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thy Counsel hath laid open their shallow and ungrounded policies. Thy faithfulness above the Clouds hath prevented their treacherous, unfaithful earthly conspiracies, and thy judgments as the great mountains have overwhelmed and dasht in pieces all the power of their malice.

Why did the ungodly of late so rage, and the children of this Land imagine a vain thing? The Princes banded themselves, and assembled together against thee (0 Lord) and against thine Anointed, saying amongst themselves, Let us break their bonds, and cast their cords from us. But thou that sittest in heaven hast laughed them to scorn, thou hast had them all in derision, thou hast dissolved their knots, dissociated their bandings, defeated and frustrated their whole designments. They travailed with wind, and brought forth a whirlwind, which hath scattered their devices, and brought a woful recompence upon their own heads.

We are not worthy to entreat mercy at thy hands, worms of the earth, of thee who art the Former of our spirits, and Creator of all things, transgressors from our mothers' bellies, and laden with sin, of thee that hast pure eyes. The sacrifices we offer up, either of our praises or prayers, proceed but from hearts of ashes and polluted lips : but under the warrant and wings of thy dear Son, in whom thou art pleased and we hid, hoping that the sacrifice of his most precious blood shall answer all our defects, and cover our infirmities, we pour out our whole souls before thee, humbly beseeching thee for thy Christ's sake, that the line of thy mercies and the line of her life may be lengthened and run forth together : that thou wilt always quiet her Realms both from foreign invasions and intestine Rebellions, secure her person, keep her people in allegiance to her Highness, and amity amongst themselves, and meet with the purposes and practices of all ambitious Absalons, blasphemous Shemeis, seditious Shevas", traitorous Achitophels, rebellious Cores, which strive against thine ordinance in her Heroical hands.

Finally, 0 our strongest Redeemer, make us mindful of all thy forepassed benefits, thankful for the present, fearful of nothing but thy plagues, careful of nothing but of thy service and worship; that with hands and hearts everlastingly lift up

[" Meet with: frustrate, defeat.]
[ Shebas. 2 Sam. xx. 1, &c.]

to heaven, Prince and people knit together as it were in one soul, we may glorify thy holy Name, and seek the advancement of thy kingdom through our blessed Redeemer and Intercessor, Jesus Christ.

[The prayer composed by Whitgift (Register, Lambeth, part 1. fol. 148. b.) for Elizabeth the day before her death, will constitute a fitting termination to these public Forms. Sancroft also wrote it on one of the leaves of that volume in his collection, which is marked 3. 4. 30.].

O most heauenlie Father, and God of all mercie, we most humbly beseech thee to behoulde thy seruaunt our queen

with the eies of pity and compassion : giue ynto her the comforts of thy holie spirit, worke in her a constant and livelie faith, graunt hir true repentance, and restore vnto her (if it be thy will) hir former health and strength of bodie and soule. Let not the enemy, nor his wicked instruments have anie power ouer hir, to do her harme. O Lord, punish hir not for our offences, neither punish vs in hir. Deal not with vs, O Lord, as we haue deserued, but for thy mercies sake, and for thy Christ his sake, forgiue vs all our sinnes, and prolong hir daies, that we may still enioy hir to the glory of thy holy name, and ioy of all such as truelie fear thee, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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