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Great Nex Street, Fetter Lane.

N.B. The Prayers and Ceremonies peculiar to High Mass are distinguished by being enclosed in brackets. The notes explain the portions of the Office sung by the Choir.

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Dei :

Ordinary of the Holy Mass.?

THE ASPERGES. Ant. Asperges me, Domine, Ant. Thou shalt sprinkle me hyssopo, et mundabor : lavabis with hyssop, O Lord, and I shall me, et super nivem dealbabor. be cleansed : thou shalt wash

me, and I shall be made whiter

than snow. Ps. Miserere mei, Deus, se- Ps. Have mercy on me, O cundum magnam misericor- God, according to thy great diam tuam.

mercy. 7. Gloria Patri, &c.

V. Glory be, &c. Ant. Asperges me.

Ant. Thou shalt sprinkle me. The Priest, being returned to the foot of the Altar, says: X. Ostende nobis, Domine, 8. Shew us, O Lord, thy misericordiam tuam.

mercy. R. Et salutare tuum da no- R. And grant us thy salvabis.

V. Domine, exaudi oratio. Y. O Lord, hear my prayer.

RY. Et clamor meus ad te RY. And let my cry come veniat.

unto thee. y. Dominus vobiscum. V. The Lord be with you. R7. Et cum spiritu tuo. Ry. And with thy spirit.

Let us pray. Exaudi nos, Domine sancte, Hear us, o holy Lord, alPater omnipotens, æterne De- mighty Father, eternal God; us; et mittere digneris sanc- and vouchsafe to send thy holy tum angelum tuum de cælis, angel from heaven, to guard, qui custodiat, foveat, protegat, cherish, protect, visit, and devisitet, atque defendat omnes fend all that are assembled in

For an explanation of ceremonies see Mr. Oakeley's Ceremonies of the Mast erplained.


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