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The Library, 1895
Consists of "accessions" and "books in foreign languages".

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Strona 17 - List of titles of genealogical articles in American periodicals and kindred works giving the name, residence and earliest date of each settler of each family.
Strona 4 - US and Great Britain, by DA Wells ; 2, The Monroe doctrine, by EJ Phelps ; 3, Arbitration in international disputes, by C. Schurz.
Strona 3 - KEARTON, R. Wild life at home : how to study and photograph it; il.
Strona 4 - Moscow, 1911. 56 p. 4081. Korostovets, JJ Pre-war diplomacy. The Russo-Japanese problem. Treaty signed at Portsmouth, US of America in 1905. Diary. London, British periodicals, 1920. 160 p. (xv) Results and Significance 4083. Schierbrand, W. v. America, Asia and the Pacific with special reference to the Russo-Japanese war and its results. New York, H. Holt & co., 1904.
Strona 13 - The Discovery of the Old Northwest and its Settlement by the French. New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago, [1901].
Strona 14 - Sources for Greek History between the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars, Oxford, 1897.
Strona 5 - Potter, HC The citizen in his relation to the industrial situation. 1902.
Strona 8 - War Department, Division of Insular Affairs, Reports on the Law of Civil Government in Territory Subject to Military Occupation by the Military Forces of the United States, by Charles A.

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