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to save those that were lost; of Thy Holy Church, to seek give Thy grace to

those which are lost, to bring that he may come to the know- back the wanderers, to heal ledge of his sin, and having the sick, to bind up the Thy fear before his eyes, may wounded; open the eyes of put away his iniquity. Take the blind and the ears of the away from him all hardness of deaf, that they may hear and heart, and renew a right spirit see both the end of the errors within him; that denying un- in which they now live, and godliness and worldly lusts, he the blessings of salvation to may live soberly, righteously, which Thou callest them. and godly in this present Loosen the tongues of the world, looking for that blessed dumb, that they with us, conhope and the glorious appear- fessing and worshipping Thee ing of the great God, and our with one mouth and one Saviour Jesus Christ : through mind, may attain to salvation the same Jesus Christ our with all Thy Saints. Who Lord. Amen.

livest and reignest God, world

without end. Amen. For the Excommunicate.

For Heretics, O GOD, vouchsafe unto such

ALMIGHTY. Everlasting under the censures of the

, Church a true sense of their and wouldest not that any crimes, true repentance for

should perish, look upon the them, and Thy gracious par

souls deceived by the fraud of don; that their souls may be

the Devil, that all heretical saved in the day of the Lord depravity being put away, the Jesus Christ; through the

hearts of the wanderers may same Jesus Christ our Lord. be enlightened and return to Amen.

the unity of Thy truth :

through Jesus Christ our Lord. For Schismatics.

Amen O , Shepherd Who seekest

For Jews, Turks, and Thy wandering sheep, we

Infidels. pray Thee, by Thy covenanted O , grace, and by the ministration hast made all men, and




hatest nothing that thou hast Thee and the Holy Spirit, made, nor wouldest the death one God, world without end. of a sinner, but rather that he Amen. should be converted and live; have mercy upon all Jews,

For the Heathen. Turks, Infidels, and Heretics, and take from them


LMIGHTY Everlasting ignorance, hardness of heart, God, Who desirest not and contempt of Thy Word; the death but the life of sin. and so fetch them home, ners, mercifully receive our Blessed Lord, to Thy Alock, prayer; and deliver the hea: that they may be saved among then from the worship of idols ; the remnant of the true Israel- and gather them into Thy ites, and be made one fold | Holy Church, to the praise under one Shepherd, Jesus and glory of Thy Name. Christ

Lord, Who Through Jesus Christ our liveth and reigneth with Lord. Amen.




place all my hope and trust.

Many indeed and great are my I BELIEVE, O God, what offences, yet Thy goodness is

soever Thou hast revealed infinitely greater, Who willest in the Scriptures, by Thine not the death of a sinner, but Only-begotten Son, and by that he should be converted Thy holy Apostles ; and hast and live; therefore confiding made known unto me by Thy in Thy great mercy, I trust Church, which is the pillar that I shall obtain the remisand ground of the truth. In sion of my sins and everlasting this Catholic faith I will by life. Thy grace live and die. Amen.


HOwould not love Thee,
N Thee, O most loving

O most loving Father, Father, Father of mercy,

Who hast loved us with an and God of all comfort, I everlasting love, and hast given


us Thine Only-begotten Son to die for us. When, O God,

Hope. shall I come to appear before IN

N Thee, O Father, rich in Thy face, and to enjoy Thy tenderness, Father of merpresence for ever?

cies, and God of all consolation, do I put my trust, and hope to

receive from Thee, for the Faith.

merits of Jesus Christ my O GOD, I believe in Thee, Saviour, the pardon of all my

God, , sins, the grace to do good and Holy Ghost. I believe works, and finally the blessedthat Thou hast made heaven ness of everlasting joy; for and earth, that Thou rulest all; Thou Almighty, and All-faithrewarding the goodand punish- ful God, hast promised to give ing the evil. I believe that us these. In this hope I desire Thine Only-hegotten Son Jesus to live and die. Amen. Christ, for love of us, became man, died for us upon the

Charity. Cross, rose again the third day from the dead, ascended into I LOVE Thee, O Lord my heaven, and shall come again

God, with all my heart, to judge the world. I believe

above all created things, not Him to be present in the Holy only because Thou hast loved Sacrament of the Altar: I

me, and justified me by Thy believe my soul to be immortal,

grace, and bestowed upon me and Thy grace to be necessary

innumerable benefits, but also for the salvation of man.

especially because Thou art These and all other things

the highest Good, Who dost which Thy Holy Catholic

of Thyself deserve to be eterChurch, which is the pillar

nally loved. For love of Thee and ground of the truth,

I also love my neighbours, hath declared, I firmly believe;

both friends and enemies, as for Thou, O God, Who art

myself. In this love I desire the Eternal Wisdom, and

to live and die. Amen, the Infallible Truth, hast revealed them, and bidden us to believe them. In this

Faith. faith I desire to live and die.


Y LORD and Creator, I Amen.

believe undoubtedly in

Thee, the Blessed Trinity, worm? Most holy Lord, I Three Persons and One Essence, desire to love Thee; most one only God, most high, most sweet Lord, I desire to love mighty, and most glorious ; Thee. O Lord God, give and I believe all other things Thee all my heart and body, which Thy Holy Catholic and I vehemently desire, if I Apostolic Church believes; for could know how, to do yet which faith I am ready to die. more for Thy Love. SAVIOUR .pf my soulI LOVE Thee, 0 my God,

the , above all things, and I believe most firmly all that grieve with my whole heart our holy Mother, the Catholic that I should have offended Church, believes and teaches.

'Thee, my highest good; by

Thy grace I propose to amend. Hope. I HOPE most firmly, o Son O MY God, I consecrate of God, my Redeemer,

heart to Thee; I by means of the Blessed Sacra- beseech Thee that no created ments and the merits of Thy thing may draw me away from Passion, to come to the joys of Thee, but that I may rejoice everlasting life.

only in loving Thy infinite

majesty. O as there never was sinner

Contrition. that called on Thee to whom Thou didst

not show mercy, O MY Lord and God, i so I hope Thou wilt have

grieve for the sins of ...

and for all the sins of my life, mercy upon me, calling upon Thee from the bottom of my

from the ground of my heart; heart.

not only because I have there

by merited temporal and eternal Charity.

punishment from Thee, my

most just Judge, but because O MY God and my all,

what I have thereby grieved Thee, art Thou, O most sweet O God, my highest good: I Lord my God, and what am I earnestly intend by Thy grace Thy servant, who am but a to amend my sins, and to endure the sufferings that befall me as a punishment for them.

that world which is at enmity with 'Thee, my God and Father.


MY God and my all, 1 M Ay the most just, most

| MA AY , grieve as much as I can high, most lovely Will that I have offended Thee, of God be ever done, praised, Whom I love above all others,

and exalted in all things. by my sins. Be merciful to Amen. me a sinner.

BLESSED be the Holy

Trinity, the undivided test and renounce all Unity. Lord, we give thanks my sins, because They are unto Thee, for Thou hast displeasing to Thee, and re

showed mercy upon us. solve for Thy sake to amend.

ANIMA CHRISTI, Self-Oblation. SOUL of Christ, sanctify O LORD. GOD, Creator Body of Christ, save me.

and Ruler of all, in Blood of Christ, animate me. Whom we live and move and Water from the side of Christ, have our being, without Whom

wash me. we can do nothing ; whatso- Passion of Christ, strengthen ever I am about to do, speak, think, or suffer, I offer entirely O good Jesu, hear me. to Thy honour and glory. Within Thy wounds, hide me.

Suffer me not to be separated MAY my fear and love from Thee.

never be divided be- From the malignant enemy tween Thee and the world.

defend me. May I never set up anything,

In the hour of death call me, O God, in competition with And bid me to come to Thee, 'Thee, in the possession of my That with Thy Saints I may heart. May I never attempt

praise Thee to reconcile Thy service with To all ages of ages. Amen.


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