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IS. 6d.

from the Prench, by William Ni- The Village Maid; or, Dame Barton's CHOLSON. Royal Folio. l. 15. Stories for the Inftruétion and

Cadell and Davies, Vernor and Hood. Amusement of Youth. 18mo. 25. Four Essays on practical Mechanics : Vernor and Hood, Newbery.

for the Use of the civil Engineer, or The Friends; or, the Contrast between Millwright. By THOMAS FENWICK, Virtue and Vice: a Tale. Designed Coal Viewer. With Figures. Svo. for the Improvement of Youth. By zs. Hodgfon, Newcastle upon Tyne; ELIZABETH GRIFFIN, Author of Mawman, Taylor, London,

“ The Selector,” “Moral Amuk. The young Midshipman's Instructor; ments,” &c. &c. 18mo.

(deligned as a Companion to Hamil. Crosy, and Letterman. ton Moore's Navigation): with use- An Essay on the Education of Youth, ful Hints to Parents of Sea Youth, By John Evans, A. M. 18mo. I$. and to Captains and Schoolmasters Symonds. in the Royal Navy.

By DAVID MORRICE, late Schoolmatter of his

HISTORY. Majesty's Ship Hullar, Lord Viscount History of the Irish Rebellion, in the Garlics Commander 8vo. 38. 6d. Year 1798, &c. containinig an imEgerton, Steel

partial Account of the Proceedings Observations on the Establishment of a of the Irish Revolutionifts, from the

Royal Military College, for the In- Year 1782 till the Suppression of the struction of the Officers of the British Rebellion ; with an Appendix to il. Army, as proposed by the Secretary lustrate fome Facts. By the Rev. at War. 8vo. 18. Egerton.

JAMES GORDON, Rector of Killigas, The eighteen Manæuvres, as practised in the Diocese of Ferns, and of Ca

by his Majesty's Infantry: with a naway, in the Diocese of Cork; AuCopper-plate Engraving to each, thor of “ Terraquea; or, a new Mowing the different Posts of the System of Geography and moders commisfioned and non-commissioned History;” twenty-five years an InOfficers, Privates, &c. Together with habitant of the County of Wexford. the Words of Command, Cautions, 8vo. 85. Hurft. and Instruction. Second Edition. 8vo. 55. bound in red. Chapple.


A practical Treatise; or, CompendiusBIOGRAPHY.

of the Law of Marine Insurances. Memoirs of the late Mrs. Robinson, By JOHN ILDERTON BURN, of the

written by herself. With some post- Inner Temple. F2mo. 55. Brojey, humous Pieces. 4 vols. Small 8vo. Butterworth. With Portrait. 1l.18. Phillips, Hurs. Addenda to the fourth Edition of the The Life and Campaigns of General Bankrupt Laws; containing the De

Suworrow, Conqueror of Italy. By terminations to the End of the Year an OFFICER. 12mo. 28. Hurf. 1800. By WILLIAM COOKE, of

Lincoln's Inn, Esq. 8vo. ss. Brocks

and Rider. A new medical Dictionary; or, gene. Proceedings of a general Court Martial

ral Repository of Physic: containing held at Gibraltar, on the 8th of May an Explanation of the Terms, and a 1801, and continued by Adjoum. Description of the various Particulars

ment to the 14th, by Order of Gene. relating to Anatomy, Phyfiology, ral O'Hara, &c. &e. for the Trial Physic, Surgery, Materia Medica, of Paymaster William Hall, of the Chemistry, &c. By G. MOTHERBY, Prince of Wales's Regiment of FenM. D. Revised and corrected, with cible Infantry. 8vo. 28. 6d. Casuconsiderable Additions, by GEORGE thorn. WALLIS, M.D. With 34 Plates. Tabula Judicum: a complete Register Folio. 31. 38. Johnson, Cadell and of the Judges of the superior Courtan Davies.

with the Attornies and Solicitors

General, for the eighteenth Century; EDUCATION.

including the subsequent Alterations The amiable Tutorefs; or, the History to the sth of June 1801: with biogra

of Mary and Jane Hornby: a Tale phical References. 35. 6d. Ogilay for young Persons. 18mo. 28. Hurfi. and Son,



I 2ino.





at the East India House. With a The Works of JOHN LOCKE. 10 vols. Map of India. By ROBERT HUDSON,

Royal 8vo. 4l. 108. Fine Paper 61. of the Office of Examiner of India New Edition, with a Portrait. Correspondence. 12mo. 48. Debrett. Johnson, Payne.

An Essay on Crimes and Punishments. The Flowers of Persian Literature; Trandated from the Italian of Beccontaining Extracts from the moft caria : with the Commentary by Vol. celebrated Authors, in Profe and taire. Translated from the French. Verse, with a Translation into Eng- Fifth Edition, corrected. 8vo. 65. lih; being a Companion to Sir Bone, Jones. William Jones's Persian Grammar. A Statement of Facts, relative to Mrs. To which is prefixed, an Eflay on K. Mone's Schools, occafioned by the Language and Literature of Per- Tome late Misrepresentations. 12mo. fia. By S. ROUSSEAU, Teacher of 6d. Cadell and Davies. the Persian Language. 4to. 185.- The Prophecy of Thomas à Becket, Sewell, Murray and Highley.

Archbishop of Canterbury, in the A1 Appendix to Stackhouse's Eflay on Reign of King Henry the Second, con

Punctuation. By the Author of cerning the Wars betwixt England, the Esay.

Well and France, Holland, &c. Found in an Hughes.

ancient Manuscript at Abingdon, by An Address to the Volunteers Dr. Ailesworth, and by him fent as

and my Countrymen, respecting the a Rarity to the University of Oxford; threatened Invasion of England by with the Interpretation and Judge French Boasters. By a VOLUNTEER ment of divers of the learned Mar. AND A PLAIN ENGLISHMAN. 8vo. ters, Presidents, and Principals of IS. Hatcbard.

Colleges, touching the great Things Village Dialogues, between Farmer foretold therein. With a Frontif. Littleworth and Thomas Newman, piece. 4to. Common Paper Rev. Mr. Lovegood, Parson Dolittle, 6d. Brown. and others. By Rowland Hill, An English Key to Xenophon's MeA.M. 12mo.

Williams, Sta- morabilia of Socrates: literally tranttioners' Court.

lating the Pallages which appear Remarks, by T. LUDLAM, on the difficult to young Beginners, and scurrilous Reflections cast upon the explaining their grammatical ConRev. W. and T. Ludlam, by Dr. ftruction: intended as an IntroducMilner, Master of Queen's College, tion to construing the Greek Classics Cambridge, and Dean of Carlisle. into English, without the Use of 20. Is. Wilkie.

Latin. For the Use of Schools. 850, Pliscellanies, in Verse and Prose. By

55. Mathews. ELIZABETH GERRARD, of Bath.

8vo. 45. Robinsons. Confiderations on the Right of the General Zoology; or, systematic NaCkrgy of England to a Seat in Par

tural History. By GEORGE SHAW, Lament. By a MEMBER of Lincoln's

M.D. F.R.S. Vol. II. Royal 8vo. Inn. 8vo. is. 6d. Cadell and Davies.

In two parts. With Plates. il. 165. The new East India Calendar, for 1801; Kearsley.

containing complete and accurate Liits of all the civil and military

The Cabinet; or, a Natural History Establishments of the Honourable

of Quadrupeds, Birds, Files, and

Insects. mustrated with CopperEast India Company, at their several Prefidencies and factories, in the

plates. Exhibiting Figures of above

seven hundred Animals. 2 vols. East Indies, China, and the Inand of

Small 8vo. 8s. Vernor and Hool, St. Helena. Also, general Lists of

Richardson. the civil Servants, of the different Corps of the Armies at their respective Settlements, and of European

NOVELS AND TALES. Residents in India : with separate The Vicar of Wakefield: a Tale. By Indexes to each Department. To Dr. GOLDSMITH. A new Edition, which is prefixed, a List of the Com- adorned with Plates. Small 8vo. pany's Etablishment at Home. Com.

Ios. 6d.

Wcft and Hugbes, E. piled from the original Documents Harding.

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She lives in Hopes; or, Caroline : by eighteen Copper-plates. By Ri

founded upon Facts. By Mifs H1T- CHARD LAWRENCE, Veterinary SurFIELD, of Manchester. 2 vols. 8vo.

geon, Birmingham. 4to. Il. 1is. 6d. 98. Vernor and Hood.

Irallis. The Confeflion: a Novel. By Agnes Medical Researches and Obfervations ;

MUSGRAVE, Author of “ Cicely of being a Series of En yg on the Prac. Raby," “Solemn Injunction," &c. tice of Phyfic. Enay I. On the Na.

5 vols. 12mo. Il. Canvthorn. ture, Cause, and Cure of Fever, with The Microcosm. By the AUTHOR of exteirporaneous Prefcription. Pr Dr.

“ The Vicillitudes of genteel Life.” ANDREW FERGUSON, of Iberccen. 5 vols. 12mo. il. Moawan.

8vo. 6s. Hur? Parental Turpitude; or, the Mysteries The Medical Albitant; or, lamaica

of Abruzzo. By the AUTHOR of Practice of Phyfic: defigred chiefs! « The Child of Doubt.”

for the life of Farlier ind P1.. 35. Treppas.

tions. By THOMAS DANCER WID. The Toote Nameh; or, Tales of a late Physician to the Bath, arúllard Parrot, in the Persian Language. Botanitt. 410.

il. IS.

Jamaica : With an English Translation. Royal printed; Murra; and Higiks, LCD8vo. 18s. Debrett.

don, The Sincere Huron; or, Pupil of Na- Practical Obfervations on the Irccus

ture. Transat d from the French tion of the Ciw-pox: to wtich ig. of Voltaire.

IS. 6d. Bone. prefixed, a comperdicus Hifory of

that Disease, and of its Introduction as a Preventive of the Small-fl..

Designed principally to pri meie a Elements of the Philosophy of the Knowledge of the Subiect: nongit

Mind, and of moral Philosophy. To thofe who have not hitherto attended which is prefixed, a Compendium to it. By JOHN ADDINGTON, Sure of Logic. By THOMAS BELSHAM.

geon. 8vo. Is. 6d. Josfor. 8vo. gs. Johnson.

Medical inquiries and Obfervations: Eis Tlieos, Eis Mestes; or, an At- containing an Account of the Yellow

tempt to mow how far the philofo- Fever, as it appeared in Philadelphia phical Notion of a Plurality of in 1797; and Observations upon the Worlds is consistent, or not so, with Nature and Cure of the Gout and the Language of the Holy Scrip- Hydrophobia. By BENJAMIN RUSH, tures. 8vo. 8s. Rivingtons, Cadell M. D. Frofctor of Medicine in the and Davies.

University of Pennsylvania. Vol. V. The Elements of the conic Sections, 8vo. 55. Mauman.

adapted to the Use of Students in Praflical Obfervations on the Cure of Philosophy. By the Rev. S. VINCE, the Gonorrhea Virulenta in Mene A.M. F.R.S. Plumian ProfefTor of By THOMAS WHATFLY, Member, Aftronomy and Experimental Philo. of the Royal College of Surgeons in sophy in the University of Cam- London. 8vo. 25. 6d. join ongi bridge. Second Edition. 8vo. Plates.

Collow. 25.6d. Deighton, Cambridge ; Lunn, An Inquiry into the Nature and Cause London.

of that Swelling in one or both of the lower Extremities, which fome

times happen to lying-in Wenen. PHYSIC-ANIMAL ECONOMY


F.R.S. Member of the Royal Cole An Inquiry into the Structure and ani- lege of Phyficians in London, &c.

mal Economy of the Horse. Com- 8v0. 38. 6d. Plates coloured 45. éd. prehending The Diseases to which Mawman. his Limbs and Feet are fubject; with Supplement to practical Observations proper Directions for Shoeing, and on the natural History and Cure of pointing out a Method for ascor- Lues Venerea: containing Remarks taining his Age until his tweifth

on the Application of the lunar Year. To which is added, an At- Caustic to Siri&tures of the Urethra; tempt to explain the Laws of his onthe Ufe of Sedative sin Gcnctha 2, progrelive Motion, on mechanical and their dangerous Confequences Principles. The Whole illustrated

in Lucs Venerea; with a brief Enc




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28. 6d.

meration of those Effects of Mer- Lines on the Death of the late Sir cury which are decisive in the Cure Ralph Abercromby. By the Auof this Diseale. By John HOWARD, Thor of the “ Conspiracy of GowMember of the Court of Adistants rie.”; 8vo. Bell. of the College of Surgeons, and Crim. Con.: a Pindaric Ode, to the F.S.A. 8vo. Baldauin.

Marquis of Blandford. 4to. 28. 6d. The first Number of Veterinary Tranf- West and Hughes, Jordan.

actions: containing Observations on The Wedding and Bedding; or, John the Effects and Treatment of Wounds Bull and his Bride fait asleep: a satiof Joints, and other circumscribed rical Poem. Containing a History Cavitics. To which are added, the of the happy Pair, from their InRules and Regulations of the Vete- fancy to the present Period; with rinary College. 8v0. 38. 64. Debrett, Reasons for, and Means used to acEgerton.

complish their Union. Also the Two Memoirs on the Czesarean Opera., Matchmakers matched; with theit

tion. By M. BAUDFLOCQUE, Sen. rueful Lamentation for the Loss of Translated from the French. With Bride-cake! By T.CANNING. Svo. Notes, an Appendix, and Engra- 28. Jordan. vings. By John HULL, M.D. 8vo.

6s. Bickersaff. Animal Magnetism. History of its POLITICS, POL

Origin, Progress, and present State; Considerations on the prefent State of its Principles and Secrets displayed, Europe with refpect to Peice, or a as delivered by the late Dr. Demai- further Profecution of the War. nauduc. To which are added; Dil 8vo. 35. Debrett. fertations on the Dropsy, Spasm; An Argument against Extermination; epileptic Fits, St. Vitus's Dance, occasioned by Dr. Duigenan's ReGout, Rheumatism, and Consump- prefentation of the present political tion; with upwards of one hundred State of Ireland. By a FRIEND to Cures and Cales. Alio Advice to the United Kingdom. 8vo. thofe who visit the Sick; with Re- Debrett. ceipts to prevent Infection. A Defi- Conliderations on the momentous Subnition of Sympathy, Antipathy; the jects of Peace and War, and Nego. Effects of the Imagination on preg.

tiation, in Antirer to the Preten. nant Women ; Nature, llistory, and fions of France. By Mr. P. PRATT. on the Resurrection of the Body. 8vo. Hatcbard. By GEORGE WINTER, M.D. Mem- A brief Review of the Causes which ber of the Lyceum Medicum Society, have progresively operated to (!!. London, and Author of the “ Ele- hance the Price of Previsions, but nients of Agriculture.” 8vo. 6s. particularly of Bread Corn; with Newbery, Otridge.

Suggestions as to the best Means of alieviating the prefent Distrets, and preventing the Recurrence of a limi.

lar Calan:ity. 8v0. 25. Vernor and Poems, by John PENN, Esq.: confift- Hood.

ing of original Works, containing Remarks on the present high Price of several hitherto unpublished; and Grain, and on the Expediency of Imitations and Tranflations. 2 vols. farther legislative Reftrictions, in Large 8vo. With Plates. Il. 55. order to effect its Reduction. 8vo. (See p. 438.) Katchard, Cobbett and 6d. Yordan. Morgan.

The Effect of Paner Money on the Beauties of British Poetry, selected by Price of Proviliens; or, ihe Point

SIDNEY MELMOTH, Esq. 12mo. in Dispute betwveen Mr. Boyd and 58. Vernor and Hood.

Sir Francis Baring examined; the A Rainy Day; or, poetical Impref- Bank Paper Money proved to be an

fions, during a Stay at Brighthelm- adequate Caule for the high Price of stone, in the Month of July 1801, Provisions; and constitutional Re. By JAMES BOADEN. 4to. 23. Eger. medies recominended. By Wilton.

LIAM FREND, Author of the “ Prin. Rodolpho: a poetical Romance. By ciples of Tuxation;" the “ Princi. JAMES ATKINSON, 4to. 28. Fordlan. ples of Algebra;” “ Letters to the




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Bishop of Lincoln,” &c. 8vo. 16.6d. 19, and of St. Lawrence, Reading, Ridgway.

June 17, 1801. By W. LANGFORD, A brief Discourse; or, what Orders D.D. Canon of Windsor, and Chap

were best for repulsing of foreign lain in ordinary to his Majefty. An Force, if at any Time they should Appendix, by the SOCIETY, on invade us by Sea, in Kent, or else- shipwrecked Mariners, Resuscitation, where. Written by THOMAS &c. 8vo. 1$. Rivingtons. Digges. 8vo. 1S. (First printed A Sermon preached in the Chapel of m 1590.) Hatchard.

the Foundling Hofpital, on Sunday, The commercial and political Atlas; the 25th January 1801. By the

representing, by means of stained Rev. H. B. WILSON, A.M. Curate copper-plate Charts, the Progress of of St. Michael's, Baflithaw; Lec. the Commerce, Revenues, Expen- turer of the united Parishes of St. diture, and Debts of England, du- Antholin and St. John the Baptist; sing the Whole of the eighteenth and Under-master of Merchant Tay. Century. Third Edition, corrected lors' School. 8vo. 18. Cadill and and brought down to the End of Davies. laft Year. By WILLIAM PLAYFAIR. Self-sufficiency incompatible withChrisSinall 4to. 3. 79. Hallis, Pater- tianity: a Sermon delivered at the nofter Row.

Vilitation of the Bihop of PeterboThe first part of the third Volume of rough, at Daventry, June 12, 1801.

the Reports of the Society for bet. By F. J. TWISLETON, A.M. 4to. tering the Condition of the Poor; 28. Rivingtons. containing the 13th, 14th, and 15th Helps to Composition; or, one hun. Reports.

Hatchard, dred Skeletons of Sermuns. By the Ferror and Houd.

Rev. CHARLES SIMEON, Fellow of
King's College, Cambridge. 8v0.55.

Chapman, Matbewus.

The wife and foolish Builder: a SerSermons, by WILLIAM STEVENS, D.D. mon preached before the Univerfiy

Rector of Great Snoring, and St. of Cambridge, June 21, 1801. By Peter's Walpole, County of Nor- ROBERT LUKE, B. D. 8vo, 15. Ria folk ; Morning Preacher at Grosve. vingtons. nor Chapel; Lecturer of St. George's, An Apology for Sunday Schools: the Hanover Square: and domestic Chap- Subitance of a Serinon preached at lain to his late Royal Highness the Surry Chapel, February 22, 1801, Duke of Cumberland. 3 vols. 8vo. for the Benefit of the Southwark

Portrait. l. is. Cadell and Davies. Sunday Schools: with incidental Sermons on the Doctrines and Duties Remarks on the late Charge of the

of Chriftianity. Addressed to a Right Rev, the Lord Bishop of Roo Comtry Congregation.

chefter. By Rowland Hill, A.M. Curiell and Davies.


Williams. Sermons on the Nature of public The Duties of Men in public Profes

Worhip. By THOMAS SANDERS, fions confidered: a Charge delivered A. B. of Christ's Church, Oxford. to the Clergy of the Archdeaconry 8vo. Hanwell and Parker, Ox- of St. Alban's, at a Visitation holden ford; Rivingtons, Hatchard, Lone' May 27, 1801. By JOSEPH HOLDEN don.

Port, Prebendary of Lincoln, and A Sermon preached before the Honour- Archdeacon of St. Alban's. 4to.

able Society of Lincoln's Inn, on 18. 6d. Rivingtons.
Friday, February 13, 1801, being
the Day appointed by his Majesty's
Proclamation for a general Fast. By

William JACKSON, D. D. Canon The theological, philosophical, and
of Christ's Church, Oxford, and miscellaneous Works of the Rer.
Preacher to the Society. 4to. Is. 6d. William JONES, M.A.F.R.S. To

Cooke, Oxford ; Rivingtons, London. which is prefixed, a fhort Account The anniversary Sermon of the Royal of his Life and Writings. With a

Humare Society, preached at the Portrait. 12 vols. 850. sl. 8s. Parish Churches of Kensington, April Rivingtons, Hatchard.


8vo. 58.



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