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❝at all at once, and it will be mixed with a great many "Corruptions and Frailties of Nature; but as thote "ill Mixtures are the perpetual Grief of his Soul, "fo it is his chief Care to watch over and to mortify "them; he will be in a continual Progrefs, ftill <6 gaining Ground upon himself; and as he attains to ર a good Degree of Purity, he will find a noble "Flame of Life and Joy growing upon him."

O happy State! Who fhould net ardently defire and endeavour, by the Grace of God, to obtain fuch Felicity?

Now I exhort you with Solomon, Fear God, and keep his Commandments, for this is the All of Men.

Then you may be affured of God's Bleffing; for as many as walk according to this Rule, Peace be on them, and Mercy upon the Ifrael of God, Gal. vi. 16. And remember the Words of David, What Man is he, that deftreth Life, and loveth many Days, that he may fee Good? Keep thy Tongue from Evil, and thy Lips from Speaking Guile. Depart from Evil, and do Good; feck "Peace, and purfue it. The Eyes of the Lord are upon the Righteous, and his Ears are open to their Cry; but the Face of the Lord is against them that do Evil, to cut off the Remembrance of them from the Earth. The Righ teous cry, and the lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their Troubles. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken Heart; and faveth fuch as are of a contritei Spirit, Pf. xxxiv.

Herewith I conclude, praying for you to God; and I defire that ye might be filled with the Knowledge of his Will in all Wisdom and fpiritual Understanding, that ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleafing, being fruitful in every good Work, and increafing ir. the Knowledge of God. Commending you to Go, and to the Word of his Grace, which is able to build you up, and give you an Inheritance among all them

that are fanctified. ́ Amen.



FTER the Answers to the 19th, 21ft and 37th

A Questions of the Heidelberg Catechism were

inted, I have by precifer Examination found fome Miftakes in the Translation done by one unknown Author, in the Year of our Lord 1720; which the Reader is defired to correct in this Manner.

In the Anfwer to the 19th Question, Line 8, read, nly begotten Son. In the Answer to the 21st Queftion, Line 6, instead of will, read, bath; and instead of rant, read, granted. In the Answer to the 23d Quetion, Line 3, read, only begotten Son. In Question 33, read, only begotten. In the Answer to the 37th Queftion, Line 5, before propitiatory, leave out a, read, the only.

Which Miftakes have occafioned me to compare the Tranflation (where I have made ufe of in this Syftem) "with the Latin and Low Dutch Catechifm; and finding therein more Errors, I have (without depreciating the Work of the Author, but only for the Prefervation of our Doctrine) corrected them in general, where I thought neceffary to give the true Senfe and Meaning of it.

N. B. Knowing that it happens as rarely to find a Book without Errors, as a Raven with white Feathers, I fhould the Correction of thofe (crept into this System by the overlooking of the Author or Printer) have left to the Candour of the Reader : n But it being in general the Nature of Mankind to cenfure.the leatt Miftakes of others, though they cannot improve thein, when they fhould be in the fame or like Circumstances, I thought fit to infert them here; and which I hope the Reader will please to correct, before he attempts criticizing the Work.

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In the DEDICATION, AGE 2, line 19, read edification; p. 3, l. 13, г. being; 1. 16, r. edification; 1. 28, r. unworthy; p. 5, l. 12, r. bath.


Page 2, 1. 5, r. innaccuracies; 1. 9, r. fequel; p. 3,1. 3,r. questions; 1. 25, r. John 1 ; p. 4, 1. 21, r. ridicule; 124, r. badft.

In the ADDRESS to Parents,

Page 2, 1. 38, r. brackish; p. 3, 1. 5, r. lies; 1. 6, r. ftabbing; 1. 15, r. mortally; 1. 20, r. melancholy; p. 4, 1. 34, r. wholly; 1. 38, r. feigned; p. 7, l. 1, I. bearkened; 1. 10, r. vouchave.

In the SYSTEM.

Page 1, 1. 3, r-religion; 1. 20, r. world; p. 2, 1. 25, after, 3dly, add, That we fhew the right Means of our Reconciliation to God according to his Justice. And, 4thly ; p. 3, 1. 4, r. 2 Pet. i. 21; p. 4, 1. 3, r. the, 1. 4, leave out more, r. and justly; 1. 6, r. infallible; 1. II, r Job xi. 7, Duter. xxix ; p. 5, l. 12, add contained, after not; p. 36, 1. 28, r. merits; p. 38, 1. 38, r. John v. 43; p. 50, l. 25, for religion, r. reafon; p. 60, 1. 34, add in, after with; p. 63, l. 16, for should, r. do; p 71, queft. 34, in the anfwer, leave out his, r. by virtu thereof; p. 87, 1. 5, add as the chief angel, after when he; for by the, r. by his ; 1.6, leave out, of his angel; p. 90, l. 12, r. fan&tifier, p. 91, l. 14, r. wholly; p. 100, 1. 3, r. infallible; p. 107, I. 26, r. difpenfer; p. 116, queft. 4, in the answer, 1. 9, instead of, as is, r. as was; p. 79, 1. 30, r. afcenfion; p. 125, 1. the last, r con inftea fcioufnefs; p. 127, queft. 81, in the answer, 1. 5, of, converted, r. covered; p. 132, 1. 16, r. John 3; P 141, 1. 27, r. folving; p. 160, queft. 100, in the an fwer, 1. 9, r. forbidden; p. 175, 1. 19, r. commended. In the APPLICATION.

Page 179, l. 9, r. nor; 1. 17, r. conjunction. Leffer Miftakes are left to the Candour of th Intelligent.


The 29th and 30th Questions of the Heidelberg Ca-

Of God the Son, and his Name Jefus.

The 31 and 32d Questions of the Heidelberg Ca-


The 33d and 34th Questions of the Heidelberg Cate-

Of the Name of God's only begotten Son, and our


The 35th and 36th Questions of the Heidelberg Ca-


The 37th, 38th and 39th Questions of the Heidelberg

Of Chrift's fuffering under the Judge Pontius Pilate,

and his Crucifying.

The 40th, 41, 42d, 43d and 44th Questions of the
Heidelberg Catechifm.

Of Christ's Death, Burial and descending into Hell.


The 45th Queftion of the Heidelberg Catechifm.

Of Chrift's Refurrection.

The 46th, 47th, 48th and 49th Questions of the Hei-
delberg Catechifm.

Of Chrift's Afcenfion into Heaven.

The 50th, 51ft and 52d Questions of the Heidelberg

Of Chrift fitting on the right Hand of his Father,

and his coming to Judgment.


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