats in the county, in a famous sporting neighbourhood, only 24 hours journey from town, combining also a choice and solid landed investment.

ESSRS. DANIEL SMITH and SON are commissioned to SUBMIT M

to PUBLIC COMPETITION, at the Auction Mart, London, on Friday, July 26th, at Twelve, (unless an acceptable offer shall be previously made by Private Treaty)—the above distinguished and very valuable Freehold Estate; together with the Manors, (co-extensive with the two parishes, and the Perpetual Advowson of the Rectories of Gayhurst and Stoke Goldington, with its excellent Parsonage and Glebe Farm; and an extensixe Fishery in the River Ouse, which bounds a considerable portion of the Demesne Lands, and on the bank of which is an Ornamental Bath and Cottage, interspersed with some beautiful Woodlands full of thriving Oak and other T'imber, and forming admirable Preserves for Game; together with the greater part of the small Village of Stoke Goldington, including the Two neat little Inns, and other Premises. The situation can scarcely be surpassed; it is on the high road between the towns of Newport Pagnell

, Olney, and Northampton, a perfectly agricultural and healthy residential neighbourhood, within a few miles of the regular meets of Lord Southampton's, Mr. Lowndes', and the Oakley Hounds, and within the reach of the Pytchley Hunt, only ten miles from Northampton, twelve from Bedford, and within a few miles of the Wolverton and Bletchley Stations on the North-Western Railway.

The above is eclipsed by the subjoined interesting situation, amidst plenty of fishing as well as splendid hunting, together with “a population not exceeding ten persons;" so that the duty is light.

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Both were in the market but a little time ago, and perhaps neither is disposed of at present. The important ESTATE of BROOKSBY HALL, a choice Hunting

Seat, near Melton Mowbray, about ten miles from Leicester and Loughborough, embracing one of the richest domains in that proverbially fertile district, with a comfortable Stone Mansion, on a moderate scale, with the MANOR, FISHERY, and PERPETUAL ADVOWSON, a MILL, and WHARF, and several famous FARMS in Brooksby and Hoby, intersected for upwards of a mile by the River Wreak, presenting an unusually fine property for Investment.


at the Mart, London, on July 26th, at Twelve, (unless an acceptable offer shall be previously made by Private Treaty)—the above remarkably choice and most valuable Freehold Estate, comprising in a ring fence, about 1,150 Acres of exceedingly rich Grazing Land, capable of fatting the largest bullocks, with a range of luxuriant meadows, intersected by the river, and a fine breadth of sound fertile Arable Land, the greater part in the hands of first-class Tenants, and, with little exception, in the finest state of cultivation. The Mansion, of which possession may be had, stands upon a gentle rise, close to the beautiful little Church of Brooksby, surrounded by some exceedingly rich park-like Paddocks, studded with very handsome Timber and beautiful springs of Water. The Manor of Brooksby, with an extensive Fishery, also the Perpetual Advowson of the Rectory, with the right of next presentation, are attached to the Estate, rendering it altogether a most complete and desirable Property. From its extraordinary sound, deep rich soil, and from its being subject to comparatively trifling poor rates, (the population of Brooksby not exceeding ten or twelve persons,) and exonerated of land tax and tithes, it is an unusually eligible and choice Estate as an investment; and being in the midst of several favourite hunts, anıl within a short ride of Leicester, with a Railway Station adjoining the Estate, bringing it within four hours' journey of London, and connecting it with most parts of England, it is also a most attractive and desirable residential Property.

The Estate may be viewed by application to Mr. Simpkin, the principal Tenant; and descriptive particulars, with plans, may be obtained of Messrs. Delmar and Wynne, Solicitors, 46, Lincoln's Inn Fields; or of Messrs. Daniel Smith and Son, Land Agents, in Waterloo Place, Pall Mall, London.

The same Agents also announced, (with the above) the following for Public Competition;" THI HE important FREEHOLD ESTATE, of CAMERTON COURT,

in a picturesque part of Somersetshire, only seven miles from Bath; comprising an elegant modern MANSION, replete with every suitable appendage, and in the most perfect keeping and delightful order, surrounded by a beautiful, dry healthy Park, richly varied with Plantations and Woodlands. Also, the Manors, and the most desirable Perpetual Allrowson of the Living, (with the prospect of very early possession ;) and several well-conditioned Farms, and a very valuable Colliery, on




Lease. The whole of the annual value of upwards of 3,0001. exclusive of the delightful and complete Residence.

The incumbent would seem to be very old, or very ill; since there was a “ prospect

of very early possession." AND SURELY A DELICATE MAN WOULD BE ASHAMED TO LIVE LONG AFTER HIS LIVING HAD BEEN SOLD; especially when this “ prospect” was presented so cheerfully to the successor.

The following tempting offer to a “ fellow labourer,”. “ of evangelical views and a good voice;" is of a different nature; but instinctive as to the prospects of those who have only_good qualities to secure promotion. The Advertisement appeared in the Record.

CURACY is offered to a fellow-labourer, of Evangelical views, with

good voice, and active habits in visiting the sick, poor, schools, &c. There is a very good house and garden, with stables, &c., in addition to which a stipend of 401. would be given, with a title. To a person already in orders an additional stipend.

Apply (post paid) to Vicarius, Post-office, Newport Pagnell, Bucks.

We hope the Curate's “ fellow” had a better income than 401., for his voice and active habits; or they would both require to be visited as amongst "the poor :" but perhaps the advertiser had "an additional stipend,” through his Title."

The next advertisement from the same paper (Record, May, 1848,) is in every way more tempting.



at the White Horse Inn, Ipswich, Suffolk, on Friday the 9th day of June, 1848, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, the Perpetual Advowson and Next Presentation to the Vicarage of Mendlesham, which is endowed with one-third of the great or rectorial tithes of the parish, which, with the vicarial tithes, have been commuted at 5831. 13s. The vicaragehouse is a substantial and conveniently-arranged residence, very pleasantly situated in a lawn. There are about twenty-five Acres of Glebe Land. The incumbent is in his fiftieth year. Mendlesham is in a highly respectable neighbourhood, about seven miles from Stowmarket, through which the railroad runs from London to Bury, passing through Ipswich, from whence Mendlesham is about fifteen miles.

The property may be viewed and particulars obtained of Messrs. Smith and Son, solicitors, 16, Southampton-street, Bloomsbury-square; of Messrs Cavell and Son, solicitors, Saxmundham, Suffolk; and of the auctioneers, Ipswich.

The incumbent is fifty, the neighbourhood respectable, and the income more than the untitled Curate's.

Those of more moderate views, might be content with “the Advowson and Vicarage of Oadby, of which the income is about 2701. a-year," as lately advertised by Messrs. Daniel Smith and Son.

This notice of a desire for an “exchange,” is exceedingly modest, and like all these advertisements, shews how much the laity are con

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sulted, in ecclesiastical arrangements : except when alarm is excited against the Pope.

EXCHANGE. THE INCUMBENT of a district parish in the suburbs of London CHANGE with a clergyman of Evangelical sentiments, for a living in an agricultural part of the country, with a small population.

The following is ambiguous : THE INCUMBENT of a country living, in a midland county, popu

lation 1,600, income 1401. and house capable of considerable increase, is willing to EXCHANGE with a clergyman of Evangelical sentiments, for a town living, with an extended sphere of labour and proportionate increase of income.

Address, H. I. B. Post-office, Richmond, Yorkshire. We should suppose according to the “plain grammatical sense,” that it is the house which is capable of considerable increase; but it may be large enough already: if the incumbent mean the income, he had better increase it himself, and then make a more advantageous bargain.

But no one can complain of an advertisement like the following which appeared in the Record, with this capital heading :


CLERGYMAN, of Evangelical views, who can give satisfactory

references, wishes for an APPOINTMENT to a church in a town in the province of Canterbury. Advertiser's sole object being to obtain a permanent sphere of extended usefulness, he would gladly accept any such incumbency, if the situation be healthy, however small the income.

Address (pre-paid,) Rev. H. Parr, Higher Tranmere, Birkenhead. We should suppose that any who want a "poor living,” need only appeal to a curate. The “wants" expressed by ecclesiastical advertisements are somewhat varied : here is a gentleman describing himself as paid for doing nothing: so he wants a curate to do all the work, and get part of the pay. ANTED, by the non-resident incumbent of a small agricultural

parish near Tetbury, in Gloucestershire, a married CURATE, in full orders. The stipend is 1001. with the surplice fees, and the use of the Rectory House.

Clergymen of sound Evangelical principles may address inquiries to J. B. Post-office, Tetbury.

It may never have occurred to this non-resident incumbent, that it was possible to give up the living altogether ; but another incumbent advertises in still greater distress, he wishes for “a faithful minister of the gospel to whom he could confide the care of one of his parishes ;" the idea of giving up some of them does not appear to have struck him. Accordingly he tells us N INCUMBENT is anxious to meet with a faithful minister of the

Gospel, to whom he could confide the care of one of his parishes. Population about 500. To one not altogether dependent upon the fruit

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of his labours, the sphere is likely to prove a pleasant one. None whose views coincide with what is now known as Tractarianism need apply. Only such communications will be answered as shall appear likely to lead to an engagement. A title can be given.

Letters to be addressed (pre-paid,) Rev. M. A., care of Messrs. Mudie, 15, Coventry-street, Haymarket.

The following specimens of spiritual traffic we leave to the judgment of our readers.


SON a LIVING. Preference will be given to the midland counties, and vicinity to a railroad a great desideratum. A prospect of very early possession indispensable. The advertising party guarantee the presentation to a clergyman of sound Evangelical Protestant principles.

Address (pre-paid,) to W. M. P. W., 6 Robert-terrace, Chelsea.

CANTED to PURCHASE the ADVOWSON, or the right of next W

presentation to a rural endowed benefice, value from 1401. to about 4001. per annum. A house. Country preferred, but circumstances, with prospect of early possession, might influence.

Particulars by letter (post-paid,) to G. S., or to Messrs. Lovell, Gray's-inn. 10 be SOLD, the NEXT PRESENTATION to a small LIVING,

a situate in the beautiful and romantic neighbourhood of a good market town, in the county of Salop, and diocese of Hereford. There is a prospect of early possession. Interest allowed.

For particulars apply (pre-paid,) to Y. Z., at Messrs. Price and Bolton's, solicitors, 1, New-square, Lincoln's-inn, London.

Is it not humiliating to find such open and unblushing traffic in the spiritual concerns of this nation; making religion a property, putting up the cure of souls in an auction mart, turning the house of God into a house of merchandise and a den of thieves? Every party in the Church of England, high or low, Puseyite or Evangelical, is stained with this crying sin, and that in spite of restrictions and oaths,-restrictions that are evaded, -oaths that are interpreted into a form !

The law does not allow of a purchase of the next presentation, during a mortal sickness of the incumbent, nor after his decease; because it is supposed that in such cases the presentation would be bought for some specific individual, decided on beforehand; and thus be purchased for him,---not as a general spiritual trust. The statute law declares the right of presentation to be lost for that time in case any patron (the owner of the advowson) present a person for a sum of money or any profit. But this is always evaded by the patrons, as in the advertisements quoted they sell another person the right of presenting.

A young man wishes for a living, but must not buy the presentation of the patron; he lets his uncle, or father, or lawyer buy, and the lawyer,

l &c., presents him !

Thus there is real simony on all sides ; but the statute law is evaded, or rather it is defied, for it is against that law to purchase the presenta



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