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The Art of Cookery refined: with Eaft India Company. By JOSEPH

twelve Engravings of Bills of Fare HAGER, D.D. 4to. 1l. 18. Ricbard. for each Month in the Year. By

son, Cut bell. John MOLLARD, one of the Pro- The Spirit of English History; or, an prietors of Free Masons' Tavern. impartial Review of the Revolutions 8vo. 108. 6d. Nunn.

and less confiderable Changes in the Observations on the Reports of the Englith Government, Laws, Cul

Directors of the East India Com- toms, Manners, Arts, Sciences, and pany, respecting the Trade between Literature, from the Roman InvaIndia and Europe. To which is fion to the Peace of 1801. With added, an Appendix, containing the coloured Portraits. By WILLIAM Papers referred to in the Work. By GREEN, A.B. No.l. 8vo. 25. od. THOMAS HENCHMAN, Efq. 1os. 6d. (To be completed in thirty Numbers.) Sewell, Wright.

Mawman, Hatchard. Commercial and notarial Precedents; An authentic Narrative of the Pro

confifting of all the moft approved ceedings of his Majesty's Squadron Forms, special and common, which under the Command of Rear-admi. are required in Transactions of Busi- ral Sir James Saumarez, Bart. K. B. ness. With an Appendix, contains from the Period of its failing from ing the Principles of Law relative to Plymouth, to the Conclusion of the Bills of Exchange, Insurance, and Action with the combined Fleets. Shipping. By JOSHUA MONTEFIORE, 8vo. IS. Egerton. Attorney and Notary Public of the The History of the Rise and Progress City of London. 4to. il. 55. Pbil. of the naval Power of Great Britain, lips.

interspersed with various important

Notices relative to the French MaDICTIONARY.

rine: to which are added, ObservaBibliotheca Classica; or, a classical

tions on the principal Anicles of Dictionary: containing a full Ac

the Navigation Act. The Whole

illustrated by a Variety of interesting count of all the proper Names men

Anecdotes; with two Tables, showtioned in ancient Authors; with Tables of Coins, Weights, and Mea.

ing the State of the Navy at the

Death of Queen Elizabeth, and the sures, in Use among the Greeks and Romans. To which is now prefixed,

progreffive Incrcafe to the present

Reign. Translated from an original a Chronological Table. By J. LEM

Work in French. By THOMAS PRIERE, A. M. Fourth Edition,

EVANSON WHITE. 8vo. 75. od. 8vo. 12s. Cadell and Davies.


Some Account of the Cathedral Church EDUCATION.

of Durham, illuftrative of the Plans,

Elevations, and Sections of that Moral Tales for young People. By

Building. Published by Order, and MARIA EDGEWORTH, Author of

at the Expense, of the Society of “ Practical Education,” &c. Vol. III.

Antiquaries of London. Folio, in containing the Prussian Vase, and

Sheets sl. 55. Sold at the ApartMademoiselle Panache. Vol. IV.

ments of the Society. containing the Good Aunt. Vol. V. containing the Good French Gover

nefs. 8vo. 38. each. Johnson. An English Spelling-book. By Wil- A Collection of Acts and Records of LIAM MAVOR, L.L.D. &c.

Parliament; with Reports of Cafes 1s. 6d. bound. Phillips.

argued and determined in the Courts

of Lawand Equity respecting Tytbes. HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES. By HENRY Gwillim, Esq. one of A Dissertation on the newly discovered his Majesty's Judges of the Supreme

Babylonian Inscriptions; illustrated Court of Madras. 4 vols. Royal with fourCopper-plates, an engraved 8vo. 21. 12s. 6d, Butterworth. Vignette, and an Infcription found An accurate and impartial Account of on a Fragment of Jasper, printed the Apprehension, Trial, and Exe. from the Stone itself, by Permision cution, on the oth of June 1801, of of the Honourable Directors of the Sir W. G. Crosbie, Bart. including

a Copy




I 28.

a Copy of the Minutes of the Pro- A Guide to Madeira, containing a ceedings of the Court Martial which short Account of Funchall; with tried him; together with authentic Instructions to such as repair to that Documents relating to the Whole of Illand for Health. 8vo.

IS. 60. his Conduct, and the Proceedings Longman and Rees. against him. Published in justice to The Naval Guardian. By CHARLES his Memory by his family. 8vo. FleTCHER, Esq. M. D.

2 vols. 35. Cruttwell, Bath; Hatchard, Lon- 8vo. 148. Sewell, Cadell and Dadon.

vies. Abstract of the Cause just arbitrated, A Review of the Principles on which

between the Birmingham, and Bir- the Clergy are excluded from fitting mingham and Fazeley Canal Navi- in the House of Conimons: with a gations Company, as Plaintiffs, and few cursory Observations on RefiJohn Pinkerton, as Defendant; ftat- dence. In a Letter to a Friend, ing the Case and Evidence, the Re- 8vo. 18, 6d. Reynolds. ply, and an Account of the Evidence A Discourse on the Duties and Advan. of the Company (the Evidence of tages of old Age. By PERCIVAL Mr. john Houghton, Clerk of the STOCKDALE. 4to. Alnwick Company, being given at length). printed; Rivingtons, London. Also an Abridgment of the Evidence Contemplations onthe Ocean, Harvest, produced on the side of the De- Sickness, and the last Judgment; in fendant; together with Observations. a Series of Letters to a Friend. By By JOHN PINKERTON, Engineer and RICHARD PEARSALL. izmo. 35.6d. Canal Contractor, 8vo.

108. 6d.

Nottingham printed; Hurji, LonBirmingham printed ; Yohnson, Lon- don. don.

Literary Leisure; or, the Recreations

of Solomon Saunter, Esq. 2 vols.


Hints for increasing the Splendour of The Works of Samuel Johnson, L.L.D. Illuminations, securing the Pleasure A new Edition. In 12 vols. With of the Spectator, and the Convean Essay on his Life and Genius. nience of the Householder; with By ARTHUR MURPHY, Efq. 8vo. fome Remarks on the Prevention of

41. 45. Johnson, Cadell and Davies. Tumult and Diforder: particularly Letters on the Improvement of the adapted to the Illuminations expecta

Mind. Addresled to a Lady. By ed to take place on the Proclamation Mrs. CHAPONE. A new Edition. of Peace with the French Republic.

25. 6d.; fine Paper 45. 6d. By PHOTOPHILOS. 8vo. Is. YorWalter, Scatcherd.

dan, Chapple. Letters written by a Turkish Spy. A new Edition. 8 vols. 12mo. jl. 8s.

NOVELS. bound. Otridge and Son, Vernor and Hood.

Something New; or, Adventures at An Address to Mrs. Hannah More, on Campbell House. By Ann PLUMPthe Conclusion of the Blagdon Con

158. Longtroversy; with Observations on an man and Rees. anonymous Tract, entitled, “ A The Scotti! Legend; or, the Ine of Statement of Facts.” By THOMAS St. Clothair: a Romance. By T.J. BERE, A. M. Curate of Blagdon. HORSLEY CURTIES, Author of 8vo. 1S. Rivingtons.

“ Ethelwina,” and “ Ancient ReMiscellanies in Verse and Profe, English cords.4 vols. 12mo. 188. Lane.

and Latin. By the late ANTHONY The Scourge of Conscience: a RoCHAMPION, of the Middle Temple, mance. By the AUTHOR of “ MarEsq. Published from the original tyn of Fenrose."

12mo. MSS. Royal 8vo. 1os. 6d. White. 165. Dutton. Rural Sports. By W. B. "DANIEL. Justina: a Novel. By Mrs. Ventum. With Engravings, from Paintings by 4 vols. 12mo.

18s, Badcock. Stubbs, Gilpin, Reinagle, &c. &c. Introspection; or, a Peep at real ChaVol. I. 4to. 21. 128. Gd. Bunney

racters: a Novel. By CHARLOTTE, and Gold, Sewell.

the Widow of the late Rev. J.





3 vols.

I 2mo.

4 vols.


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I 2mo.


MATHEWS, A.M. Rector of Newick, which is prefixed, an Account of in Sullex, Vicar of Tenterden, in his Life. "Small 8vo. 68. ; large Kent, &c. 4 vols.

18s. Paper 8s. Cadell and Davies, ScatCarpenters.

cherd. Midnight Weddings : a Novel. By A new Translation of the Satires of Mrs. MEEKE, Author of « Anec

Juvenal, in English Verfe. With dotes of the Altamont Family,” &c. Notes. By WILLIAM RHODES. 55. vols. 12mQ.


Cooke, Oxford; Rivingtons, London, Farther Excursions of the observant A new Version of the Psalms, originally

Pedestrian, exemplified in a Tour to written by the Rev. JAMES MER. Margate. 4 vols. 12mo. 168. Dut- RICK, A.M. late Fellow of Trinity

College, Oxford; divided into Stan. Geraldwood, by the Author of “ Si- 225, for parochial Use. By the Rev. gifmar,” &c. 4 vols.

18s. W. D. "TATTERSALL, A. M. late Dutton.

Student of Christ Church Hospital, Oxford. New Edition. 12mo. 15. éd. in Sheep, or 25. in Calf. Cooker

Oxford; Rivingtons, London. . Supplement to practical Observations The Works of Peter Pindar, Esq.

on the natural Hiftory and Cure of Vol. V. 8vo. 108. 6d. Walker. Lues Venerea : containing Remarks Recreation at Ramfgate. Poetical Effu. on the Application of the lunar fions collated with, and collected Caustic to Strictures of the Urethra ; from, original Manuscripts in the on the Use of Sedatives in Gonor- Poffefsion of a Lady. 4to. Printed rhæa, and their dangerous Conse- (not for sale) by Burgess, Ramsgate. quences in Lues Venerea; with a The Minstrel Youth: a lyrical Robrief Enumeration of those Effects mance; with other Poems. By W. of Mercury which are decisive in the CASE, jun. Izmo. I$. Corder. Cure of this Disease. By JOHN The Conjunction of Jupiter and Venus HOWARD, Member of the Court of in Leo, on the 29th September 1801, Afiftants of the Royal College of a happy Prelude to a propitious Surgeons, and F.S. A. 8vo.

Peace: a Poem. Mercury's ApoBaldwin, Johnson.

logy for the Curate's Blunder: an A Treatife on the Cow-pox; contain- Impromptu addressed to the Right

ing the History of Vaccine Inocula- Hon, the Earl of Yarmouth; and tion, and an Account of the various other poetical Pieces. By the Rev. Publications which have appeared J. BLACK. 8vo. Builh, Ipf. on that Subject in Great Britain and wich; Robinsons, London. other Parts of the World. By John The Philanthropist: a Play in five RING, Member of the Royal College A&s; with an introductory Address of Surgeons in London. Part I. attendant upon the Bleflings of Ci8vo. 8s. Carpenter, Yohnson.

vilization, demonstrated by the EfaMedical and physical Memoirs ; con- blishment of the Royal Humane So

taining, among other Subjects, a par- ciety. By JENKIN JONES, Navy ticular Inquiry into the Origin and Surgeon. 8vo. 15. 6d.

Mawmail. Nature of the late peftilential Epidemics of the United States. By CHARLES CALDWELL, M.D, 8vo.

POLITICS-POLITICAL ECONOMY. 88. Bradford, Philadelphia ; Wynne and Scholey, London.

A parliamentary Retrospect; or, the Cafes of Phthilis Pulmonalis, successful Opinions of his Majesty's Ministers ly treated upon the tonic Plan; respecting the French Revolution, with introductory Obfervations. By Bonaparte, the War, &c. from 1790 CHARLES PEARS, F.M.S.F.L.S, to 1801: selected from their Speeches &c. 8vo.

25. 6d.

Murray and in Parliament; with Extracts from Highley, Callowo.

the Speeches of the Opposition. By JAMES BANNANTINE, Erq. The fecond Edition enlarged. With an

Appendix, containing Bonaparte's The Poetical Works of George Lord Letter to the King for Peace, Lord Lyttelton ; with Additions. To Grenville's Auswer, and Lord Keith's






25. 6d.


Instructions against the Evacuation lature, which will effectually remedy of Egypt by the French. 8vo. 59. the alarming fluctuating Prices of Ridgway.

Bread Corn: and an Investigation of Reflections on the Conclusion of the the Import and Export Laws; with

War. By John Bowles, Esq. 8vo. fome Remarks on the landed Interest

25. 6d. Rivingtons, Hatchard. and Agriculture of this Kingdom; An Address to the Inhabitants of the clearly justifying the Farmers, vin

United Kingdom of Great Britain dicating the Dealers and Merchants, and Ireland, on the Termination of and affixing the Stigma on the prothe War with France. By the Rev. per Objects. By Buxton LAWN. THOMAS BOBINSON, A.M. Vicar 8vo. 38. Well and Hughes. of St. Mary's, Leicester. 8vo. is. An Investigation of Mr. Morgan's com12m0, 4d. Rivingto175, Mathews. parative View of the public Finances, Thoughts on the preliminary Articles from the Beginning to the Clofe of

of Peace. By a KENTISH CLERGY- the late Administration. By DANIEL MAN. 8vo. 15. 6. Rivingtons, WAKEFIELD, Esq. 8vo.

IS. Rin Hatchard.

vingtons. Three Words to Mr. Pitt, on the War

and on the Feace. 8vo.

A statistical Account of the Population

and Cultivation, Produce and Con- Discourses on the scriptural Doctrines fumption, of England and Wales; of Atonement and Sacrifice; with compiled from the Accounts laid additional Remarks on the principal before the House of Commons, and Arguments advanced, and the Mode the Reports of the Board of Agri- of reafoning employed, by the Opculture : together with Observations ponents of those Doctrines, as held thereupon, and Hints for the Pre- by the established Church: and an vention of a future Scarcity. By Appendix, containing fome Strictures BENJAMIN PITTS CAPPER, of Ken. on Mr. Beilham's Review of Mr. nington, Surrey. (Secp.624.) 3v0.45. Wilberforce's Treatise. By the Rev. Kearsley, Hurst.

WILLIAM MAGEE, D. D. Senior Collection of Fac's and Observations Fellow of Trinity College, and Prorelative to the Peacı" with Bonaparte, fessor of Mathematics in the Univers chiefly extracted from the Porcu- fity of Dublin; Member of the Royal pine, and including Mr. Cobbett's Irish Academy; and of the Literary Letters to Lord Hau kesbury. To and Philosophical Society of Manwhich is added, an Appendix, con- chefer. 8vo. os. Cadell and Die taining the divers Convei, tions, Trea- vies. ties, and Dispatches, conected with A Sermon on the Connexion between the Subject : together with Extracts Literature and Christianity, preached from the Speeches of Mr. I 'itt, Mr. at Durham, July 21, 1801, at the Fox, and Lord Hawkesbury, refpect. Visitation of the Hon. and Right ing Bonaparte and a peace with Rev.Shute, Lord Billiop of Durham. France. By WILLIAM COBB ETT. By ROBERT Gray, B.D. Prebend

8vo. 6s. 6d. Cobbett and Morg. V!. ary of Chichester, and Rector of Facts explanatory of the instrunei tal Craike, in the County of Durham,

Caufe of the high Prices of Proi i- 25. Hanwell and Parker, Oxford; fions, formerly communicated in a Rivingtons, London, Letter to George Cherry, Esq. then

Religion without Cant; or, a Preferone of the Commissioners for Vic- vative against Lukewarmness and Intualling the Navy; with Observa- tolerance, Fanaticism, Superftition, tionsthereon.ByTHOMASBUTCHER,

and Impicty. 8vo. 95. 1 lite. late Clerk of the dry Stores at his Majesty's Vi&tualling Office, Deptforå. 8vo.

Is. 6d. Scott.
The Corn Trade investigated, and the

System of Fluctuations exposed; with Travi 'ls in the Ottoman Empire, Egypt, a Proposition most humbly offered and Persia, undertaken by Order of for the Confideration of the Legif. the forernment of France, during 3



the firft fix Years of the Republic. PUBLICATIONS ANNOUNCET). By G. A. OLIVIER, &c. Illustrated A Drawing-book, containing four fr lea by Engravings. 4to. 21. 128. 6d. Views from Nature; adapted for those (See p. 577.) Longman and Rees, who have made fome Progref, in the Cadell and Davies.

Art of Drawing. ByJ.JE AKE ,,DrawA Voyage round the World, performed ing master. The Subjects are part of

during the Years 1790, 1791, and Rochester Castle ; St. Margaret's 1792. By. ETIENNE MARCHAND; Church; View from Rochefter Cal. preceded by an historical Introduc- tle, looking up the Medway; View tion, and illustrated by Charts, &c. from Rochester Brir ige. Jos. 6d. ; Translated from the French of C. P. coloured il. Is. Su'ofcribers' Names CLARET FLEURIEU, of the National received by Clarke., New Bond Street, Institute of Arts and Sciences, and and Feakes, Little Ruffell Street, of the Board of Longitude in France. Bloomsbury. 2 vols. 4to. and Atlas. 31. 135. 6d. A History of the County of Suffolk. Longman and Rees, Cadell and Da- By the Rev.EDWARD VORSTER, A.M. vies.

Fellow of the Anti quarian Society, A Voyage of Discovery, to the North and Chaplain to hi's Grace the Duke

Pacific Ocean, and round the World, of Newcaftle. 3 vols. 4to. With under the Command of Captain Engravings. GEORGE VANCOUVER. A new Edi- An Account of the Life and Writings tion. 6 vols. 8vo. With Charts of WILLIAM ROBERTSOIN, D.D.' and Views. 31. 38. Stockdale.

F.R.S. E. &c. By DUG ALD STEW. A three Years' Tour through England ART. In 4to. and 8vo.

and Scotland. By Mr. Dibdin. The Cambridge Univer fity Calendar, Part' I. 4to.

With Views. 55. by B. C. RAWORTH, A.B. Trinity Large Paper 75. (To be comprised Hall, will be published in January, in 14 Parts, or 2 Vols.) Dibdin, with many very confiderable Addi. Walker.

tions and Improvements. The Costume of T) irkey, both Asiatic

and European. Coloured. To be MAPS.

comprised in right Nos. at il. Is.

each. Smith's New English Atlas. No. VI. Memoirs, histr wrical and political, of

Containing Maps of the Counties of the Reign of Louis XVI. from his Somerset, Leicester, and Cumber- Marriage 1

o his Death; drawn from land. 6s. 6d. Stained 8s. Smith, authentic

Documents; communica. Strand; Clarke, New Bond Street. ted to t le Author before the RevoA new Plan of the Roads from Lon- lution,

by several Ministers and

Coundon to Dover, and from Calais to sellors of State ; and from the Papers Paris (from actual Survey); minutely foun

d after the roth of August 1792, describing every Object on or near in t'

de Cabinets of Louis XVI, atvere the Road. To which is annexed,


iles and the Thuilleries. By J. L. the Distance from London to every S

OULAVIE, the Elder, Editor of the principal Place; also the Distance

Memoirs of the Marshal Duke of from one place to another: calcula

Richelieu, and of the Duke of St. ted in English Miles, and French

Simon, Illustrated with 113 PorPosts, Pocket Size.


traits. Strand; Clarke, New Bond Street.

By Subscription, a Selection of the A Plan of the Roads from London to

choicest of the various Sorts of Fruit Bath, by Chippenham and by D

now grown in England. By G. vizes; describing every Place on

BROOKSHAW, Author of a “ Trea. near the Road; with the Dista

Aces tise on Flower-painting,” and Delicorrectly laid down.



mith, neator of the Florist's chief Pleafure. Strand; Clarke, New Bond S

reet. Coloured, at il. ss. each No.


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