Proceedings at the Celebration of the Two Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the Incorporation of the Town of Dedham, Massachusetts, September 21, 1886

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J. Wilson and Son, University Press, 1887 - 214

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Strona 172 - America being neither really nor virtually represented in Westminster, cannot be held legally, or constitutionally, or reasonably subject to obedience to any money bill of this kingdom.
Strona 103 - ... with other men, as also become freely subject unto all such orders and constitutions, as shall be necessarily had or made, now or at any time hereafter from this day forward, as well for loving and comfortable society in our said town, as also for the prosperous and thriving condition of our said fellowship, especially respecting the fear of God, in which we desire to begin and continue, whatsoever we shall by his loving favor take in hand.
Strona 210 - Charter, having lived a virtuous life. She died universally respected, and came to her grave in a full age, as a shock of corn cometh in, in his season.
Strona 194 - Convention was adjourned to Milton. after times, shall examine the journal of the earliest Continental Congress in search of the first recorded resolution to try the issue with Great Britain, if need be at the point of the sword, will find the doings of this Convention entered at length upon its pages, appearing as the medium through which the object of their assembling was first presented to their deliberations, and serving as the basis of their subsequent proceedings. The house of Richard Woodward...
Strona 12 - Proceedings at the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the incorporation of the town of Dedham, Massachusetts, Sept.
Strona 7 - ordered that the plantation to be settled above the falls of Charles Ryver, shall have three yeares immunity from publike charges, as Concord had, to bee accounted from the first of May next, & the name of the said plantation is to bee Deddam." 5 The supervision of public ways was also exercised by the general court; and it seems to have caused a great deal of trouble in the early period. Peremptory orders requiring particular towns " to mend their wayes " were frequent, and fines were often imposed...
Strona 111 - ... mind is there. Sagacious enterprise is there. An active, vigorous, intelligent, moral population throng our cities, and predominate in our fields ; men patient of labor, submissive to law, respectful to authority, regardful of right, faithful to liberty. These are the monuments of our ancestors. They stand immutable and immortal, in the social, moral, and intellectual condition of their descendants. They exist, in the spirit which their precepts instilled, and their example implanted.
Strona 145 - Of the operatives in war — I mean the soldier — up to the coming of the French, Ireland had furnished in the ratio of one hundred for one of any foreign nation whatever.
Strona 61 - ... commodities allures the Inhabitants of this Towne to make many a long walk; they consist of about a hundred Families, being generally given to husbandry, and, through the blessing of God, are much encreased, ready to swarme and settle on the building of another Towne more to the Inland; * they gather into a Church at their first settling, for indeed, as this was their chiefe errand, so was it the first thing they ordinarily minded; to pitch their Tabernacles neare the Lords Tent: To this end...
Strona 164 - ... trayned band organized with Clerk and other officers. " In 1644 a grant was made to the military company of " two acres more as it lyeth on the westerly end of the trayning ground:" and in 1648 a confirmatory grant was made to the eompany, its officers and successors, of the free use of all that parcel of land commonly called the training-ground ; and this grant provided that the same could not be sold except by the consent of the company and the selectmen. In 1677 a portion was sold off, and...

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