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"the fame Time it is nevertheless in, and remains "perfectly united to it."


By which we fee how the Catechift denies that Confequence, because it reft upon a false Foundation, that even of the Union of both Natures being Mixture; and therefore his Anfwer is, "Not at all." Giving this Reafon, "Since the Divinity is incomprehenfible, and is prefent every where, it neceffarily follows, that it is in Truth distinct from the Humanity "which it has affumed to itself; but that at the fame "Time it remains perfectly united to it." Even as our Souls can employ themfelves in Thoughts and Concerns about Things without us, and at a Distance, yet the Union of our Souls and Body is not thereby broke; much more is it true, that the Divinity of Chrift can work every where while united to his human Nature, and yet the fame Union not be broke or diminuifhed.

The 49th Question of the HEIDELBERG

CATECHISM. Q. WHAT does the Afcenfion of Christ signifie

to us?

"A. 1ft, That he is for us in Heaven, in the "Prefence of his Father, as our Advocate. 2dly, "That in his Perfon we have our Flefh in Heaven,

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as an affured Pledge, that he who is our Chief, "will take us to himself, as his Members; and that "he fends us his Spirit as a Pledge, by Virtue "whereof we feek not what is upon Earth, but "that which is in Heaven, where Jefus is fitting on "the Right Hand of God."

Q. What is here the first Benefit from the Afcenfion of fefus Chrift for all true Believers?

A. That he is for them in Heaven as their Advocate, Zach. vi. 13. Heb. ix. 29.


hat Benefit is therein?

A. That he Debates their Catife, John ii. 1. If any


Man Sin, we have an Advocate with the Father Jefus Christ the Righteous. And wins the Caufe againft the Accufers, Rom. viii. 34. By whofe Life the Believers are faved, Rom. v. 10. And prevails with the Father to preferve them, John xvii. 11. To hear their Prayers, John xiv. 14.

Q. What is the fecond Benefit?

A. That in his Perfon they have their human Nature in Heaven, as an affured Pledge, and that he will take them to himfelf, John xvii. 24. Father, I will that they also whom thou haft given me, be with me where I am, that they may behold my Glory which thou baft given me. And Heb. vi. 19, 20.

Q. What are the other Benefits?

A. That he fends them his Spirit, John xvi. 7. If Igo not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will fend him unto you. And Acts ii. 33. And well as an Earneft; and alfo as a Supply for his Departure, Eph. i. xiii. 14. In whom alfo after that ye believed, ye were faved with that holy Spirit of Promife, &c. And 1 Cor. i. 21. Alfo by Virtue thereof they feek not what is upon Earth, but that which is in Heaven. Col. ii. 1, 2. If ye then be rifen with Chrift, feek thofe Things which are above, where Chrift fitteth on the right Hand of God. Set your Affections on Things above, not on Things on the Earth.

Q. What do you conclude from what hath been faid?

A. That our Catechift hath anfwered his Intention, which is, to administer to his Difciple the true Remedy for his faving Comfort, according to the Purity of our Doctrine.

Q. What doth his Refurrection and Afcenfion teach us ?

A. That we endeavour to rife with Chrift, feeking thofe Things which are alone where Chuft litteth at the right Hand of God, Col. iii. 1.

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The 50th Question of the HEIDELBERG

Q. WHY is it added, And fits on the right Hand

of God?

"A. To fhew that Chrift is afcended into "Heaven, that there he may make himself known "for the Head of the Chriftian Church, by whom "God the Father governs all Things."

Q. What was the third Degree of Chrift's Exaltation? A. He is fitting at his right Hand in Heaven, Heb. 3. When he had by himself purged our Sins, fat down on the right Hand of the Majesty on High.


Q. What does God's right Hand fignify?

A. A State of the higheft Honour and Intereft with the Father, Heb. i. 13. But, to which of the Angels, faid he, at any Time, fit on my right Hand, until I make thine Enemies thy Foot Stool? And Matt. xxvi. 64. Hereafter fhall you Jee the Son of Man fitting on the right: Hand of Power.

Q. What is implied in Chrift's fitting there?

A. That his Work on Earth is finifhed, Heb. x.12. But this Man, after he had offered one Sacrifice for Sin, for ever fat down on the right Hand of God.. Q. What else doth it fignify?

A. The glorious Execution of his Offices.
Q. In what Manner?

A. ft, As a Prophet, in fending Minifters as Inftruments, by whom he will teach us, Epb. iv. 11. 12. And in diffufing the Gifts of the Holy Ghoft on us, Acts ii. 33. 2dly, As a Prieft to intercede for us, Heb viii. 25. Wherefore be is able alfo to fave them to. the utter most, that come unto God by him, leeing be ever Liveth to make Interceffion for them. 3dly, His kingly Office in fubduing us to himself; in ruling and deferding us, and reftraining and conquering all his and our Enemies, Pf. cx. 2. The Lord fall fend the


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Rod of thy Strength out of Zion: Rule thou in the midst of thine Enemies. Efpecially to the Benefit of his People, being only the Head of the Church, Eph. i. 22. 23. And hath put all Things under his Feet, and gave him to be the Head over all Things to the Church, which is his Body, the fullness of him that filleth all in all.

Q. But is not the Pope, or any Man, the visible Head of the Church?

A. No. For the holy Scriptures know nothing of fuch a Head, Col. i. 18. Chrift alone is the Head of the Body (the Church) who is the beginning of the first born from the Dead, that in all Things he might have the Pre-eminence. 2dly, He wants not a visible Head, because Christ is Omniprefent, and gives every Thing needful for us, Eph. i. 23. 3dly, This is against the Office of the Minifters of Chrift, Matt. xx. 25, 27. But Jefus called them unto him, and faid, Ye know that the Princes of the Gentiles exercifed Dominion over them, and they that are great exercife Authority upon them; but it fhall not be fo among you, but whosoever will be great among you, let him be your Minifter; and whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your Servant.

Q. Is there any Thing more wherein his fitting at

the right Hand of God confifts?

A. In the Reverence which he, as our glorified Mediator, receives from Man and Angels, Heb. i. vi.

And Philip. ii. 9.

The 51st Question of the HEIDELBERG

Q. WHAT Advantage have we by that Glory of

Chrift being our Head or Chief?

"A. 1ft, By his holy Spirit he diffufes all his "heavenly Gifts to us who are his Members; and "then by his Power defends and preferves us from "our Enemies."

Q. What

Q. What Gifts are these?

A. The feveral Graces and Operations of the Holy Ghost, 1 Cor. xii. 6. And there are Diverfities of Operations; but it is the fame God which worketh all in all.

Q. What is meant by his diffufing thofe Gifts on us?

A. It fhews the Abundance of God's Grace, above what is contained in the Old Teftament, Ifa. xliv. Joel ii. 28.

Q. Wherein doth fuch an Abundance confift?

A. In a greater and clearer Knowledge, Love, Boldness, fpiritual Strength for Duty, and Joy, 2 Cor. iii. 13, , 18. 2 Tim. i. 7. Rom. xiv. 17. Q. What is the fecond Advantage?

A. That be by his Power defends and preferves us from our Enemies, Rom. viii. 34. To reftrain them, to protect his Church amidit them, Pf. lxxvi. 10.. Exod. iii. 3. And alfo by his fupreme Power the Church is faved amidst all Dangers, Jer. xxx. 11. For I am with thee, faith the Lord, to fave thee, though I make a full End of all Nations whether I have scattered thee, yet will I not make a full End of thee.

Q. What is the laft Step of Chriff's Exaltation?

A. His coming to Judgment, Acts x. 42. And he commanded us to preach unto the People, and to testify that it is he which was ordained of God to be the Judge of Quick and Dead.

Q. Is it certain that there will be a Judgment Day? A. Yes; the Scripture affures it, 2 Cor. v. 10 For que must all appear before the Jugment Seat of Chrift. And every Man's Confcience witneffes to it, Rom. ii. 16. In the Day when God fhall judge the Secrets of Man by Jefus Chrift, according to my Gospel. Matt. xii. 36. But I fay unto you, that every idle Word that Man fhall fpeak, they shall give account thereof in the Day of Judgment.

Q: What will be the firft Property of Chrifl's Judg.


A. It will be awful and Solemn, I Theff. iv. 16.


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