The guerilla chief, Tom 2

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Strona 231 - Glenullin! whose bride shall await, Like a love-lighted watch-fire, all night at the gate. A steed comes at morning: no rider is there; But its bridle is red with the sign of despair.
Strona 288 - Untill the blustring storme is overblowne; When, weening to returne whence they did stray, They cannot finde that path, which first was showne But wander too and fro in...
Strona 153 - It pass'd, — my HANNAH was the bride. — There is a grief that cannot feel ; It leaves a wound that will not heal ; — My heart grew cold, — it felt not then : When shall it cease to feel again ? 1801.
Strona 272 - Her lofty courser, in the court below, (Who his majestic rider seems to know) Proud of his purple trappings, paws the ground, And champs the golden bit, and spreads the foam around. The queen at length appears; on either hand, The brawny guards in martial order stand.
Strona 89 - My happy childhood past amid your bowers. Ye wood-walks wild! — where leaves and fairy flowers By Spring's luxuriant hand are strewn anew; Rocks! — whence with shadowy grace rude Nature lours O'er glens and haunted streams! — a long adieu! And you!
Strona 289 - I would not have done it if I could have helped it," explained Archie in an easy attitude on the window-seat.
Strona 30 - ... bow-andstring" roofs and bridges show his original merits as a designer; and are sufficient to establish his ability as a mechanical engineer. Indeed, one of Mr. Nasmyth's principal objects in preparing the notes of the following work, has been to introduce a Memorial to the memory of his father, to whom he owed so much, and to whom he was so greatly attached through life. Hence the numerous references to him, and the illustrations from his works of art, of architecture, as well as of mechanics,...

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