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many as come before me) are thieves and murtherers: but the sheep did not hear them. I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be safe, and go in and out, and find pasture. A thief cometh not but for to steal, kill and to destroy. I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: a good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. An hired servant, and he which is not the shepherd (neither the sheep are his own) seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep and fleeth, and the wolf catcheth and scattereth the sheep. The hired servant fleeth, because he is an hired servant, and careth not for the sheep. I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. As my Father knoweth me, even so know I also my Father. And I give my life for the sheep: and other sheep I have, which are not of this fold. Them also must I bring, and they shall hear my voice, and there shall be one fold, and one shepherd.

Or else this of the .xx. Chapter of John.

THE same day at night, which was the first day of the Sabboths, when the doors were shut (where the disciples were assembled together, for fear of the Jews) came Jesus and stood in the mids, and said unto them: Peace be unto you. And when he had so said, he shewed unto them his hands and his side. Then were the disciples glad, when they saw the Lord. Then said Jesus unto them again: Peace be unto you. As my Father sent me, even so send I you also. And when he had said those words, he breathed on them, and said unto them: Receive ye the Holy Ghost. Whosoever1 sins ye remit, they are remitted unto them; and whosoever's sins ye retain, they are retained.

When the Gospel is ended, then shall be said or sung.
COME, Holy Ghost, eternal God, proceeding from above:
Both from the Father and the Son, the God of peace and love.
Visit our minds, and into us thy heavenly grace inspire:
That in all truth and godliness, we may have true desire.
Thou art the very Comforter, in all woe and distress:

The heavenly gift of God most high, which no tongue can express;
The fountain and the lively spring of joy celestial:
The fire so bright, the love so clear, and Unction spiritual.

Thou in thy gifts art manifold, whereby Christ's Church doth stand:
In faithful hearts writing thy law, the finger of God's hand.
According to thy promise made, thou givest speech of grace:
That through thy help, the praise of God may sound in every place.
O Holy Ghost, into our wits send down thine heavenly light.
Kindle our hearts with fervent love, to serve God day and night.
Strength and stablish all our weakness, so feeble and so frail.
That neither flesh, the world nor devil, against us do prevail.
Put back our enemy far from us, and grant us to obtain:
Peace in our hearts with God and man, without grudge or disdain.

[ Misprint for, whosoever's.]

And grant O Lord, that thou being our Leader and our Guide:
We may eschew the snares of sin, and from thee never slide.
To us such plenty of thy grace, good Lord grant, we thee pray:
That thou mayest be our comforter, at the last dreadful day.
Of all strife and dissension, O LORD, dissolve the bands:

And make the knots of peace and love, throughout all Christian lands.
Grant us O Lord, through thee to know the Father most of might:
That of his dear beloved Son we may attain the sight.
And that with perfect faith also, we may acknowledge thee:
The Spirit of them both alway, one God in persons three.
Laud and praise be to the Father, and to the Son equal:
And to the Holy Spirit also, one God coeternal.

And pray we that the only Son vouchsafe his Spirit to send :
To all that do profess his name, unto the worldes end. Amen.

And then the Archdeacon shall present unto the Bishop all them that shall receive the order of Priesthood that day. The Archdeacon saying.

REVEREND father in God, I present unto you these persons present, to be admitted to the Order of Priesthood.

Cum interrogatione et responsione, ut in Ordine Diaconatus.
And then the Bishop shall say to the people.

GOOD people, these be they whom we purpose, God willing, to receive this day unto the holy office of Priesthood. For after due examination, we find not the contrary but that they be lawfully called to their function and ministry, and that they be persons meet for the same: but yet if there be any of you which knoweth any impediment, or notable crime in any of them, for the which he ought not to be received into this holy ministry; now in the name of God declare the same.

And if any great crime or impediment be objected. &c.

Ut supra in Ordine Diaconatus usque ad finem Litanie cum hac Collecta, ALMIGHTY GOD, giver of all good things, which by thy Holy Spirit hast appointed diverse orders of Ministers in thy church, mercifully behold these thy servants, now called to the office of Priesthood, and replenish them so with the truth of thy doctrine, and innocency of life, that both by word, and good example, they may faithfully serve thee in this office, to the glory of thy name, and profit of thy congregation, through the merits of our Saviour Jesu Christ: who liveth and reigneth with thee, and the Holy Ghost, world without end. Amen.

Then the Bishop shall minister unto every one of them the oath concerning the Queen's supremacy, as it is set out in the order of Deacons. And that done, he shall say unto them which are appointed to receive the said Office, as hereafter followeth.



You have heard, brethren, as well in your private examination, as in the exhortation, and in the holy lessons taken out of the Gospel, and of the writings of the Apostles, of what dignity, and of how great importance this office is (whereunto ye be called). And now we exhort you, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, to have in remembrance, into how high a dignity, and to how chargeable an office ye be called, that is to say, to be the messengers, the watchmen, the Pastors, and the stewards of the Lord: to teach, to premonish, to feed, and provide for the Lord's family to seek for Christ's sheep that be dispersed abroad, and for his children which be in the midst of this naughty world, to be saved through Christ for Have always therefore printed in your remembrance, how great a treasure is committed to your charge: for they be the sheep of Christ, which be bought with his death, and for whom he shed his blood. The church and congregation whom you must serve, is his spouse and his body. And if it shall chance the same church or any member thereof to take any hurt or hinderance, by reason of your negligence, ye know the greatness of the fault, and also of the horrible punishment which will ensue. Wherefore consider with your selves the end of your ministry, towards the children of God, toward the spouse and body of Christ, and see that you never cease your labour, your care and diligence, until you have done all that lieth in you, according to your bounden duty, to bring all such as are, or shall be committed to your charge, unto that agreement in faith, and knowledge of God, and to that ripeness and perfectness of age in Christ, that there be no place left among you', either for error in religion, or for viciousness in life.

Then, forasmuch as your office is both of so great excellency, and of so great difficulty, ye see with how great care and study ye ought to apply your selves, as well that you may shew your selves kind to that LORD, who hath placed you in so high a dignity, as also to beware that neither you your selves offend, neither be occasion that other offend. Howbeit,

[ Misprint for, them.]

ye can not have a mind and a will thereto of your selves, for that power and ability is given of God alone. Therefore ye see how ye ought and have need earnestly to pray for his Holy Spirit. And seeing that you can not by any other means compass the doing of so weighty a work pertaining to the salvation of man, but with doctrine and exhortation taken out of holy Scripture, and with a life agreeable unto the same; ye perceive how studious ye ought to be in reading and in learning the Scriptures, and in framing the manners, both of your selves, and of them that specially pertain unto you, according to the rule of the same Scriptures. And for this self same cause, ye see how you ought to forsake and set aside (as much as you may) all worldly cares and studies.

We have good hope, that you have well weighed and pondered these things with your selves long before this time, and that you have clearly determined, by God's grace, to give your selves wholly to this vocation, whereunto it hath pleased God to call you, so that (as much as lieth in you) you apply your selves wholly to this one thing, and draw all your cares and studies this way and to this end: and that you will continually pray for the heavenly assistance of the Holy Ghost from God the Father, by the meditation of our only mediator and Saviour Jesus Christ, that by daily reading and weighing of the Scriptures ye may wax riper and stronger in your ministry; and that ye may so endeavour your selves from time to time to sanctify the lives of you and yours, and to fashion them after the rule and doctrine of Christ; and that ye may be wholesome and Godly examples and patterns for the rest of the congregation to follow. And that this present congregation of Christ here assembled may also understand your minds and wills in these things: and that this your promise shall more move you to do your duties, ye shall answer plainly to these things, which we, in the name of the congregation, shall demand of you, touching the same.

Do you think in your heart that you be truly called according to the will of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the order of this Church of England, to the ministry of Priesthood?

Answer. I think it.

The Bishop. Be you persuaded that the holy Scriptures contain sufficiently all doctrine required of necessity for eternal [ A misprint for, mediation.]



salvation, through faith in Jesu Christ: And are you determined with the said scriptures to instruct the people committed to your charge, and to teach nothing (as required of necessity to eternal salvation) but that you shall be persuaded may be concluded and proved by the scripture?

Answer. I am so persuaded, and have so determined by God's grace.

The Bishop. Will you then give your faithful diligence always, so to minister the doctrine and Sacraments, and the discipline of Christ, as the Lord hath commanded, and as this realm hath received the same, according to the commandments of God, so that you may teach the people committed to your cure and charge with all diligence to keep and observe the same?


I will so do, by the help of the Lord.

The Bishop. Will you be ready with all faithful diligence to banish and drive away all erroneous and strange doctrines, contrary to God's word, and to use both public and private monitions and exhortations, as well to the sick, as to the whole within your cures, as need shall require and occasion be given?

Answer. I will, the Lord being my helper.

The Bishop. Will you be diligent in prayers, and in reading of the holy scriptures, and in such studies as help to the knowledge of the same, laying aside the study of the world and the flesh?

I will endeavour my self so to do, the Lord being

Answer. my helper.

The Bishop. Will you be diligent to frame and fashion your own self and your family according to the doctrine of Christ, and to make both your self and them (as much as in you lieth) wholesome examples and spectacles to the flock of Christ?

Answer. I will apply myself, the Lord being my helper.

The Bishop. Will you maintain and set forwards (as much as lieth in you) quietness, peace, and love among all Christian people; and specially among them that are, or shall be, committed to your charge?

Answer. I will so do, the Lord being my helper.

The Bishop. Will you reverently obey your Ordinary, and other chief ministers, unto whom the government and

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