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These and some other complots we see how desperately they have been attempted, yet (thanked be God) are not achieved: how perilously plotted, but are not perfected: how secretly devised, yet most happily hitherto discovered to God's infinite glory, and our unspeakable comfort. So that it may aptly be verified, that her Majesty's life hath all this while been sustained in manu Altissimi, and that under the shadow of his wings she hath not miscarried. All which whosoever he be that will attentively weigh and consider, and cannot see the very finger of God mightily working herein by his providence and mercy, no doubt, he is insensible blockish: who seeth, and will not acknowledge it, is wilfully malicious: but who acknowledgeth, and also tasteth of the sweet blessings that are enjoyed thereby, and is not most heartily thankful to God therefore, is extremely impious, and doth but add this ungratefulness unto the mass of all his other wickedness, even unto his own greater damnation. Let every of us therefore who have good will to Sion', turn from our wicked ways, and from the evil that is betwixt our hands, and incessantly with heart and voice yield most humble and hearty thanks to God our deliverer. But let it not be for a day or two only, whiles the intended wound doth (as it were) present itself fresh and green before the eyes of our minds; but continually, even so long as we may justly imagine the same devil, in his imps, still to rage and to be presto to devour us; so long as our habitation is amongst the Tents of Mesech, and our souls amongst Lions, who hunt after our lives, and do greedily seek to give our Dearling to the dog, and to lay our honour in the dust: to the intent, that (if it be so God's good will) our joy may long and long be redoubled and trebled unto us under the happy government of so gracious a Sovereign. Which our bounden duty that it may the more frequently and fruitfully be performed of us; it hath been thought meet to publish this form of prayer for the continuance of God's mercies towards us, and of thanksgiving for his unspeakable goodness in detecting so many conspiracies, and averting so great mischiefs intended against us. Which duty of praying and thanksgiving there is no doubt but every true hearted English man and faithful Subject will both privately and publicly from the bottom of his heart perform. Psalm 20". Psalm 27.

Psalm 33.
Psalm 21.
Psalm 31.

Psalm 91.

Prayers for the preservation of the Queen's Majesty.

ALMIGHTY and everlasting God, Creator and Governor of all the world, by whom Kings do bear rule, and under whose

[Instead of, Sion, each of the other editions has, “the truth of the | Gospel." ]

['° Prest (prét): ready.]
["' None of these Psalms, though given at length, has the Gloria


providence they are wonderfully and mightily oftentimes protected from many fearful dangers, by which the malice of Satan and his wicked imps do seek to intrap them : We give unto thy heavenly majesty most humble and hearty thanks, for that it hath pleased thee, of thine infinite mercy and goodness in Christ Jesu, so wonderfully to uphold, deliver and preserve thine Hand-maid, our most dread and Sovereign Queen Elizabeth, so many and sundry times, from the cruel and bloody treacheries of desperate men, who address themselves to all wickedness; and at this time especially, wherein her innocent life was shot at by divers wicked designments of blood-thirsty wretches and traitors. And we do most humbly, and from the bottom of our hearts, pray and beseech thee in Christ Jesu, to continue this thine unspeakable goodness towards her and this realm, and evermore to defend and protect them.

O Lord, dissipate and confound all practices. conspiracies, and treasons, against her, against this realm

of England, and against the truth of thine holy word here Psal. 2. [3). taught and professed. Smite our enemies (good Lord) upon

the cheek-bone, break the teeth of the ungodly, frustrate their counsels, and bring to nought all their devices. Let them fall into the pit, that they have prepared for us: Let a sudden destruction come upon them unawares; and the net that they have laid for others privily, let it catch themselves, that they may fall into their own mischief. Let them be ashamed and confounded together, that seek after her life to destroy it. Let them be driven backward and put to rebuke, that wish us evil: so that the whole world and all posterity may see and know, how mightily with thy fatherly care and providence thou watchest over and defendest those, which pu their trust in thee, and are in the hand of the most highest and dwell under the shadow of the Almighty: And tha those which seek thee may be joyful and glad in thee, and all such as love thy Salvation may say alway, The Lord in

Grant this (0 most loving and merciful Father) fr hy dear Son's sake, Jesus Christ our Lord and only Savite Amen.

Psal. 7.

Psal. 35

Psal. 40.

Psal. 91.

Psal. 40.



0 ALMIGHTY and eternal God, creator and governor the whole world, unto whom all power belongeth over :

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creatures both in heaven and earth, who spake the word, and they were made, commanded, and all things were created, and by whom alone it is, that not only all Kings and Princes do rule and govern the people committed to their charge, but are likewise by thy divine providence and mighty protection (so long as it seemeth best to thy godly wisdom) defended and delivered, even in the midst of all their perils and dangers, out of the hands of all their enemies : We yield unto thee most humble and hearty thanks, for that it hath pleased thy gracious goodness, according to thine accustomed favour towards her, still to preserve and defend thy well beloved Hand-maid and our most gracious Queen Elizabeth, from all the wicked conspiracies, traitorous attempts, and devilish devices, which either the foreign and professed enemies abroad, or else her most unloyal, desperate, and rebellious Subjects at home, were able at any time to devise and practise against her. But especially (O Lord) at this time, as just occasion is offered unto us all, we all even from the bottom of our hearts praise thy holy name, and give thee most hearty and unfeigned thanks for this thy late and most happy delivery of her Majesty's most royal person from all those manifold treasons, which were most wickedly invented and cruelly attempted against her : most humbly beseeching thee, of thine infinite goodness and mercy, still to continue thy fatherly protection over her, daily to increase and multiply thy heavenly blessings and graces upon her. Be thou ever unto her (O Lord God of hosts) even a strong rock and tower of defence against the face of all her enemies, which either openly abroad, or secretly at home, go about to bring her life unto the grave, and lay her honour in the dust. Disclose their wicked counsels, and make frustrate all their devilish practices in such sort, as that all the world may learn and know, that there is no counsel, no wisdom, no policy against the Lord. And if it be thy will (O Lord), either give them grace in time to see how in vain they still kick against the pricks, and do seek to depose her whom thou dost exalt, and so acknowledge and repent them of these their sins, and thus convert them in thy mercy: or else in thy just judgments (if with the wilful, obstinate, and reprobate sinners, they still harden their hearts and will not repent) let all the enemies (0 Lord), let all the malicious and deadly enemies of thine anointed servant, and our most gracious Queen Elizabeth, perish together. Let them fall into the ditch which they have digged for others, and be taken in their own nets : but let her Majesty (0 Lord) ever escape them, that all the world may see how dear and precious in thy sight the life of this thine anointed is, who doth not so much as imagine this evil against them, that thus continually thirst after her blood. Wherefore (O Lord our God, King of kings and Lord of all lords, unto whose eyes all things are open, and from whom no secrets are hid, who only knowest all the devices and thoughts of men, and searchest out the depth of their hearts) thou knowest (O Lord) that nothing at any time hath been more dear unto thine anointed Hand-maid Elizabeth, our Queen, than the public good and benefit of thy Church, and the godly peace and unity of all good Christians among themselves. We beseech thee therefore of thy great goodness (O Lord) still to look down from heaven, and behold her with thine eye of pity and compassion, daily with thy mighty power and stretched out arm to save and deliver her from all her enemies, preserve and keep her as the apple of thine own eye, and grant unto her (O most merciful Father) a long, prosperous, and happy reign over us, and prolong her days as the days of heaven here upon earth, that she


be an old mother in Israel, and see her desire upon all thine and her enemies, though in number never so many, or in power never so mighty. And finally, after this life, give unto her everlasting life, through Jesus Christ thine only Son, and our only Saviour.


O most gracious God and our most loving and mercifol Father, which hast not only created us, and all things by thy power, but hast also continued our preservation by thy holy providence, therein working wonderfully, revealing things hidden and secret, as thou dost discover the bottoms and foundations of the deep: how can we worthily praise thy goodness, or sufficiently declare thy loving kindness, which thou hast at all times shewed unto us thy servants in the land of the living ? We magnify thy glorious name: thou hast a mighty arm; strong is thy hand, and high is thy right hand, yea, thy wisdom is infinite. The proud have risen

against thee, O Lord, and against thine anointed, our Sovereign under thee, and against thy people that call upon thy name: but thou hast cast them down from time to time, and scattered them abroad, for thy mercy endureth for ever. They have taken wicked counsels together, saying, None shall be able to espy it: but thou hast opened them, and brought them out of darkness into light; for thou art God alone which destroyest the wisdom of the wise, and castest away the understanding of the prudent: therefore do we worship thee and praise thy holy Name, rejoicing continually in thy strength and thy salvation; for thou art the glory of our power, and by thy favour and loving kindness are we preserved. Our shield and defence belongeth to thee (O Lord of hosts), and our gracious Prince to thee, O thou Holy one of Israel. And because thou hast loved her for thy name's sake, and the glory of thy kingdom upon the earth, and us also thy people to whom thou hast given her and many excellent blessings together with her righteous government, thou hast many times also preserved and kept her, as the apple of thine eye, from the mischievous imaginations and cruel hands of thine and her enemies, and from the secret practices of those that have endeavoured to rise up against her. Thou (O Lord) hast preserved her Honour from the ignominy, her life from the cruelty, and her Crown from the tyranny of the wicked, her estate from ruin, her peace from disturbance, her kingdom and her people from being a prey to the malignant. The foot of pride hath come against us, but the hand of iniquity hath not cast us down. Therefore do we rejoice before thee, and be glad in thee, yea, our songs do we make of thy name, O thou most Highest, and will be ever setting forth thy praise and thy glory, thy might and thy mercy, from one generation to another. Only, O Lord, forsake us not in this time of our age, until we have shewed thy strength to this generation, and thy power to all that are yet for to come. And albeit, if thou, Lord, in thy displeasure do mark among us all what is done amiss, there is none that can abide it, yet forsake us not, nor leave us, O God of our salvation. Give courage and constancy to our Sovereign to persevere in perils : prudence and wisdom to her Council, wisely to foresee and discover the subtil sleights and dangers of all enemies : faithfulness and fortitude to the Nobles of the

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