Harlequin-Horace: Or, the Art of Modern Poetry

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Lawton Gilliver, 1735 - 61

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Strona 17 - Vultum verba decent, iratum plena minarum, Ludentem lasciva, severum seria dictu. Format enim natura prius nos intus ad omnem Fortunarum habitum ; juvat aut impellit ad iram Aut ad humum maerore gravi deducit et angit ; 110 Post effert animi motus interprete lingua.
Strona 36 - Antlents night and day, And toil to follow where they lead the way • Who'd write, and cancel with alternate pain, Firft fweat to build, then to pull down again ? To turn the weigh'd materials o'er and o'er, And every part in ev'ry light explore; From...
Strona 3 - To dare do any thing for bread, or — fame. -'Tis granted— therefore ufe your utmoft might, To gratify the town in all you write; A thoufand jarring things together yoke, The dtg, the dome, the temple, and the joke ; Confult no order, but for ever fteer From grave to gay, from florid to fevere. To grand beginnings full of pomp and fhow, Big things profeft, and brags of what you'll do : Still fome gay, glitt'ring, foreign...
Strona 57 - Quintilio fi quid recitares, corrige, fodes, Hoc, aiebat, & hoc : melius te poffe ne;/ares, Bis terque expertum fruftra, delere jubebat.
Strona 23 - ... E'en cry thief firft, like honeft J y Mr--re. Let lofty language your beginning grace, And ftill let out with a gigantic pace ; In thund'ring lines your no defign rehearfe. And rant and rumble in a ftorm of verfe. It ne'er can fail to charm a crowded houfe, To fee the lab'ring mountain yield a moufc; We're pleas'd to find the great, th...
Strona 51 - And lawyers ftudy equity to cheat : But yet you fay that, without pains or time, All dare to dabble in the arts of rhime : Why not ? Cnee fancy, poverty, and fpite, Demand eternal privilege to write.

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