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relieve our need, we beseech thee of thy grace so to bless our labour, that thy blessing may extend unto us, without the which we are not able to continue; and that this great favour may be a witness unto us of thy bountifulness and assistance, so that thereby we may know the fatherly care that thou hast over us.

Moreover, O Lord, we beseech thee, that thou wouldest strengthen us with thy holy Spirit, that we may faithfully travail in our estate and vocation without fraud or deceit; and that we may endeavour our selves to follow thine holy ordinance, rather than to seek to satisfy our greedy affections or desire to gain. And if it please thee, O Lord, to prosper our labour, give us a mind also to help them that have need, according to that ability that thou of thy mercy shalt give us: and knowing that all good things come of thee, grant that we may humble our selves to our neighbours, and not by any means lift our selves up above them, which have not received so liberal a portion as of thy mercy thou hast given unto us.

And if it please thee to try and exercise us by greater poverty and need, than our flesh would desire, that thou wouldest yet (O Lord) grant us grace to know that thou wilt nourish us continually through thy bountiful liberality, that we be not so tempted that we fall into distrust : but that we may patiently wait till thou fill us not only with corporal graces and benefits, but chiefly with thine heavenly and spiritual treasures, to the intent that we may always have more ample occasion to give thee thanks, and so wholly to rest upon thy mercy : hear us, O Lord of mercy, through Jesus Christ thy Son our Lord. Amen.

A' prayer for the whole state of Christ's church. ALMIGHTY God, and most merciful Father, we humbly submit ourselves, and fall down before thy majesty, beseeching thee from the bottom of our hearts, that this seed of thy word now sown amongst us may take such deep root, that neither the burning heat of persecution cause it to wither, neither the thorny cares of this life choke it, but that, as seed sown in good ground, it may bring forth thirty, sixty, and an hundreth fold, as thy heavenly wisdom hath appointed : and because we have need continually to crave many things at thy

[" The Book of Common Order commands the Minister to use, after the sermon, this prayer following, or such like.']

hands, we humbly beseech thee (О heavenly Father) to grant us thy holy Spirit to direct our petitions, that they may proceed from such a fervent mind, as may be agreeable to thy

most blessed will. And seeing that our infirmity is able to do anothing without thy help, and that thou art not ignorant with

how many and great temptations we poor wretches are on every side inclosed and compassed : Let thy strength, 0 Lord, sustain our weakness, that we being defended with the force of thy grace, may be safely preserved against all assaults of Sathan, who goeth about continually like a roaring lion, seeking to devour us. Increase our faith, O merciful Father, that we do not swarve at any time from thy heavenly word, but augment in us hope and love, with a careful keeping of all thy commandments: that no hardness of heart, no hypocrisy, no concupiscence of the eyes, nor enticements of the world, do draw us away from thy obedience.

And seeing we live now in these most perilous times, let thy fatherly providence defend us against the violence of our enemies, which do seek by all means to oppress thy truth, Furthermore, forasmuch as by thy holy apostle we be taught to make our prayers and supplications for all men : We pray not only for our selves here present, but beseech thee also to reduce all such as be yet ignorant, from the miserable captivity of blindness and errors, to the pure understanding and know? ledge of thy heavenly truth, that we all with one consent and unity of minds, may worship thee our only God and Saviour : And that all pastors, shepherds, and ministers, to whom thou hast committed the dispensation of thy holy word, and charge of thy chosen people, may both in their life and doctrine be found faithful, setting only before their eyes thy glory, and that by them all poor sheep, which wander and go astray, may be gathered and brought home to thy fold.

Moreover, because the hearts of rulers are in thy hands : we beseech thee to direct and govern the hearts of all kings, princes, and magistrates, to whom thou hast committed the sword : especially (o Lord), according to our bounden duty, we beseech thee to maintain and increase the honourable estate of the queen's majesty, and all her most noble counsellors, and magistrates, and all the whole body of this com

Let thy fatherly favour so preserve them, and thy holy Spirit so govern their hearts, that they may in such

mon weal.

sort execute their office, that thy religion may be purely maintained, manners reformed, and sin punished, according to the precise rule of thy holy word. And for that we be all members of the mystical body of Jesus Christ, we make our requests unto thee (О heavenly Father) for all such as are afflicted with any kind of cross or tribulation, as war, plague, famine, sickness, poverty, imprisonment, persecution, banishment, or any other kind of thy rods, whether it be calamity of body, or vexation of mind : that it would please thee to give them patience and constancy, till thou send them full deliverance of all their troubles. Root out from hence, O Lord, all ravening wolves, which to fill their bellies seek to destroy thy flock. And shew thy great mercies upon those our brethren in other countries, which are persecuted, cast into prison, and daily condemned for the testimony of thy truth. And though they be utterly destitute of all man's aid, yet let thy sweet comfort never depart from them; but so inflame their hearts with thy holy Spirit, that they may boldly and cheerfully abide such trial as thy godly wisdom shall appoint : so that at the length, as well by their death as by their life, the kingdom of thy dear Son Jesus Christ may increase and shine through all the world. In whose name we make our humble petitions to thee as he hath taught us. Our Father, which art. &c.

Another? prayer for the Morning. O Almighty and most gracious GOD, we heartily thank thee for the sweet sleep and comfortable rest which thou hast given us this night: and forasmuch as thou hast commanded by thy holy word that no man should be idle, but all occupied in godly and virtuous exercises, every man according to his calling; we most humbly beseech thee, that thine eyes may attend upon us, daily defend us, cherish, comfort, and govern us, and all our counsels, studies, and labours, in such wise, that we may spend and bestow this day according to thy most holy will, without the hurting of our neighbours, and that we may diligently and warily eschew and avoid all things that should displease thee, set thee always before our eyes, live in

[This and the next two Prayers are found appended only to the later Prayer Books of Elizabeth's reign. The present one exists, however, in the English Salisbury Primer of 1556.]

thy fear, working that which may be found acceptable before thy divine majesty, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

AP prayer containing the duty of every true Christian. O most mighty God, merciful and loving Father, I wretched sinner come unto thee in the name of thy dearly beloved Son Jesus Christ, my only Saviour and Redeemer : and most humbly beseech thee for his sake to be merciful unto me, and to cast all my sins out of thy sight and remembrance, through the merits of his bloody death and passion.

Pour upon me (O Lord) thy holy Spirit of wisdom and grace : Govern and lead me by thy holy word, that it may be a lantern unto my feet, and a light unto my steps. Shew thy mercy upon me, and so lighten the natural blindness and darkness of my heart through thy grace, that I may daily be renewed by the same Spirit and grace: by the which (0 Lord) purge the grossness of my hearing and understanding, that I may profitably read, hear, and understand thy word and heavenly will, believe and practise the same in my life and conversation, and evermore hold fast that blessed hope of everlasting life.

Mortify and kill all vice in me, that my life may express my faith in thee: mercifully hear the humble suit of thy servant, and grant me thy peace all my days. Graciously pardon mine infirmities, and defend me in all dangers of body, goods and name: but most chiefly my soul against all assaults, temptations, accusations, subtle baits and sleights of that old enemy of mankind, Satan, that roaring lion, ever seeking whom he may devour.

And here (O Lord) I, prostrate with most humble mind, crave of thy divine majesty to be merciful unto the universal Church of thy Son Christ : and especially, according to my bounden duty, beseech thee for his sake to bless, save, and defend the principal member thereof, thy servant our most dear and sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth : increase in her Royal heart true faith, godly zeal, and love of the same; and grant her victory over all her enemies, a long, prosperous, and honourable life upon earth, a blessed end, and life everlasting.

[ The prayer, of which this is an enlargement, has been reprinted by the Parker Society in Bull's Christian Prayers (p. 191): thus its date cannot really be later than 1566.]

Moreover, O Lord, grant unto her Majesty's most honourable counsellors, and every other member of this thy Church of England, that they and we in our several callings may truly and godly serve thee: Plant in our hearts true fear and honour of thy name, obedience to our Prince, and love to our neighbours : Increase in us true faith, and religion : Replenish our minds with all goodness, and of thy great mercy keep us in the same till the end of our lives : Give unto us a godly zeal in prayer, true humility in prosperity, perfect patience in adversity, and continual joy in the Holy Ghost.

And lastly, I commend unto thy Fatherly protection all that thou hast given me, as wife, children and servants. Aid me, O Lord, that I may govern, nourish, and bring them up in thy fear and service. And forasmuch as in this world N I must always be at war and strife, not with one sort of enemies, but with an infinite number, not only with flesh and blood, but with the devil which is the prince of darkness, and with wicked men, executors of his most damnable will: Grant me therefore thy grace, that being armed with thy defence, I may stand in this battle with an invincible constancy against all corruption, which I am compassed with on every side, until such time as I having ended the combat, which during this life I must sustain, in the end I may attain to thy heavenly rest, which is prepared for me and all thine elect, through Christ our Lord and only Saviour. Amen.

The prayer of Manasseh, King of the Jews. [ Apocrypha.] O LORD Almighty, God of our fathers Abraham, Isaac,

and Jacob, and of their righteous seed, which hast made
heaven and earth with all their ornament, which hast bound
the sea by the word of thy commandment, which hast shut
up the deep and sealed it by thy terrible and glorious name,
whom all do fear, and tremble before thy power: for
majesty of thy glory can not be !
threatening toward sinners je
promise is unmeas
most high Los

merciful, a
promised that according
shall be the and forg
to return tom infinite

«Thou hast


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