The Decimal System in Numbers, Coins, and Accounts: Especially with Reference to the Decimalisation of the Currency and Accountancy of the United Kingdom

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Nathaniel Cooke, 1854 - 245

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Strona 92 - It is now nearly thirty years since our new moneys of account, our coins, and our mint, have been established. The dollar, under its new stamp, has preserved its name and circulation. The cent has become tolerably familiarized to the tongue, wherever it has been made by circulation familiar to the hand. But the dime having been seldom, and the mille never, presented in their material images to the people, have remained so utterly unknown, that now, when the recent coinage of dimes is alluded to in...
Strona 97 - treatise of weights and measures of 1304,' which repeats a part of the statute of 1266, with a variation of expressions, entirely decisive of its meaning. It says, that ' by the ordinance of the whole realm of England, the measure of the king was made, that is to say, that the penny, called sterling, round, and without clipping, shall weigh thirty-two grains of wheat in the middle of the ear. And the ounce shall weigh twenty pence ; and twelve ounces make the London pound ; and eight pounds of wheat...
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Strona 207 - They estimated the riches of a man by the number of his flocks, and that of a country by the abundance of its pastures, and the quantity of its metals. See the Iliad, vii. 466.— Pope's version: Each in exchange (jfttJUftimed tlokajiu girct Sonic bra
Strona 78 - ... would tend to the convenience of all those who are engaged in exchange operations, of travellers, and others. An important benefit would be derived in several departments of the public service, and in every branch of industry, from the economy of skilled labour...
Strona 130 - The owners of a forge in the parish of St. Clement (which formerly belonged to the City, and stood in the high road from the Temple to Westminster, but now no longer exists) are then called forth to do their suit and service ; when an officer of the court...
Strona 87 - The livre tournois of France, after still greater degeneracy, continued until the late Revolution, and has only been laid aside for the new system. The ounce, the drachm, and the grain, are specific names, indefinitely applied as indefinite parts of an indefinite whole. The English pound avoirdupois is heavier than the pound troy ; but the ounce avoirdupois is lighter than the ounce troy. The weights and measures of all the old systems present the perpetual paradox of a whole not equal to all its...

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