Catalan: A Comprehensive Grammar

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Routledge, 11 wrz 2002 - 656
Catalan: A Comprehensive Grammar is a complete reference guide to modern Catalan grammar, presenting an accessible and systematic description of the modern language. It is the only comprehensive grammar of the language available in English
The Grammar reflects the current reality of Catalan by acknowledging regional diversity and features Balearic and Valencian varieties alongside the language used in the Barcelona region.
The combined specialist knowledge of the author team ensures a balanced coverage of modern Catalan.
Features include:
* comprehensive coverage of all parts of speech
* a wealth of authentic examples illustrating language points
* attention to areas of particular difficulty for those whose first language is English
* full cross-referencing
* detailed index.

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2Plural ofNouns and Formation of Derived Nouns
Miscellaneous Adjectives and Pronouns Quantifiers
9Nominalizations Via Articles
23Pronominal Verbs
24Interjections and Ideophones
Simple Sentences and Grammatical Relations
Interrogation and Exclamation
28Imperative Utterances
29Passive andImpersonal Sentences
31Relative Clauses 32Complement Clauses

12Pronominal Clitics Weak Object Pronouns
Adverbs and Adverbials
Conditional Sentences
35Cleft Sentences
Spelling Accent Rules and Punctuation
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