The Genesis Prophesy

Przednia okładka
AuthorHouse, 2002 - 408

A tremendous explosion in space has broken through the space fabric itself that has acted like a flash flood, engulfing everything in its powerful wake. Linking into the current ongoing changes within the earth, it's atmosphere, and the very pulse cycle of the planet. Bringing forth unseen forces which has sent out an interstellar communication containing an underlined code within it that can unlock the secrets to life itself, on earth and amongst the universe; setting in motion an eerie apocalyptic battle between good and evil forces here and beyond.

This strange force has awakened a deep internal spiritual awareness of a long awaited prophecy within the people as to the origins of mankind and their true purpose.

A small group of individuals have stumbled upon remnants of an ancient text containing the details of the communication, forming the final links to an up and coming mysterious prophetic occurrence.

They are now on a dangerous mission to fulfill it's prophecy. Government officials and the military brass in this final race for control have invoked a global plan of dominance over the world to prevent the up and coming event, and forever stop from being known the truth behind

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