A Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon: Or, Trade Language of Oregon

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Cramoisy Press, 1863 - 43

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Strona 20 - Stick, n., adj. English, idem. A stick; a tree; wood; wooden. Stick skin, bark; ship stick, a mast; mitwhit stick, a standing tree; icht stick, a yard measure; stick shoes, leather shoes or boots, as distinguished from skin shoes or moccasins ; kull stick, oak (hard wood) ; isick stick, the ath (paddle wood).
Strona 24 - I am undecided, ie, / have two wills. Q. Kah nesika klatawa? where shall we go? A. Mika tumtum, wherever you please; as you will. Ikta mika tumtum? what do you think? Halo tumtum, without a will of one's own, as a child. The heart seems to be generally regarded as the seat of the mind or will. Tum-wa'-ta, n.
Strona 20 - The origin of this designation, as related to me by Mr. Anderson, was as follows. Mr. Archibald R. McLeod, a chief factor of the Hudson's Bay Company, in the year 1828, while crossing the mountains with a pack train, was overtaken by a snow storm, in which he lost most of his animals, including a noted bob-tailed race-horse. His Canadian followers, in compliment to their chief, or "bourgeois...