A Collection of Early Prose Romances, Tom 3

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William John Thoms
W. Pickering, 1828
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Strona 14 - ... manner of other instruments, which so ravished his mind, that he thought he had been in another world, forgot both body and soul, insomuch, that he was minded never to change his opinion concerning that which he had done. Hereat came Mephistophiles into the hall to Faustus, in apparel like unto a fryar, to whom Faustus spake, thou hast done me a wonderful pleasure in shewing me this pastime; if thou continue as thou hast begun, thou shall win my heart and soul, yea, and have it.
Strona 51 - ... that it is a thing impossible ; no matter for that, it is as it is, and let it be as it will, once it is done in such a manner as now according unto your request, I...
Strona 3 - It is written, no man can serve two masters : and, thou shalt not tempt the Lord thy God : but Faustus threw all this in the wind, and made his soul of no estimation, regarding more his worldly pleasure than the joys to come : therefore at the day of judgment there is no hope of his redemption.
Strona 21 - God stood in the middle, the darkness was on his left hand, in the which my Lord was bound in chains until the day of judgment: in this confused hell is nought to find but a filthy, sulphurish, fiery, stinking mist or fog.
Strona 18 - Devil said, what wouldst thou have Faustus? how likest thou thy wedding? what mind art thou in now?
Strona 35 - ... thy reasonable senses, that thou mightest understand his will and pleasure, to live to the glory and honour of his name, and to the advancement of thy body and soul : him, I say, being thy Maker, hast thou...
Strona 9 - Doctor Faustus gave him this answer, though faintly (for his soul's sake) that his request was none other but to become a devil, or at the least a limb of him, and that the spirit should agree unto these articles as followeth: 1 That he might be a spirit in shape and quality. 2 That Mephostophiles should be his servant and at his commandment.
Strona 130 - Doctor Faustus with them (dissemblingly) was merry, but not from the heart : wherefore he requested them that they would also take part of his rude supper : the which they agreed unto : for...
Strona 69 - Germans had named it Auspurg. Now for because that Faustus had been there before, he departed (without seeing their monuments) to Ravensberg, where his spirit certified him that the city had seven names : the first...
Strona 133 - Dr. Faustus answered, I durst never do it, although often minded to settle myself to godly people, to desire counsel and help ; and once my old neighbour counselled me, That I should follow his learning, and leave all my conjurations : yet when I was minded to amend, and to follow that good counsel, then came the Devil, and would have had me away, as this night he is like to do : and said, so soon as I turned again to God, he would dispatch me altogether. Thus, even thus (good gentlemen, and dear...

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