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Address at the Clerical Breakfast
Meeting, by the Rev. Henry
Woodward, 338.
Affairs, Public, View of, for 1833, 1.
Assassins, History of the, 243.
Autobiography of a Dissenting Mi-
nister, Vol. I. Review of, 924.
Belfast Unitarian Discussion, Re-
view of, 668.

Biblical Keepsake, Notice of, 937.
Blessed are the Meek. A Sermon,

by H. W., 217.

Boyd's the Fathers not Papists,
Review of, 846.

Butler's Analogy, Remarks on, 558.
Catechistical Societies, 429.
Catholicity, Conversions to, 65.
Character of the Romish Priest-
hood, 428.

Cherubim, on the, 527.

Children of Religious Parents, 103.

China, Notices Concerning, 501.
Cholera, a Poem on, 170.
Christ, on the Priesthood of, 17.-
On being ashamed of, 730.
Christian, on the Happiness and
Trials of, 729.

Christianity, Historical Proof of,


· Church, Million Act, 61; Reform,
Proposal for, 108; Fund, 209;
Cess, ib.; in Russia, 216; of
Rome, 209; Temporalities Bill,
284; Where is the? 368; the
Established, on the Propriety of
Continuing in Union with the,
371 of Ireland, on its Present
State, 493; of England and Rome
Compared, 730; Metropolitan,
Solemn Consecration of, 941.
Church and the Home Mission, Re-
view of, 547.

Collins' Nature and Attributes of the
Church, Review of, 347.
Committees of Religious Societies,
on, 734; of the Duties and Res-
ponsibilities of Members, 513.

Conformity to the World, on, 240,


Connaught, Superstitions in, 499.
Constantinople, Greek and Turkish
Accounts of the Capture of, Re-
view of, 470, 535.
Conspiracy to Procure the Execu-
tion of a Protestant, 358.
Convocation, on, 162,

Cork, New Church in, 62; Grand
Juries and Charities, 64.
Cowper, Taylor's Life of, Review
of, 73.

Critical Notices.-The Crusaders,
by Keightley, 54; M Ghee's Let-
ter to O'Connell, 201; Hymns
for Childhood, 209; Mrs. Guiness'
Sacred Portraiture, and other
Poems, 281; Mendham's Memoir
of the Council of Trent, ib.;
Edinburgh Cabinet Library—
Persia, ib.; Sacred Classics, 282;
the Rainbow, ib.; King's Me-
trical Exercises upon Scripture
Texts, 788; Thornburgh's Sermon,
Preached in Ringsend Chapel,
789; McCulloch's Manual of
English Grammar, ib.; Westoby's
Helps to Repentance, ib.;
Sprague's Hints, Designed to Re-
gulate Christian Intercourse, 790;
Bailey's Liturgy Compared with
the Bible, ib.; Bagster on the
Management of Bees, 935; Me-
ditations, or Remains of L. S.
936; Lives of Eminent Zoolo-
gists, in Edinburgh Cabinet Li-
brary, 937; the Biblical Keepsake,
ib.; the True Nature of the
Church of Rome, 938; Key-
worth's Pocket Expositor, ib.;
Boyton's Speech on the Four
Principles of Disturbance Ope-
rating in Ireland, 939.
Croly, on the Romish Church in
Ireland, Review of, 793, 865.
Crucifixion, Lines on the, 353.
Detached Thoughts, 783.

Dick's Lectures on Theology, Re-
view of, 373.

Divine Omnipotence, on the Nature
of, 23.

Doyle, Doctor, Notice of his Death,

Dublin City Mission, 499.

Duties and Responsibilities of Mem-
bers of Committees, 513.
Ecclesiastical Corporations, 211.
Eloquence of the Irish Pulpit, on
the, 433.

Essay on White Lies, 316.
Eternal Duration, Thoughts

John, xii. 20-28, Remarks on, by
H. W., 12.

John, xii. 20-26, Remarks on, by
R. D., 89.

Kelly, Rev. R. Reply to R. D., 269.
Knox and Jebb's Correspondence,

Review of, 623, 687.

Lawfulness of Retaining Riches, 481.
Lies, an Essay on, 316.

Life and Death, on the Effect of
Prospects of, 842.

Limerick, Bishop of, Notice of his
Death, 69.

on, Liturgy, on the, 189, 328, 642.

Evil, on the Origin of, 731.
Exercitation on Matthew, viii. 18-
34, 452.

Faith, Thoughts on, 779.
Fanaticism, Review of, 261.

Love of the World, a Sermon, 649.
Mason, Mr. Monck, on the Errors of
the Irish Bible, 351.

Matthew, viii. 18-34, an Exercita-
tion on, 452.

Mayo, Religious Processions in, 568.

Fathers the, not Papists, Review of, M'Ghee, Rev. I. L. Letter to Daniel


France, Evangelical Press of, 430;
Protestant Schools in, 574.
Fraser's History of Persia, Notice
of, 281.

Germany, Theological Education in,
223, 303, 515.

Gifts, on the Use of, 48.

God, on the Mercy of, 735, 863;
On the Character of, 783.
Guiness', Mrs. Poems, Notice of,

Haldane's Evidence and Authority
of Divine Revelation, Review of,

Hardman's Exposition of 1st Co-
rinthians, Review of, 888.
Heman's, Mrs. Hymns for Childhood,
Notice of, 209.

Hill, Rev. Rowland, Life of, by Syd-
ney, Review of, 486.
Historical Proof of Christianity,


Holy Ghost, the, Bed of, 498.

Home Mission, the, 643.

O'Connell, Notice of, 201.

M⭑Hale, Bishop, Account of his In-
stallation, 946.

M'Leod, Rev. Dr. of Campsie, Irish
Tour, 65.

Meek's Reasons for Attachment and
Conformity to the Church of
England, Review of, 756.
Memory and Hope, Thoughts on,
585, 679.

Mendham's Memoirs of the Council
of Trent, Notice of, 281.
Mercy of God, on the, 735, 863.
Metropolitan Catholic Church, Ac-

count of the Solemn Consecra-
tion of, 941.

Millenarians and Romanists, Parallel
between the, 331; Reply to, 458,

Missionary Researches in Armenia,
Review of, 908.

Mohammedanism and its Sects, by
Taylor, Review of, 597.

More, Mrs. Hannah, Life and Cor-
respondence, Review of, 737, 817.

Hooker's Works, Hanbury's Edition, Mortuary Societies, 429.
Review of, 589.

India, horrible Suttee, 431.
Installation of Bishop M Hale, 946.
Ireland, on the Palatine Settlements

in, 50; on Scriptural Education
in, 183; on the Present State of
its Church, 493: What is the
Cause of its Poverty? 404.
Irish Society, 356.

Jews, Correspondence between Two,

Nature of the Divine Omnipotence,


Naval and Military Bible Society,


New Zealand, the Lord's Day in,

Obituary.-Right Rev. John Jebb,

Bishop of Limerick, 69; Doctor
Doyle, 501; Dr. Schleiermacher,
of Berlin, 571; S. T. Coleridge,
645; John James McGregor, 792.



O'Brien's Sermons on Justification,

Review of, 289.

On Imputed Righteousness, 560,
769; Remarks on, by I. A, 764.
Palatine Settlements in Ireland, on
the, 50.

Parallel between the Millenarians
and Romanists, 331; Remarks on,
By M. 458, 857.

Parents Religious, on the Children
of, 103, 155.

Polemical Controversy, on, 592.
Poor, Education of, 948.

Poor's Rates, 209.

Popery, Renunciation of, 288; the
Lying Wonders of, 569.
Popery in Newfoundland, 213; in
Switzerland, 288.

Popish Superstition, Progress of, 280.
Poverty, Ireland's, what is the Cause
of? 404.

Presbyterian Church in Ireland,
History of, by Mr. Reid, Review
of, 612, 657.

Priest, a, Cursing his Congregation,

Priesthood, Romish, the Grasping

Character of, 428.

Priesthood of Christ, on the, 17.
Priests' Dues, Resistance to, 62.
Protestant, Conspiracy to procure
the Execution of, 358.
Protestant Schools in France, 574.
Public Affairs, for 1833, view of, 1.
Purgatorian Societies, 429.

R. D.'s Answer to the Rev. T.
Kelly's Reply to the Rev. W.
Burgh, 109.

Regium Donum, the, 428.
Reid's History of the Presbyterian
Church in Ireland, Review of, 612,

Religion, on the Tendency of, to
Unite, and of Irreligion to Dis-
unite, 732.
Religious Intelligence, 57, 209, 284,
356, 419, 498, 568, 941.
Religious Societies, on Committees
of, 734.

Religious Views and Dispositions,
on, 786.

Remarks on Butler's Analogy, 558.
Review of Taylor's Life of Cowper;
73; of Search's Considerations on
the Law of Libel, 145; of Fanati-
cism, 261; of O'Brien's Sermons
on Justification, 289; of Collins'
Nature and Attributes of the

Church, 347; of Dick's Lectures
on Theology, 373; of the Law of
Anti-Religious Libel reconsi-
dered. by the Rev. J. Blanco
White, 386; of Haldane's Evi-
dence and Authority of Divine
Revelation, 465; of Greek and
Turkish Accounts of the Capture
of Constantinople, 470, 535; of
Sydney's Life of the Rev. Rowland
Hill, 486; of the Church and the
Home Mission, 547; of Hooker's
Works, Hanbury's edition, 589;
of Taylor's History of Mohamme-
danism and its Sects, 597; of
Reid's History of the Presby-
terian Church in Ireland, 612,657;
of Knox and Jebb's Correspon-
dence, 623, 687; of the Belfast
Unitarian Discussion, 668; of the
Voluntary System, by a Church-
man, Part I. 683, Parts II. and
III. 924; Roberts' Memoirs of
the Life and Correspondence of
Mrs. Hannah More, 737, 817;
of Meek's Reasons for Attachment
and Conformity to the Church of
England, 756; of Rev. Hugh
White's Sermons, 773; of Croly
on the Romish Church in Ireland,
793, 865; of the Fathers not
Papists, 846'; of Hardman's Ex-
position of 1 Corinthians, 888; of
Missionary Researches in Armenia,
908; of the Autobiography of a
Dissenting Minister, Vol. I. 924.
Riches, on the Lawfulness of Retain-
ing, 481.

Righteousness, on Imputed, 560,769;
Remarks on, 764.

Rome, on the Church of, and the
Theatre, 733.

Russia, the Church in, 216, 285.
Sabbath Scenes, 63.
Sacerdotal Gallantry, 947.
Sacred Classics, Notice of, 282.
Saint Simonian Mission in London, 66.
Savings' Banks, 429.

Saxony, Roman Catholic Church, 67.
Search's Considerations on the Law
of Libel, Review of, 145.
Scripture Miracles, on the Apparent
Incredibility of, 729.

Scriptural Education in Ireland, on,

Sermon, the, of a Roman Catholic
Archbishop, contrary to his Church
and Creed, 46.

Sermon, by H. W. 361.
Sermon-"Blessed are the Meek,"
by H. W. 217.

Sermon, preached in St. Peter's
Church, for the Female Orphan
House, by Rev. H. Woodward,
Sermon, on the Belief and General
Practice of Christians, 577; on
the Love of the World, 649.
Sermons, by the Rev. Hugh White,
A. M., Review of, 773.
Smith and Dwight's Missionary Re-
searches in Armenia, Review of,

S. N.'s Answer to the Rev. Joseph
Blanco White, 414.

Spirit, on the Dispensation of the,

Sprague's Hints, designed to Regulate
the Intercourse of Christians,
Notice of, 790.

St. Doulogh's a Tour to, by C. O.
120, 279.

St. Kuran's Lough, 498.
Superstition, Popish, Progress of, 280,
Superstitions, Popular, in Ireland,

Sunday Schools, 532.

Sunday School Society, Twenty-
third Report, 62.

Switzerland, the Church in, 286.
Teachers and Exhorters, 89.
Taylor's Life of Cowper, Review of,

Taylor's History of Mohammedanism
and its Sects, Review of, 597.
Theological Education in Germany,
223, 303, 515.

Thoughts on the Propriety of Con-

tinuing in Union with the Estab-
lished Church, 371.
Thoughts on Memory and Hope, 585,

Thoughts and Reflections, 729.
Thoughts on Faith, 779; on Eternal
Duration, 854.

Tithe, on the Recovery of, 808.
Tour to St. Doulogh's, and on to
the Boyne, by C. O., 120, 279.
Unitarian Discussion, Belfast, Review
of 668.

Use of Gifts, on the, 48.
Vine, the True, 354.
Vision, a, 30.

Voluntary System, Blessings of the,

Voluntary System, the, by a Church-
man, Review of, Part I. 683,
Parts II. and III. 924.
White, Rev. Hugh, Sermon by, 721;
his Sermons Reviewed, 773.
White, Rev. J. Blanco, the Law of
Anti-Religious Libel reconsidered,
Review of, 386.

Woodward Rev. H. Sermons by, 217,
361, 505, 577, 649.

Zoologists, Lives of Eminent, by
Macgilvray, Notice of, 937.


Dublin Printed by J. S. FOLDS, 5, Bachelor's. walk.

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