The charge of Thomas lord bishop of Oxford to the clergy of his diocese, in his primary visitation 1738

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Strona 4 - ... in this we cannot be mistaken, that an open and professed disregard to religion is become, through a variety of unhappy causes, the distinguishing character of the present age ; that this evil is grown to a great height in the metropolis of the nation ; is daily spreading through every part of it; and, bad in itself as any can be, must of necessity bring in all others after it.
Strona 11 - ... by them, and covenanted for with them. What may be a very good beginning, is by no means a sufficient stock to go on with ; and even that will lessen, if no pains be taken to increase it.
Strona 4 - Fearlefnefs of committing Crimes in the Lower, as muft, if this Torrent of Impiety flop not, become abfolutely fatal. And God knows, far from flopping, it receives, through the ill Defigns of fome Perfons and the Inconfideratenefs of others, a continual Increafe.
Strona 3 - Men have always complained of their own times : and always with too much reason. But though it is natural to think those evils the greatest, which we feel ourselves ; and therefore mistakes are easily made, in comparing one age with another : yet in this we cannot be mistaken, that an open and professed disregard...
Strona 4 - ... the very worft things of us without foundation, and exaggerating every thing without mercy : imputing the faults, and fometimes imaginary faults, of particular perfons to the whole order ; and then declaiming againft us all promifcuoufly, with fuch wild vehemence, as, in any cafe but ours, they themfelves would think, in the higheft degree, unjuft and cruel.
Strona 4 - ... some persons, and the inconsiderateness of others, a continual increase. Christianity is now ridiculed and railed at, with very little reserve : and the teachers of it, without any at all. Indeed with respect to us, the rule, which most of our adversaries appear to have set themselves, is, to be, at all adventures, as bitter as they can : and they follow it, not only beyond truth, but beyond probability...
Strona 4 - Indeed, it hath already brought in such dissoluteness and contempt of principle in the higher part of the world, and such profligate intemperance and fearlessness of committing crimes in the lower, as must, if this torrent of impiety stop not, become absolutely fatal.
Strona 22 - Jhall be a/hamed of me atid of my -words in this adulterous and finful generation, of him alfo Jhall 'the Son of man be aJhamed, when he cometh in the glory of his Father, with the holy angels. DISCOURSE XLIX. 3 CORINTHIANS v. 10, n. miift all appear before the judgment-feat of Ckrift, that every one may receive the things done in his body, accord" ing to that he hath done, whether it be good or bad.
Strona 11 - ... of lower abilities and attainments are in danger, without it, of being useless and despised ; and they, who set out with greater advantages, are bound to endeavour at doing, in proportion, greater services to the church of God. Without exception therefore, all who are engaged in so serious an employment as ours, if they have any regard either to their duty or their character...
Strona 5 - Wo unto the world because of offences ! for it must needs be that offences come ; but wo to that man by whom the offence cometh...

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