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by the inquisition, ib.ba-
nished, 433

Mosaic dispensation relative to
infants, 173

Murder with torture, and upon
the innocent, the sin of Spain,


Neal's view of the character of
the queen of Charles I. 11
Netherlands, Spanish butcheries

on the protestants, 430
Newcastle, Duke of, his opinion
of the quarrel between Charles
1. and parliament, 22.23
Nonconformists, persecuted in
the reign of Charles I. 79


Oppressions and tyranny of the

court in Charles I reign, the
sole causes of the rebellion, 19
Origen on the baptism of infants,


Oxford, university, time serving
and inconsistent conduct of, 402


Papists, favoured in the reign of
Charles I. 71

Paramus, an inquisitor, says that

the Spanish people were dis-
posed to embrace the protes-
tant religion, but hindered by
the inquisition, 429
Parker, Bishop, declares the king
of England to be above Christ,


Parliament, (in Charles I. reign)
of what sort of persons com-
posed, 20-22.56
Parliament, invasions of the rights
of by Charles I. 42
Peace, the consequence of piety,
and christian obedience, 536.

Pelagius on the baptism of in-
fants, 206

[blocks in formation]

the English church, 299—lia-
ble to be ensnared and delu-
ded by the office of ordination,

Privy council, of Charles I. an
absolute court, 18
Prophecies, from the entrance
of sin for 3000 years announced
a Saviour, 521-Jesus Christ
minutely described in the, it
523-fulfilment of, 527

Protestants of France, persecu-
tion of by the joint efforts of
Charles I. and Lewis XIII. 11
Prynne, William, sufferings of,


Puritans never disowned the
church of England, but were
thrust out from it, 405


Rapin's account of King Charles's
resolution to render himself ab-

salute, 16.18-reflections on
the sermons preached by Doc-
tors Sybthorpe and Manwaring
through the influence of Charles
I. 28-on his forcible entrance
into the house of Commons, 50
Rebellion, whether the civil war

in the reign of Charles I. was
one, 135. 161--
Recovery from sickness should

lead us to serious recollection,
500-502-to gratitude, 516
-to praise, 503-507-to ex-
traordinary alms to the poor,
507-509-to self dedication
to God, 509.512-to ratify the
dedication at the Lord's table,

Religion, state of in the reign of
Charles I. 108-113
Resignation, tried by calamity,


Revolution of 1688, principles on
which it was effected, 156
Rites and ceremonies, several
Jewish, occasionally dispensed
with, 260-many apostolical
ones now altered, or laid aside,


Rochellers, their hardships during
the siege of papists, 12.13


Sacerdotal absolution condemned
by Dr. Stebbing, 364
Sabbath, the, ought to be kept
holy, 475.544

Schisin, of dissenters and Sama-

ritans compared, 383--391.410
-true nature of, according to
Dr. Warren, 387.388-charge-
able on the church of England,
not on dissenters, 368
Scots, oppressive treatment by
Charles I, 93-98-their peti-
tions and insurrections against
the liturgy,97---petition Charles
I. 98-attempts to reduce them.
by force, 98
Self dedication to God, solemn
act of, 512-516

Ship money, illegal tax in Charles
I. reign, 37-murmurs against
it, $8

Shorfield, Henry, Esq. tried in
the star chamber for removing
painted glass, belonging to a
church, 62.63

Sick, liable to be ensnared and
deluded by the office of visita-
tion of the sick, 361
Sickness comes from God, 491–
493-for the trial of our vir-
tues, 493-496 to awaken
from security, 496-chastise-
ment for sin, 497-499
Spain, treaties have no force up-
on them, 425-chargeable with
murder in aggravated circum-
stances, 427-endeavours to
propagate the protestant faith
stopped by the inquisition, 428
-persecutions and cruelties in
various parts, 430-438-bea-
ven will severely reckon with
that kingdom, 438-441.444
gross idolatry of 441


TICE, 421

Spanish divines sent to convert
protestants become protestants
themselves, 428-endeavours
to propagate that faith, stop-
ped by the inquisition, ib.
Spirit of God, the, imparts Christ's
blessings, 540-his instrument
the scriptures, 541
Strafford, condemnation of Earl
Sufferers, the greatest, not the
of, 105

greatest sinners, 473
Superstition of the people in the
reign of Charles I. 68


Temporal possessions, vanity and
uncertainty of, 466
Tertullian, on the baptism of in-
fants, 201

Thankfulness, our duty even in
calamity, 479-481

Washing, in what sense used by
our Lord to Peter, 259
White, Jer. his list of dissenting
sufferers, 408

Welwood's, opinion of Charles
I. ministers, 20-account of
the great patriots in that reign,
Virtue strengthened and improved Women, absurdity of making
by calamity, 467
head of the church, 347



Toleration act, far from being
satisfactory, 335
Trinity, persecuting act in de-
fence of, 330


Wars mentioned in scripture, and
reflections on them, 443-449

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