S. Avreli Avgvstini: De catechizandis rvdibvs liber vnvs

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Catholic University of America, 1926 - 365

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Strona 49 - Jesus : who, being in the form of God, counted it not a prize to be on an equality with God, but emptied himself, taking the form of a servant, being made in the likeness of men...
Strona 238 - To whom thus Eve replied. O thou for whom And from whom I was form'd, flesh of thy flesh, And without whom am to no end, my guide And head!
Strona 300 - We have but faith : we cannot know; For knowledge is of things we see ; And yet we trust it comes from thee, A beam in darkness : let it grow.
Strona 242 - By nature free, not overruled by fate Inextricable, or strict necessity: Our voluntary service he requires, Not our necessitated; such with him Finds no acceptance, nor can find ; for how Can hearts, not free, be tried whether they serve Willing or no, who will but what the'y must By destiny, and can no other choose?
Strona 287 - Multitudinis autem credentium erat cor unum, et anima una; nec quisquam eorum, quae possidebat, aliquid suum esse dicebat; sed erant illis omnia communia.
Strona 143 - Finis autem praecepti est caritas de corde puro et conscientia bona et fide non ficta...
Strona 55 - And we know that to them that love God, all things work together unto good, to such as, according to his purpose, are called to be saints.
Strona 281 - ... caritas dei diffusa est in cordibus nostris per spiritum sanctum qui datus est nobis.
Strona 300 - STRONG Son of God, immortal Love, Whom we, that have not seen thy face, By faith, and faith alone, embrace, Believing where we cannot prove; Thine are these orbs of light and shade; Thou madest Life in man and brute ; Thou madest Death; and lo, thy foot Is on the skull which thou hast made. Thou wilt not leave us in the dust: Thou madest man, he knows not why, He thinks he was not made to die; And thou hast made him: thou art just.
Strona 257 - Consepulti enim sumus cum illo per baptismum in mortem: ut quomodo Christus surrexit a mortuis per gloriam Patris ita et nos in novitate vitae ambulemus.

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