Charge!: History's Greatest Military Speeches

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Naval Institute Press, 10 lip 2013 - 320
One of the leading voices on national security issues in the U.S. Congress demonstrates how words have been sharp and powerful weapons of victory in this compilation of great military speeches that helped turn the tide of history. Among the dozens of inspirational speeches featured are: Moses instructing his followers to cross the Jordan River without him. . . Queen Elizabeth pledging to die with her soldiers as they faced the Spanish Armada. . . Patrick Henry choosing between liberty and death. . . Napoleon exhorting his troops as they marched on Egypt. . . Winston Churchill rallying his nation to victory. . . General Sir Montgomery refusing to retreat from Rommel. . . President Roosevelt preparing the American people for World War II. . . General Eisenhower fortifying his troops for the invasion of Normandy. . . President Reagan demanding that Gorbachev tear down the Berlin Wall. . . President George W. Bush encouraging America after 9/11. . . and more.

Congressman Israel has included speeches that have motivated and mobilized, challenged and comforted. Some were blurted in the heat of combat, others were carefully written in places far removed from the brutality of the battlefield, but all will inspire readers with the courage that moved people forward against all odds. Each speech is introduced with an insightful historic context. This dramatic sweep of military history in the words of history's military leaders serves to reinforce the concept that the pen is mightier than the sword.

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Spis treści

At the Funeral of Fallen Soldiers 431 BCE
On Resisting Persia 380 BCE
To His Troops 62 BCE
Before Invading Silesia December 11 1740
Calming His Rebellious Troops March 15 1783
Farewell Address Fight On September 1860
Second Inaugural Address March 4 1865
Defend to the Death June 4 1918
Defend Every Inch July 3 1941
Declaring War on Japan December 8 1941
No Retreat August 13 1942
Duty Honor Country May 12 1962
Ich Bin ein Berliner June 26 1963
Unite Mobilize Fight On June 10 1980
Notes on Sources

Asking for Sacrifice May 6 1941

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