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The Benediction and Laping of the Foundation

stone of a New Church.



No one is to build a Church before the spot and ground are

marked out by the judgment of the Bishop, and it is determined what shall suffice for its lamps, what for the stipends of the rector and ministers, and what for the endowment of the Church; nor before a cross is fixed in the place and the first stone laid in the foundation by him, or by a Priest authorised by him. On the previous day, therefore, let a wooden cross be fixed in the place where the altar is to be. But, on the next day, the stone to be placed in the foundation of the Church, which must be a corner-stone, four-square, must be blessed in the following manner. The Bishop, vested over his rochet, or, if he be a religious, over his surplice, with amice, alb, girdle, stole, white cope, and plain mitre, and holding the crosier in his left hand, standing, with his mitre, at the place where the Church is to be founded, blesses the salt and the water, saying :

¥. Adjutorium nostrum in Ť. Our help is in the name nomine Domini.

of the Lord. R. Qui fecit cælum et ter- Ry. Who hath made heaven

and earth. Exorcizo te, creatura salis, I exorcise thee, creature of per Deum + vivum, per Deum salt, by the living + God, by #verum, per Deum+sanctum, the true + God, by the holy + per Deum qui te per Eliseum God, by God, who by Eliseus prophetam in aquam mitti the prophet bade thee be cast jussit, ut sanaretur sterilitas into the water, that the baraquæ ; ut efficiaris sal exor- renness of the water might be cizatum in salutem credenti- healed: that thou mayest: be um : et sis omnibus sumentibus made exorcised salt unto the te sanitas animæ et corporis; salvation of them that believe, et effugiat, atque discedat a and mayest; be unto all. that loco, in quo aspersum fueris, take of thee health of soul and omnis phantasia et nequitia vel body; and thầt from the place versutia diabolicæ fraudis, om- where thou shalt be sprinkled nisque spiritus immundus, ad- may fly away and depart every juratus, per eum, qui venturus fantasy, and wickedness, and est judicare vivos et mortuos, deceit of diabolical fraud, and et sæculum per ignem. every unclean spirit, being ad

judged by him who shall come to judge the living and the

dead, and the world by fire. RY. Amen.

Ry. Amen.

nem meam.

Let us pray.

Then, having laid aside his crosier and mitre, he says, with

joined hands : ř. Domine, exaudi oratio- . Lord, hear my prayer.

Ry. Et clamor meus ad te R. And let my cry come veniat.

unto thee. . Dominus vobiscum. V. The Lord be with you. RY. Et cum spiritu tuo. R7. And with thy spirit.

Oremus. Immensam clementiam tu- We humbly beseech thine am, omnipotens æterne Deus, infinite mercy, almighty, everhumiliter imploramus, ut hanc lasting God, that thou mayest creaturam salis, quam in usum vouchsafe to + bless and to + generis humani tribuisti, bene sanctify this creature of salt, * dicere, et sancti + ficare tua which thou hast given for the pietate digneris; ut sit omni- use of mankind; that it may be bus sumentibus salus mentis unto all that take of it health et corporis; et quidquid ex eo of mind and body; and that tactum, vel respersum fuerit, whatever shall be touched or careat omni iinmunditia, om- sprinkled with it may be free nique impugnatione spiritualis from all uncleanness, and every nequitiæ. Per Dominum nos- assault of spiritual wickedness. trum Jesum Christum Filium Through our Lord Jesus Christ tuum, qui tecum vivit et reg- thy Son, who liveth and reignnat in unitate Spiritus sancti eth with thee, in the unity of Deus, per omnia sæcula sæcu- the Holy Spirit, God, world lorum.

without end. Ry. Amen.

RY. Amen. Then taking back his miire and crosier, he says over the water

by itself : Exorcizo te, creatura aquæ, I exorcise thee, creature of in nomine Dei Pa + tris omni- water, in the name of God potentis, et in nomine Jesu the + Father Almighty, and in Christi Fi + lii ejus Domini the name of Jesus Christ his nostri, et in virtute sancti + + Son, our Lord, and in the Spiritus, ut fias aqua exorci- virtue of the Holy+Ghost, that zata ad effugandum omnem thou mayest become exorcised potestatem inimici, et ipsum water, to drive away all the inimicum eradicare et explan- power of the enemy, and maytare valeas, cum angelis suis est be able to root up and exapostaticis, per virtutem ejus- tirpate the enemy himself, with dem Domini nostri Jesu Christi, his apostate angels, by the virqui venturus est judicare vivos tue of the same our Lord Jeet mortuos, et sæculum per sus Christ, who shall come to ignem.

judge the living and the dead,

and the world by fire. R7. Amen.

Ry. Amen.

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nem meam.



Let us pray

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Then, having laid aside his crcsier and mitre, he says,

joined hands :
V. Domine, exaudi oratio-

ỹ. Lord, hear my prayer.
RY. Et clamor meus ad te Ry. And let my cry come

unto thee.
. Dominus vobiscum. ř. The Lord be with you.
RY. Et cum spiritu tuo. R. And with thy spirit.

Deus, qui ad salutem hu- God, who, unto the salvation
mani generis maxima quæque of mankind, hast constituted
Sacramenta in aquarum sub- the greatest sacraments of the
stantia condidisti, adesto pro- substance of water, be thou
pitius invocationibus nostris, propitiously present to our in-
et elemento huic multimodis vocations; and pour the vir-
purificationibus præparato, tue of thy + benediction on this
virtutem tuæ bene + dictionis element, prepared with mani-
infunde : ut creatura tua mys- fold purifications, that thy
teriis tuis serviens, ad abigen- creature, in the service of thy
dos dæmones, morbosque pel- mysteries, may receive the
lendos, divinæ gratiæ sumat effect of divine grace, unto
effectum; ut quidquid in do- the driving away of demons,
mibus, vel in locis fidelium, and the banishment of dis-
hæc unda resperserit, careat eases : so that whatsoever this
omni immunditia, liberetur a water shall sprinkle in the
noxa: non illic resideat spi- houses or places belonging to
ritus pestilens, non aura cor- the faithful inay be free from
rumpens ; discedant omnes in- all uncleanness, may be deli-
sidiæ latentis inimici, et si vered from harm: that therein
quid est quod aut incolumitati no pestilent spirit may abide,
habitantium invidet, et aut no air of corruption; that from
quieti, aspersione hujus aquæ thence all the deceits of the
effugiat; ut salubritas per in- lurking enemy may depart;
vocationem sancti tui nominis and that whatsoever there bé
expetita, ab omnibus sit im- which is hostile either to the
pugnationibus defensa. Per safety or the quiet of the dwel-
Dominum nostrum Jesum lers therein, may fly away at
Christum Filium tuum, qui the aspersion of this water;
tecum vivit et regnat in uni- that the salubrity sought by
tate Spiritus sancti Deus, per the invocation of thy holy
omnia sæcula sæculorum.

name may be defended from
all assaults. Through our
Lord Jesus Christ thy Son,
who liveth and reigneth with
thee, in the unity of the Holy
Spirit, God, world without

Ry. Amen.

RY. Amen.

nity of


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elf, with

the virLord Je1 come to the dead, .

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