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(56) And when a Dupe, that freely bleeds, you nick'

Be fure you faften, and be sure you ftick;

Be-rime, Be-profe him, Dedicate, and Lie,

And never leave him, till you've fuck'd him dry. 707

56 Quem vero arripuit, tenet, occiditque legendo ; Non miffura cutem, nifi plena cruoris, Hirudo.



Page 5. Instead of Stumen, read Flumen.

VER. 618. Inftead of, bis harmonious Skill, read by his harmonious Skill.

Books lately Printed for LAWTON GILLIVER, at Homer's Head againft St. Dunftan's Church, Fleetstreet.


He Works of the Right Honourable the Lord
Lanfdowne, 4to.

Mr. Mitchell's Works, 2 Vols. 8vo. Arrian's Hiftory of Alexander, tranflated into Englith, in 2 Vols. 8vo.

The Hiftory of the German Empire in 2 Vols. 80. tranflated from Monfieur Hefs.

Monfieur l'Enfant's Hiftory of the Council of Conftance, 2 Vols. 4to.

Switzer's Hydrostaticks, 2 Vols.


Feafts and Fafts of the Church of England.
Lommius's Difcourfe on Feavers.

The 6th, 7th, and 8th Vols. of the Philosophical Tranfactions abridg'd, by Mr. Eames and Mr. Martyn, 4to.

Dr. Trapp's Virgil in 3 Vols. 12 mo.

on the Trinity.

Turkish Spy, 8 Vols. 12mo.

Bysfhe's Art of Poetry, 2 Vols. 12mo.

Telemachus Tranflated by Mr. Bowyer, in 2 Vols.


Phillip's Poems, 12mo.

Phillip's Grammar, 12mo. wrote for the Ufe of the Duke of Cumberland.

Bailey's Erafmus 12mo.
Juftin 8vo.

Horace. 12mo.

L'a Belle Affemble, in 4 Vols. 12mo.

The Law of Tythes, 8vo. with a tything Table
The Universal Officer of Juftice, 8vo.
The Chancery Practifer 2 Vols. 8vo.

Juft Publish'd,

The Dunciad in 4to with Notes.
An Effay on Man in 4 Parts.
Of Falfe Tafte, by Mr. Pope.

Of the Ufe of Riches by Mr. Pope.
Of the Knowledge and Characters of Men.

The first Satire of the fecond Book of Horace Imitated.

The fecond Satire of the fame Book of Horace, by the fame Author.

An Epiftle from Mr. Pope to Dr. Arbuthnot, being an Apology for himself and Writings.

Thoughts upon the four laft Things, Death, Judgment, Heav'n, Hell.

Darius's Feaft, or the Force of TRUTH.
An Effay on REASON.


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