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Then he makes the sign of the Cross with the chalice, places it upon the corporal, and covers it with the pall. Then, with his hands joined upon the Altar, and slightly bowing down, he says: [At High Mass, the Subdeacon here receives the paten, which he envelops in the veil with which his shoulders are mantled, and then goes and stands behind the Celebrant until the conclusion of the Pater noster.]

In spiritu humilitatis, et in animo contrito, suscipiamur a te, Domine, et sic fiat sacrificium nostrum in conspectu tuo hodie, ut placeat tibi, Domine Deus.

In the spirit of humility, and with a contrite heart, let us be received by thee, O Lord; and grant that the sacrifice we offer in thy sight this day may be pleasing to thee, O Lord God.

The Priest, elevating his eyes towards heaven, and stretching out his hands, which he afterwards joins, makes the sign of the Cross over the Host and chaiice, while he says:

Veni, sanctificator, omnipotens æterne Deus, et bene+dic hoc sacrificium, tuo sancto nomini præparatum.

Come, O sanctifier, almighty, eternal God, and bless this sacrifice, prepared to thy holy


['At High Mass, he, in the following prayer, blesses the Incense:

Per intercessionem beati Michaelis Archangeli, stantis a dextris Altaris Incensi, et omnium electorum suorum, incensum istud dignetur Dominus benedicere, et in odorem suavitatis accipere. Per Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.

Receiving the thurible from the Deacon, Incensum istud a te benedictum ascendat ad te, Domine, et descendat super nos misericordia tua.

Then he incenses the

Dirigatur, Domine, oratio mea sicut incensum in conspectu tuo: elevatio manuum mearum sacrificium vesper. tinum. Pone, Domine, custodiam ori meo, et ostium circumstantiæ labiis meis, ut non declinet cor meum in verba malitiæ, ad excusandas excusationes in peccatis.


May the Lord, by the intercession of blessed Michael the Archangel, standing at the right hand of the Altar of Incense, and of all his elect, vouchsafe to bless this incense, and receive it as an odour of sweetness. Through, &c. Amen.

incenses the Bread and Wine, saying:

May this incense which thou hast blest, O Lord, ascend to thee, and may thy mercy descend upon us. Allar, saying, Ps. cxl.

While he gives the censer to the Deacon, he wards incensed by the Deacon, Accendat in nobis Dominus ignem sui amoris, et flammam æternæ caritatis. Amen.

Let my prayer, O Lord, ascend like incense in thy sight: and the lifting up of my hands be as an evening sacrifice. Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth, and a door round about my lips, that my heart may not incline to evil words, to make excuses in sins.

[blocks in formation]

At Low Mass, these prayers, down to the Lavabo, are omitted.

The Priest, with his hands joined, goes to the Epistle side of the Altar, where he washes his fingers as he recites the following verses of Ps. xxv.

Lavabo inter innocentes manus meas: et circumdabo altare tuum, Domine.

Ut audiam vocem laudis: et enarrem universa mirabilia tua.

Domine, dilexi decorem domus tuæ, et locum habitationis gloriæ tuæ.

Ne perdas cum impiis, Deus, animam meam; et cum viris sanguinum vitam meam.

In quorum manibus miquitates sunt: dextera eorum repleta est muneribus.

Ego autem in innocentia mea ingressus sum: redime me, et miserere mei.

Pes meus stetit in directo: in ecclesiis benedicam te, Do


Gloria Patri, &c.

I will wash my hands among the innocent: and will encompass thy altar, O Lord.

That I may hear the voice of praise, and tell of all thy marvellous works.

I have loved, O Lord, the beauty of thy house, and the place where thy glory dwelleth.

Take not away my soul, O God, with the wicked, nor my life with bloody men.

In whose hands are iniquities: their right hand is filled with gifts.

As for me, I have walked in my innocence: redeem me, and have mercy upon me.

My foot hath stood in the right path: in the churches I will bless thee, O Lord.

Glory be to the Father, &c.

In Masses for the Dead, and in Passion-time, the Glorie is omitted.)

Returning, and bowing before the middle of the Altar, with joined hands, he says:

Suscipe, saneta Trinitas, hanc oblationem quam tibi offerimus ob memoriam Passionis, Resurrectionis, et Ascensionis Jesu Christi Domini nostri : et in honorem beatæ Mariæ semper Virginis, et beati Joannis Baptistæ, et sanctorum Apostolorum Petri et Pauli, et istorum et omnium Sanctorum: ut illis proficiat ad honorem, nobis autem ad salutem: et illi pro nobis intercedere dignentur in cœlis, quorum memoriam agimus in terris. Per eundem Christum Dominum nostrum. Amen.


Receive, O holy Trinity, this oblation, which we make to thee, in memory of the Passion, Resurrection, and Ascension of our Lord Jesus Christ, and in honour of the blessed Mary ever Virgin, of blessed John Baptist. the holy Apostles Peter and Paul, of these and of all the Saints: that it may be available to their honour and our salvation: and may they vouchsafe to intercede for us in heaven, whose memory we celebrate on earth. Through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

Then he passes the Altar, and having turned himself towards the people, extending and joining his hands, he raises his voice a little, and says:

Orate, fratres, ut meum ac vestrum sacrificium acceptabile fiat apud Deum Patrem omnipotentem.

R. Suscipiat Dominus sacrificium de manibus tuis, ad laudem et gloriam nominis sui, ad utilitatem quoque nostram, totiusque Ecclesiæ suæ sanctæ.

Brethren, pray that my sacrifice and yours may be acceptable to God the Father almighty.

Ry. May the Lord receive the sacrifice from thy hands, to the praise and glory of his name, to our benefit, and to that of all his holy Church.

The Priest answers in a low voice, Amen. Then, with stretched-out hands, he recites the Secret Prayers. At the Secreta.

Mercifully hear our prayers, O Lord, and graciously accept this oblation which we thy servants make to thee; and as we offer it to the honour of thy name, so may it be to us a means of obtaining thy grace here, and life everlasting hereafter. Through our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

For a Saint's day.

Sanctify, O Lord, we beseech thee, these gifts which we offer thee in this solemnity of thy holy servant N.; and so strengthen us by thy grace, that both in prosperity and adversity our ways may be ever directed to thy honour. Through our Lord Jesus


Which being finished, he says in an audible voice:

. Per omnia sæcula sæcu


R. Amen.

V. Dominus vobiscum.

R. Et cum spiritu tuo.

. World without end. R. Amen.

V. The Lord be with you.

Ry. And with thy spirit.

Here he uplifts his hands:

V. Sursum corda.
R. Habemus ad Dominum.

V. Lift up your hearts.

Ry. We have them lifted up unto the Lord.

He joins his hands before his breast, and bows his head while he


V. Gratias agamus Domino

Deo nostro.

R. Dignum et justum est.

V. Let us give thanks to the Lord our God.

Ry. It is meet and just.

He then disjoins his hands, and keeps them in this posture until which he again joins them, and, When he says Benedictus, &c. he

the end of the Preface, after bowing, says, Sanctus, &c. crosses himself.

At the word Sanctus, &c., the bell is rung three times by the Acolyte.

The following Preface is said [or at High Mass, sung] on all Ferias, and on those Festivals which have none proper, and in all Masses for the Dead.

Vere dignum et justum est, æquum et salutare, nos tibi semper et ubique gratias agere, Domine sancte, Pater omnipotens, æterne Deus. Per Chris tum Dominum nostrum: per quem Majestatem tuam laudant angeli, adorant dominationes, tremunt potestates, cœli cœlorumque virtutes, ac beata seraphim, socia exultatione concelebrant. Cum quibus et nostras voces, ut admitti jubeas deprecamur, supplici confessione di

centes :

Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus,
Dominus Deus Sabaoth.
Pleni sunt cœli et terra gloria


Hosanna in excelsis. Benedictus qui venit in nomine Domini.

It is truly meet and just, right and salutary, that we should always, and in all places, give thanks to thee, O holy Lord, Father almighty, eternal God. Through Christ our Lord: through whom the angels praise thy Majesty, the dominations adore, the powers do hold in awe, the heavens, and the virtues of the heavens, and the blessed seraphim, do celebrate with united joy. In union with whom, we beseech thee that thou wouldest command our voices also to be admitted with suppliant confession, saying:

Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of Sabaoth.

Heaven and earth are full of thy glory.

Hosanna in the highest. Blessed is he that coineth in the name of the Lord. Hosanna in the highest. other Sunday in the year that

Hosanna in excelsis.
On Trinity-Sunday, and on every

has no proper preface.

Vere dignum et justum est, æquum et salutare, nos tibi semper et ubique gratias agere, Domine sancte, Pater omnipotens, æterne Deus. Qui cum unigenito Filio tuo et Spiritu Sancto unus es Deus, unus es

It is truly meet and just, right and salutary, that we should always, and in all places, give thanks to thee, O holy Lord, Father almighty, eternal God. Who, together with thy only-begotten Son, and the Holy

At High Mass, the Choir sing the Sanctus (while the Priest is proceeding with the Canon, p. 20) as far as "Hosanna in excelsis," before the elevation; and after the elevation, "Benedictus qui venit," &c.

Dominus; non in unius singularitate Personæ, sed in unius Trinitate substantiæ. Quod enim de tua gloria, revelante te, credimus, hoc de Filio tuo, hoc de Spiritu Sancto, sine differentia discretionis sentimus. Ut in confessione veræ sempiternæque Deitatis, et in Personis proprietas, et in essentia unitas, et in Majestate adoretur æqualitas. Quem laudant angeli atque archangeli, cherubim quoque ac seraphim, qui non cessant clamare quotidie, una voce dicentes, Sanctus, &c.

Ghost, art one God, and one
Lord: not in a singularity of
one Person, but in a Trinity of
one substance. For that which,
by thy revelation, we believe of
thy glory, the same we believe
of thy Son, and the same of the
Holy Ghost, without any dif-
ference or distinction. That, in
the confession of a true and
eternal Deity, distinctness in
the Persons, unity in the es-
sence, and equality in the Ma-
jesty may be adored.
the angels and archangels, the
cherubim also and seraphim do
praise, who cease not daily to
cry out with one voice, saying,
Holy, &c.1

Canon of the Mass.

Te igitur, clementissime Pater, per Jesum Christum Filium tuum Dominum nostrum, supplices rogamus ac petimus uti accepta habeas et benedicas hæc + dona, hæc+munera, hæc sancta sacrificia illibata, in primis, quæ tibi offerimus pro Ecclesia tua sancta Catholica: quam pacificare, custodire, adunare, et regere digneris toto orbe terrarum, una cum famulo tuo Papa nostra N., et Antistite nostro N., et omnibus orthodoxis, atque Catholicæ et Apostolicæ Fidei cultoribus.

We therefore humbly pray and beseech thee, most merciful Father, through Jesus Christ thy Son, our Lord [he kisses the Altar], that thou wouldst vouchsafe to accept and bless these + gifts, these + presents, these + holy unspotted sacrifices, which, in the first place, we offer thee for thy holy Catholic Church, to which vouchsafe to grant peace; as also to protect, unite, and govern it throughout the world, together with thy servant N. our Pope, N. our Bishop, as also all orthodox believers and professors of the Catholic and Apostolic Faith.


Memento, Domine, famulorum famularumque tuarum, N.

et N.

Be mindful, O Lord, of thy servants, men and women, N. and N.

The preface is varied at certain seasons and on certain festivals; for which variations, see the Missal.

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