Pacata Hibernia: Or, A History of the Wars in Ireland, During the Reign of Queen Elizabeth, Tom 2

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Hibernia-Press Company, 1820

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Strona 699 - ... greater forces than ever yet were kept in this kingdome : and although it hath been seldom heard that an armie hath been carried on with so continuall action, and enduring without any intermission of winter breathings, and that the difficulties at this time to keepe any forces in the place where wee must make the warre (but especially our horse) are almost beyond any hope to prevent, yet with the favour of God and her...
Strona 479 - ... would endanger his kingdome to succour the Catholikes of Ireland to their content, and not faile therein, for the perfecting whereof great preparations were in hand.
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Strona 400 - O'Donnell and the Spaniards ; whereat little wonder is to bee made, considering what power religion and gold hath in the hearts of men, both which the Spaniards brought with them into Ireland.
Strona 695 - ... but to the nature of the subject whereof I must treat, or of the matter whereon I worke : And first to present unto your Lordships the outward face of the foure Provinces, and after to guesse (as neere as I can) at their dispositions. Mounster by the good government and industry of the Lord President, is cleare of any force in rebellion, except some few unable to make any forcible head. In Leinster, there is not one declared Rebell: In...
Strona 358 - But y« know well, that for many years since, Elizabeth was deprived of her kingdom, and all her subjects absolved from their fidelity by the pope; unto whom He that reigneth in the heavens, the King of kings, hath committed all power, that he should root up, destroy, plant, and build in such sort, that...
Strona 661 - Apostolike Vicar so often before mentioned) to put fresh heart into his Company, with his sword drawne in one hand, and his portius and beades in the other, with one hundred men led by himselfe, he came boldly up to the sword, and mainetayned a hot skirmish, untill hee was slaine with a shot...
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Strona 699 - I will not despayre to goe on with " this worke, through all these difficulties, if wee bee not " interrupted by forraine forces, although, perchance, " wee may be encountered with some new irruptions, " and (by often adventuring) with some disasters ; and it " may bee your lordships shall sometimes heare of " some spoyles done upon the subjects, from the which " it is impossible to preserve them in all places, with...

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