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of a SERMON, said to be preached before an
· ASSEMBLY of DIVINES, by G. C. D. D. On the

Spirit of the Gospel.

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Thou speakest against thy brother, thou Janderest thine own mother's
fon ;----but I will reprove thee; and set them in order before thine eyes,
Pfal. l. 20. 21.

By a Member of the ALETHEIAN CLUB.

Printed for the ALETHEIAN CLUB;
and fold by J. P. COGHLAN in DUKE'S-STREET,

Near Grosvenor-SQUARE,


14 FEB 1928 BRARY

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Mong the many Literary Societies in our A great metropolis, for the improvement of useful knowledge, there is one, The Aletheian Club, whose principal aim is, in the most impartial manner, and without biaş or prejudice, to search after truth in religious matters. A Sermon lately published in North-Britain, and said to be the production of the celebrated author of the Dissertation on Miracles, fell into the hands of this Society. Finding, on perusal, that it contained many things dangerous to true religion, and that the author had used the utmost efforts of art, and all the eloquence he was master of, to gild the pill, and the more securely communicate the poison to his readers; they thought it an object worthy their attention to detect the dangerous tendency of this Sermon, and undeceive the unwary readers; many of whom they had heard, in its native country, had received it with the highest esteem and approbation. The charge of doing this they committed to Staurophilus, one of their members, who was then residing at some distance from London ; informing him, at the Vame time, of the reception this Sermon had met

with, and begging a speedy compliance with their request. His answer, in a letter to the Club, is here presented to the public. The pressing desire of his friends for a speedy answer hindered him from makingaregular examination of the whole Sermon; he has therefore confined himself to those parts which seemed most exceptionable in it, and productive of the most dangerous consequences. Whatever opinion Dissenters may have of the 1 Sermon and its Detection, it is not doubted, but all true members of the Church of England, and all fincere and candid lovers of truth, will be very well pleased to see the truths of religion vindicated from the aspersions of so dangerous an enemy,

D E T E C TI O N, bei

In a Letter to the ALETHEIAN CLUB.


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T Received your very kind epistle, accompany
| ing Dr C -l's sermon, On the spirit of the

gospel, and am obliged to you for the honour you do me in referring the giving an answer to that performance to me. I have indeed, at prefent, but very little spare time for works of that kind; yet, as it is not easy for me to refuse complying with the solicitations of my friends, and especially of those for whom I have so great a regard as I have for you, I have endeavoured to steal a few moments from my other avocations; and herewith send you such obvious thoughts as occurred to me upon the subject.

I am not a little surprised at the general approbation which you say this piece has met with; for I own, it does not at all strike me in a light that seems to merit so great esteem; on the contrary,


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