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Videndum est ut- lobriè fapiamus ex Dei verbo, nè pro
veritate aniles fabulas substituamus,


Printed for G. ROBINSON, in Pater-nofter-Row.


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meaning of demoniacs in the New Tera

tament, under the ten following pro-

pofitions, p. 12.

Sect. I. PROP. I. The spirits that were thought to

take possession of men's bodies, are in the New Tel-

tament called demons, not devils, ib. An objection

answered, p. 14. Beelzebub, the prince of the

poffefsing demons; different from the devil, p. 16.

The term, satan, applicable to the former, ib.

Sect. II. PROP. II. By demons, whenever the word

occurs in reference to possessions, either in the scrip-

tures, or other ancient writings, we are to under-

stand, not fallen angels, but the Pagan deities, such

of them as had once been men, p. 21. Demons

used in this sense, 1. By the Heathens, particularly

the Greeks and Romans, p. 22. 2. By the Jews,

p. 29. By the Pharisees in particular, when they

objected to Christ, that he cast out demons by Beel-

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