Ballads and lyrical pieces, Wydanie 231

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Strona 30 - His arms shone full bright in the beacon's red light; His plume it was scarlet and blue; On his shield was a hound in a silver leash bound, And his crest was a branch of the yew.
Strona 33 - she cried, ' For the holy Virgin's sake ! ' — ' Lady, I know who sleeps by thy side ; But, lady, he will not awake. 'By Eildon-tree, for long nights three, In bloody grave have I lain ; The mass and the death-prayer are said for me, But lady, they are said in vain. 'By the Baron's brand, near Tweed's fair strand, Most foully slain I fell ; And my restless sprite on the beacon's...
Strona 31 - Yet hear but my word, my noble lord! For I heard her name his name ; And that lady bright, she called the knight Sir Richard of Coldinghame." — The bold Baron's brow then changed, I trow. From high blood-red to pale — " The grave is deep and dark — and the corpse is stiff and stark — So I may not trust thy tale. " Where fair Tweed flows round holy Melrose, And Eildon slopes to the plain, Full three nights ago, by some secret foe, That gay gallant was slain. " The varying light deceived thy...
Strona 203 - In the proudly-arch'd chapel the banners are beaming, Far adown the long aisle sacred music is streaming, Lamenting a Chief of the people should fall. But meeter for thee, gentle lover of nature, To lay down thy head like the meek mountain lamb, When, wilder'd, he drops from some cliff huge in stature, And draws his last sob by the side of his dam.
Strona 201 - How long didst thou think that his silence was slumber ? When the wind waved his garment, how oft didst thou start ? How many long days and long weeks didst...
Strona 178 - Still the Fair Horseman anxious pleads ; The Black, wild whooping, points the prey :— Alas ! the Earl no warning heeds, But frantic keeps the forward way. " Holy or not, or right or wrong, Thy altar, and its rites, I spurn ; Not sainted martyrs...
Strona 90 - For a' the blude that's shed on earth Rins through the springs o' that countrie. Syne they came on to a garden green, And she pu'd an apple frae a tree — * ' Take this for thy wages, true Thomas ; It will give thee the tongue that can never lie.' 'My tongue is mine ain,' true Thomas said; 'A gudely gift ye wad gie to me!
Strona 91 - I dought neither speak to prince or peer, Nor ask of grace from fair ladye.' ' Now hold thy peace ! ' the lady said,
Strona 19 - Sight is an impression made either by the mind upon the eye, or by the eye upon the mind, by which things distant or future are perceived, and seen as if they were present.
Strona 25 - His banner broad to rear ; He went not 'gainst the English yew, To lift the Scottish spear. Yet his plate-jack was braced, and his helmet was laced, And his vaunt-brace of proof he wore : At his saddle-gerthe was a good steel sperthe, Full ten pound weight and more. The Baron returned in three days...

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