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And what is your fortune, my pretty maid, assorted marriage produced happiness, may What is your fortune, my pretty maid ? well be held in doubt by those who did not My face is my fortune, sir, she said ;

know the parties, and scarcely will by those Sir, she said ; sir, she said ;

who had that privilege. My face is my fortune, sir, she said.

April 22_Curiosities of Literature, -not

D'Israeli's.-The following very appropriate O then I will* marry you, my pretty maid, O then I will marry you, my pretty maid !

lines were found affixed to the beautiful gate Nobody axed you, sir, she said ;

of the white Friars in Stamford, in 1825, in Sir, she said ; sir, she said ;

apparent allusion to the new use (that of the Nobody axed you, sir, she said!"

infirmary, recently erected, and chiefly at

the expense of the late Mr. Fryer, surgeon) The late Sir F. T. V. was as eccentric in of the site of the old monastery of White his early days as in later years of bis Friars. eventful life. Once returning from his daily ride, at his fine place in the north, his idle “Where once the white-rob'd friar, with priestly

state musings were interrupted by observing the light and upright carriage of a young female,

Held his high rule within his hallowed gate, who like himself was approaching the house,

Another Fryer shall reign with healing skill, and, being in advance, was open to his un

And this blessed site continue Fryer's still." disturbed observation.

April 23.-- Another Inscription, not affixed. Among the baronet's many fancies was a “ Of cordials good, to soothe life's pains, passionate admiration of an elegant gait,

Here Friars erst had all some ; whether in man or woman.

And still the place its use retains, The individual before him excelled so pre

We too try · Fryer's Balsam.” eminently, that her simple village dress seemed rather to adorn her than deduct April 24th. As easy as child's play.-A from her attractions.

sage and nice observer once declared that He carefully kept in the rear, and, to his the hardest task which could be imposed delight, observed that she entered his own upon the grown man's strength, would be house, A Hall.

close imitation all the livelong day of every Sir F. also reached home, and with the pastime, antic, gambol, action, nondescript cream of the impetuosity concentrated into and varied, which a healthy child will fol. one hour, summoned the housekeeper of his low up with untamed pleasure and untired bachelor establishment.

glee. Mark but his actions. “What female stranger has arrived at the See he climbs, and ever, where access is hall this morning ?"

steepest, must be climb : then he will crawl, “None, sir," was the reply.

and still the place selected is the least invitHis ready anger blazed. "I tell you that ing, where scarce a bird might come, a a stranger has come here, is here now, and I mouse hope to creep. desire to speak with her on the instant." Anon the race—the streamlet-birds and

April 21.- The housekeeper requested their nursing nests—first feats of budding leave again to make inquiry, and after being strength-young emulation of the man's em. absent some short time, returned, and said ploy-anticipation free of future care in to the impatient baronet, “I have made all gravest mimicry ; actions all infinite, and inquiry, sir, and am convinced that not a each incessant ; finger, foot, and eye, are all stranger has arrived this morning; the only engaged, and tireless they, for “play can female who has come in within the last half never tire !" Thus is the ball kept up, till hour, is our own under-dairy maid ; she gentle sleep steals on, purloins his tiny went to Keswick early in the day, and, as I strength, and binds his will with the sole have made out, was on her way back to bands (though silken) which can hold him the hall, sir, at the time you name.”

from his play: 6 Send her to me," cried the eccentric And such the infant's pastime ! baronet. “ No, stay-attend-let her come up April 25.-Cross Roads and Cross Questhe sweep-see-bid her go through the gar- tions.-Scene, a cross road, where four lanes dens; you and she can do somentering the meet-guide-post not a way, but the inscripnorth gate—then come you slowly up the tion is lost-time nightfail, drizzling rain besweep, so that you are full in sight; and mind ginning to fall. Enter a gentleman on a tirno arm-in-arming. Let her walk alone, so I ed horse, and a ragged boy, with a bird. shall see if she be stranger to me, or the one clapper in his hand, and an empty bread-andI have seen to-day.”

cheese wallet slung across his shoulders. The orders were obeyed implicitly. The Gent. (Gazing about him.) “ Which is the fair maid's gait was still perfection-she way to Enderby ?!!: proved to be the tall and upright figure which Boy. (Staring at him.) “ Mavis, Bag, or had struck his eye. His resolution was as Wood, sir ?" prompt as hazardous ; within the hour he Gent. (Impatiently.) “ Which is the way offered her his hand, an honour far too high to Enderby ?") and unexpected to be slighted or decli Boy. (Emphatically.) "Mavis, Bag, or by her ; but whether this wild match and ill. Wood, sir ?"

Now there be three Enderbies, Mavis, * New reading

Bag, and Wood.

April 26.-The first free thought considered the gentleman who recognised in her the morally.—'Tis hard, perhaps, to call to mind errand maid of a neighbouring farmer. the first coined money we possessed and • What are you looking for, my girl ?" used—the first free power our mind might asked the gentleman, as the damsel continuexercise-the first young joy, we gave, and ed to pore along the dusty road. wished to give the first denial practised, and She answered gravely,“ Sir, I am looking its cause—the first hope checked—the first to see if my master be gone to church.” exertion made, its moral motive, agents, and Now her master had a wooden leg. success—the first young whelming suffering, April 29.-Sam Cooper again. There are and now borne where felt, its influence, no Sam Coopers now. The strain is lost, withering; wholesome, or serene—the first the race extinct; he was a plodding moneyyoung wish, and its immense career-the making man of the old school, who went on first wide wonder, and its mazy train—the quietly adding his field to field, till the once bitter first young grief, which seemed to 5 home-close” grew a lumping farm. Still stun the sense. But oh! the first formed Sam was mute about his gainings ; no one THOUGHT that springs untaught, unprompted, knew what he gave, or spent, or made, expure and fresh, within the untenanted breast !cept as acquisition tells her tale. I remem. O for some moral chemistry to catch the ber once, that having bought some land subtle emanation, till we scan its tone!- which replaced a piece which he had previ. some delicate agent to arrest its flight, but ously rented, Sam was thus addressed by a for a twinkling, till we look again, and from neighbouring farmer, who had succeeded its breathing speculate the future life's as- him in the occupation of this same field. pect; the terror, bent, and probable course Why, Mr. Cooper, that's a brave piece of the till now void mind.

of land down yonder—the twenty acres. O for some giant-power to seize the first Why, man, I've got full seven quarters of idea that awakes untrammelled and un- barley an acre off it this year, and that's crutched by older, trained mind-some more than ever you did, I should guess." cunning power to clasp it, till we analyze, Sam made one of his own inimitable faces and from its virgin tincture dare to paint the which spoke su plainly pity and contempt, life it heralds—some. eagle-wing, with and then replied, " I did not want my rent strength to follow in its rapid course the in- to be raised, neighbour-no doubt you do !" fant thought's first flight? Thence, in pure Cooper was right; the next year an addi. augury, we well might draw our moral tion was laid on in consequence of this field's omens of the fate to come; might see new being so productive. Sam had got his thoughts arise, expand, increase in power, seven quarters often, and sold it once too and stretch ; might note the chain electric for 51. the quarter, but this he prudently which conveys these airy nothings on their kept to himself till his weak neighbour way, and from their outline stamps the tone made it public. The only time when I reof mind.

member Sam indulging in a modest boast, April 27.–But spendthrifts that we be ! we (one, perhaps pardonable, if boasts be ever,) find no moral entry of the thoughts of youth; was when in his cups he owned that one their rich profusion tempting but to waste; wet harvest, when he had been extremely their phenix attributes, which die but to in- fortunate and " beforehand" in the setting crease in stretch and circumstance-where of his wheat, which made it soon snapt up are their records ? Say, is there no blossom in the market, and at a bonny price, he sold from the first green germ? No fruit, too, one hundred quarters of his own grown from that blossom ? No towering tree to wheat at five guineas a quarter, and car. tell where, and what seed the young thought ried the whole product home in guineas sowed ? It needs no power eccentric to point tied in a cotton handkerchief that perhaps out the fruits we see them daily in our mo.cost some thirteen pence when new. ral walk ; perchance they clear the scho There are no Samuel Coopers now ! lar's rugged way, or they may strew the April 30.-How difficult it is, immediately conqueror's troubled path, or twine the po- on your return home from a 'visit, to take et's wreath, or cluster always in advance of up the thread of home interests, to splice hot ambition's grasp, or still the pulses of in instantly with the odds and ends of the martyred saint, or smoothe the trembling home chit-chat and occupations; this is steps of humble age. These, and their like, still more evident and difficult, if you have are the unnoted fruits of infancy's first brought with you from your visit one of thought, like rainbows dying in the hue the last family with whom you sojourned, which lent first tincture to their ray and for then the recent subjects of discourse form.

pass current between you two, and you April 28.—'. There's a language that's alone, and thus the ball is kept up by you, mute."--A gentleman one Sunday morning till sometimes the members of the home was attracted to watch a young county girl, circle feel aggrieved that you do not join on the high road from the village to the their game of conversation, or play one church, by observing that she looked hither they can join. and thither, this way and that upon the road, May 1.-Advantages de treize ans. as if she had lost her thimble. The bells There is a time in life, when, to speak figuwere settling for prayers, and there was no ratively, the mind's fortune ought to be one visible on the road, except the girl and made ; it is when, in the prime and flush

of youth, we are admitted into the wealthy | all are astonished that they never before storehouses of improving conversation, saw its rights. without being required to bring our share to May 5.-Physiognomy of Trees.-Trees the public stock. We are neither expect- have their characteristics plainly stamped ed to buy nor sell, but we may get great as have the human kind; the most respectgain. At no cost to ourselves, we see fine able are Thorns and Crabs, which have a modes and manners, varieties of every dif- very safe and solvent look about them, refering kind, the light, the lively, erudite, or minding us of well-tried bankers in their grave, amusing, graphic, learned, or po- eve of ease; the twisted, knotted, gnarled, lite-all are spread out for sample, for in- distorted branches, tell of sundry far-back spection, or for choice ; then it behoves us trials of their strength with that tough to be watchful and observing, for easier is tradesman Time. it then to make a cool unbiassed choice, The Ash is vulgar-bole and branch and that when, in future years, we are the promi- | bough, all bear about them signs of every nent actors, we are the purchasers, and we day-a humdrum steward with his bunch must then pay current coin, and also cost- of keys. ly price; that price is character.

The White Birch is a beauty, with its May 2.-The two legs. An inexperiene- dazzling stem, which shows and glistens ed young bride, being asked by her cook in the glad sunlight, as beauties bask their to choose her dinners during the honey. loveliness in fashion's sunny rays. moon, was anxious that her ignorance The Willow by the stream is some deshould not peep out. She called to mind jeeted poet, sighing with the breeze, which one dish, and one dish only, that she knew makes sweet melody among the whisperby name; it was a safe one, and substan. ing leaves. tial too a leg of mutton."

The Oak is a fine commodore, and So several days the leg of mutton came whether found near hill or vale, thrusts out obedient to the mistress's order. Perhaps his burly arms, and courts the public gaze the cook was weary ofit; at last she ventur- with a frank hearty aspect, which would ed to inquire, “Should you not like some say, if leaves were always books, “ Here other thing to-day, ma'am ?"

stand I, happy in glorious strength which 6. Yes, let us have a leg of beef for boy and man I still have joyed in." change."

The Poplar-(I am sorry for it, for the May 4.-Progress of Events.- Nothing tree is graceful.) -I am sorry, but the popthat is really good ever retrogades in the lar is a spinster, always upright and tall, public mind. There are some ideas and always most primly neat; (who ever hath subjects which require almost centuries to seen littered poplar leaves ?) always the digest or perfect, but they are still proceed- first seen in the grove of trees, as spinsters ing; and as I may need one hour to digest are the first seen in society, yet always my dinner, and my neighbour may require chill in looks, and somewhat scant of dress, two, so do national subjects require short with garments which assist not any slight or long time with different classes to ad- neglect of nature. No dainty trimming vance them to perfection. The Catholic of the bare outline-no waving drapery question was in agitation fifty years before aids the tall thin stem-no branch eccentric it was carried, but it never died away, and shoots from either side-the poplar is á scarcely slept. So with the Reform Bill, spinster. Near, in a dry warm corner, like a substance in the bed of a river, which stands a vigorous tree; short, somewhat is at first thrown therein, (perhaps by given to spread with fresh bright foliage, chance, still more likely apparently so,) it thickly clothing it, this is the Sycamore, continues working its way to the surface, and none can name a tree more like a careamong the weeds or other obstructions in ful, cheerful, happy bachelor, always an its way; these for a while prevail, but at old one-who can remember' baby Sycalength some fortunate impetus urges it to more? the surface, some bright gleam of light shows it clearly, and the thousand-eyed



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