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-Non de villis domibusve alienis,

Nec malè necne Lepos saltet: sed quod magis ad nos
Pertinet, et nescire malum est, agitamus.

HOR. SAT. ii. 6.71.

[blocks in formation]




Historical and Biographical Preface.

1. Survey of the Town-Characters at Garraway's, Batson's, St. Paul's, and the Chapter Coffeehouses; at the Temple, the Bedford Coffeehouse, White's, and other places-Mr. Town's design in these papers..

......COL. & THORN.

2. On the different Branches of Virtu-Letter, containing a catalogue of Pictures collected abroad by an eminent Jew-Letter from a Gamester, advising the Author to undertake a Defence of Gaming...

3. The Ocean of Ink, a Dream..

4. Account of a new Order of Females, called DemiReps..

5. Letter from a Physician, with the Account of a
Plague newly broke out in London-Different
appearances and effects of it on a great man;
on Members of Parliament; on Land and
Sea Officers; on a Common-Councilman and
an Alderman of the city; on the club at
White's; on the Ladies, particularly a maid
of honour; and others....

6. Education of the Muses, a Fable; with its appli-
cation to authors-Progress of an author, ex-
emplified in Mr. Town's own life......
7. Letter, on Married People fondling before Com-
pany-Behaviour of a loving couple at dinner
-Indecency of Modern Plays censured.....-
8. On the External Ornaments used by Writers-
Advantages arising to them from the arts
used in printing..

9. On Free-thinking-Abuses committed by the vul

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