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O'Brien's Sermons on Justification,

Review of, 289.

On Imputed Righteousness, 560,
769; Remarks on, by I. A, 764.
Palatine Settlements in Ireland, on
the, 50.

Parallel between the Millenarians
and Romanists, 331; Remarks on,
By M. 458, 857.

Parents Religious, on the Children
of, 103, 155.

Polemical Controversy, on, 592.
Poor, Education of, 948.

Poor's Rates, 209.

Popery, Renunciation of, 288; the
Lying Wonders of, 569.
Popery in Newfoundland, 213; in
Switzerland, 288.

Popish Superstition, Progress of, 280.
Poverty, Ireland's, what is the Cause
of? 404.

Presbyterian Church in Ireland,
History of, by Mr. Reid, Review
of, 612, 657.

Priest, a, Cursing his Congregation,


[blocks in formation]

Church, 347; of Dick's Lectures
on Theology, 373; of the Law of
Anti-Religious Libel reconsi-
dered. by the Rev. J. Blanco
White, 386; of Haldane's Evi-
dence and Authority of Divine
Revelation, 465; of Greek and
Turkish Accounts of the Capture
of Constantinople, 470, 535; of
Sydney's Life of the Rev. Rowland
Hill, 486; of the Church and the
Home Mission, 547; of Hooker's
Works, Hanbury's edition, 589;
of Taylor's History of Mohamme-
danism and its Sects, 597; of
Reid's History of the Presby-
terian Church in Ireland, 612,657;
of Knox and Jebb's Correspon-
dence, 623, 687; of the Belfast
Unitarian Discussion, 668; of the
Voluntary System, by a Church-
man, Part I. 683, Parts II. and
III. 924; Roberts' Memoirs of
the Life and Correspondence of
Mrs. Hannah More, 737, 817;
of Meek's Reasons for Attachment
and Conformity to the Church of
England, 756; of Rev. Hugh
White's Sermons, 773; of Croly
on the Romish Church in Ireland,
793, 865; of the Fathers not
Papists, 846; of Hardman's Ex-
position of 1 Corinthians, 888; of
Missionary Researches in Armenia,
908; of the Autobiography of a
Dissenting Minister, Vol. I. 924.
Riches, on the Lawfulness of Retain-
ing, 481.

Righteousness, on Imputed, 560,769;
Remarks on, 764.

Rome, on the Church of, and the
Theatre, 733.

Russia, the Church in, 216, 285.
Sabbath Scenes, 63.
Sacerdotal Gallantry, 947.
Sacred Classics, Notice of, 282.
Saint Simonian Mission in London, 66.
Savings' Banks, 429.

Saxony, Roman Catholic Church, 67.
Search's Considerations on the Law
of Libel, Review of, 145.
Scripture Miracles, on the Apparent
Scriptural Education in Ireland, on,
Incredibility of, 729.
Sermon, the, of a Roman Catholic
Archbishop, contrary to his Church
and Creed, 46.

Sermon, by H. W. 361.
Sermon-Blessed are the Meek,"
by H. W. 217.

Sermon, preached in St. Peter's
Church, for the Female Orphan
House, by Rev. H. Woodward,
Sermon, on the Belief and General
Practice of Christians, 577; on
the Love of the World, 649.
Sermons, by the Rev. Hugh White,
A. M., Review of, 773.
Smith and Dwight's Missionary Re-
searches in Armenia, Review of,

S. N.'s Answer to the Rev. Joseph
Blanco White, 414.

Spirit, on the Dispensation of the,

Sprague's Hints, designed to Regulate
the Intercourse of Christians,
Notice of, 790.

St. Doulogh's a Tour to, by C. O.
120, 279.

St. Kuran's Lough, 498.

Superstition, Popish, Progress of, 280,
Superstitions, Popular, in Ireland,

Sunday Schools, 532.

Sunday School Society, Twenty-
third Report, 62.

Switzerland, the Church in, 286.
Teachers and Exhorters, 89.
Taylor's Life of Cowper, Review of,

Taylor's History of Mohammedanism
and its Sects, Review of, 597.
Theological Education in Germany,
223, 303,515.

Thoughts on the Propriety of Con-

tinuing in Union with the Estab-
lished Church, 371.
Thoughts on Memory and Hope, 585,

Thoughts and Reflections, 729.
Thoughts on Faith, 779; on Eternal
Duration, 854.

Tithe, on the Recovery of, 808.
Tour to St. Doulogh's, and on to
the Boyne, by C. O., 120, 279.
Unitarian Discussion, Belfast, Review
of 668.

Use of Gifts, on the, 48.
Vine, the True, 354.
Vision, a, 30.

Voluntary System, Blessings of the,


Voluntary System, the, by a Church-
man, Review of, Part I. 683,
Parts II. and III. 924.
White, Rev. Hugh, Sermon by, 721;
his Sermons Reviewed, 773.
White, Rev. J. Blanco, the Law of
Anti-Religious Libel reconsidered,
Review of, 386.

Woodward Rev. H. Sermons by, 217,
361, 505, 577, 649.

Zoologists, Lives of Eminent, by
Macgilvray, Notice of, 937.


Dublin: Printed by J. S. FOLDS, 5, Bachelor's. walk,

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