Zanoni, by the author of 'Night and morning'.

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Strona 183 - Fuseli, has sought to instruct the painter that Nature is not to be copied, but exalted ; that the loftiest order of art, selecting only the loftiest combinations, is the perpetual struggle of Humanity to approach the Gods.
Strona 138 - ... draught, have found the potion less powerful to save than the agony and travail of Nature to destroy. To the unprepared the elixir is thus but the deadliest poison. Amidst the dwellers of the threshold is ONE, too, surpassing in malignity and hatred all her tribe — one whose eyes have paralysed the bravest, and whose power increases over the spirit precisely in proportion to its fear.
Strona 210 - Untill the blustring storme is overblowne; When, weening to returne whence they did stray, They cannot finde that path, which first was showne But wander too and fro in waies unknowne...
Strona 184 - Yes," said the Voice, with a. faint and hollow accent, " thou canst save her from the headsman ; for it is written, that sacrifice can save.
Strona 29 - My child, because of the very instinct that impelled the struggle — because the labour for the light, won to the light at length. So with a gallant heart, through every adverse accident, of sorrow, and of fate, to turn to the sun, to strive for the heaven ; this it is that gives knowledge to the strong, and happiness to the weak.
Strona 111 - ... yet matured and settled enough for their development. As there is one season for the blossom, another for the fruit ; so it is not till the bloom of fancy begins to fade that the heart ripens to the passions that the bloom precedes and foretels.
Strona 138 - Afrites to compel. But by perception of the secret powers Of mineral springs in Nature's inmost cell, Of herbs in curtain of her greenest bowers, And of the moving stars o'er mountain tops and towers.
Strona xi - On the contrary; people make the adoration of Shakspeare the excuse for attacking everybody else. But then our critics have discovered that Shakspeare is so real!" " Real! The poet who has never once drawn a character to be met with in actual life — who has never once descended to a passion that is false, or a personage who is real!
Strona 134 - ... with its correspondent and appropriate life. Is it not a visible absurdity to suppose that Being is crowded upon every leaf, and yet absent from the immensities of space? The Law of the Great System forbids the waste even of an atom; it 12 knows no spot where something of life does not breathe.
Strona 66 - Nature supplies the materials : they are around you in your daily walks ; in the herbs that the beast devours and the chemist disdains to cull ; in the elements, from which matter in its meanest and its mightiest shapes is deduced ; in the wide bosom of the air ; in the black abysses of the earth, — everywhere are given to mortals the resources and libraries of immortal lore. But as the simplest problems in the simplest of all studies are obscure to one who braces not his mind to their comprehension...

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