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Act of Contrition. I REPENT and grieve

with all my heart, O God, that I have ever oftended

I Thee, my highest good. Pardon, O God, every sin which I have committed in the whole course of my life. I desire, indeed, henceforth to avoid all sins, and all occasions of sinning (especially · ]. I pray 'Thee to defend me from all evil thoughts which may assault me this day; to give me strength to resist temptation; to grant me to find no pleasure therein.

passions and my sufferings, to be disposed of by Thee to Thy glory: to be blessed by Thy providence, to be guided by Thy counsel, to be sanctified by Thy spirit, and afterward that my body and soul may be received into glory : for nothing can perish which is under Thy custody; and the enemy of souls cannot devour what is Thy portion, nor take it out of Thy hands. This day, O Lord, and all the days of my life, I dedicate to Thy honour, and the actions of my calling to the uses of Thy grace, and the religion of all my days to be united to the merits and intercession of my ho'y Saviour, Jesus: that in Him, and for Him, I may be pardoned and accepted. Amen.

Self-Oblation. MOST holy and eternal

God, Lord and Sovereign of all creatures, I humbly present to Thy Divine majesty myself, my soul and body, my thoughts and my words, my actions and intentions, my

LORY be to Thee, O

Lord, glory be to Thee Who hast given me sleep, for refreshment and rest from the labours of this weak Aesh.

Grant me, O Lord, to pass this and every day perfectly, piously, quietly, wisely, and without sin.

Grant me, O Lord, an angel of peace for a faithful guide, a guardian of my soul and body, a protection around about me, ever to suggest


all my

world peace.

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me thoughts of holy | my duty, but do all things things.

orderly in that state of life to Grant me pardon and re- which it has pleased Thee to mission of all my sins and of call me. Keep me, O Lord, offences.

from every sin and from the Grant to us all those good evil propensities to which I things which are profitable for am by my nature inclined. our souls, and to the whole Direct my heart and body, my

senses, words, and works in Grant us both to think and

the ways of Thy laws and comdo whatsoever things are true,

mandments. Turn away my honest, just, pure, lovely, and heart from all transitory things, of good report; if there be that despising the riches of the any virtue, if there be any world, I may seek after eternal praise, to think on these things. things. Grant me, O God, of

Grant us a Christian end of Thy mercy, those things which our lifetime, free from sin and in justice Thou mayest well shame, and (if it please Thee) deny. Through Jesus Christ free from pain : and a good our Lord. Amen. confession before the august and terrible judgment-seat of Jesus Christ ur Lord. Amen. Intercession for the Living.


for good, my (Father, and God of all comfort,

j and all who have I

pray and implore Thee, with deserved well at my hands. all my heart, to keep me under Grant them long life and proThy Fatherly protection. Let sperity, and give them not into the eyes of Thy mercy watch the hands of the enemy. And, over me, direct me in the way moreover, as Thou hast bidden of Thy commandments : pour us to pray for those who evil upon me the unction of Thy entreat us and persecute us, Holy Spirit, that I may live have mercy, O Lord, upon all throughout this day to Thy my enemies, even as upon my honour and my own and my self

, and lead them to Thy neighbours' edification. Assist heavenly kingdom, even as me in every particular, that I desire to be led thither. Re. may in no way fall short of

niember, O God, for good, and

etc. ...


grant mercy unto all that re. member me in their prayers, and all whom I have promised to remember in my prayers. Thou, Who dost accept the holy desires of those who fain would serve Thee, have mercy on all who, for any just cause, have not leisure for prayer, as though they prayed. Have mercy upon all that are in any necessity. Remember the infants, the children, the aged, the impotent, the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the sick, the captive, the wanderers, the homeless and unburied, the possessed, those troubled with evil spirits, the desperate, the fai it-hearted, the prisoners, condemned, orphans, widows, travellers, women with child, sucklings, and those in bondage. Thou shalt save, O God, both man and beast, for Thy mercy is over all Thy works.

grant them to dwell in the place of light, the place of refreshment, in the place of rest from suffering, sorrow, and groaning, where the shining of Thy.countenance lightens all Thy Saints that have been since the foundation of the world. Grant them Thy kingdom, and the participation of Thine unutterable and eternal good things, and the enjoyment of an interminable and blessed life. For Thou art the life, the resurrection, and the rest of Thy servants who sleep, O Christ our God : and to Thee we ascribe honour, with the unbegotten Father, and Thy all holy, good, and life-giving Spirit, now and for ever, and to ages of ages. Amen.

Other Prayers may be bere inserted.


Intercession for the Dead.

REMEMBER, O Lord, THE All-seeing God, the


brethren who sleep in the hope of the resurrection of eternal life, and all who have accomplished their labours in faith and piety: pardon all their offences, voluntary and involuntary, in thought, word, or deed : and

Lord of all Aesh, Who chose our Lord Jesus Christ, and us through Him, to be a peculiar people, give to every soul that calls upon His great and holy Name, faith, fear, peace, patience, long-suffering, conti


nence, purity, and sobriety, to soul, and hast accorded me the well-pleasing of His holy another day to serve Thee, Name, through our High Priest and to work out my own saland Advocate Jesus Christ : vation. through Whom to Him be all honour and greatness, might

Here may follow Pragers and honour, now and to all

suitable to the season or day. ages of ages. Amen.


Father, Almighty and

Everlasting God, Whó hast IN the Name.

safely brought us to the begin

ning of this day, Defend us in OUR FATHER.

the same with Thy mighty

power, and grant that this day I BELIEVE,

we fall into no sin, neither run into any kind of danger ; but

that all our doings may be THANKS be to Thee, o Father of Heaven and

ordered by Thy governance, Earth, through Jesus Christ

to do always that is righteous our Lord, Who hast preserved

in Thy sight, through Jesus

Christ our Lord. Amen. me this night from all ill and danger: protect me, I

.pray Thee, this day from all my

INTO the hands of Thine foes, and from all ill, that all

unspeakable mercy, O my life and every action of

Lord, I commend my soul mine may please Thee.

and body, my senses, my

words, my thoughts, and all Or,

my actions, with all the neces

sities of my body and soul, my By Thee, O Lord, and for going forth and coming in, my was I created. In union with

course and end of my life, the all Thy Saints and Angels, I day and hour of my death, my praise and thank Thee for all rest and resurrection with 'Thy the mercies Thou hast showed Saints and elect. Amen. me, and more especially that Thou hast kept me this night GRANT, O my Lord Jesus from all evils of body and

Christ, that I may per

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* This and other " methods" are offered only as suggestions. They are not equally helpful to all persons nor at all times. Personal devotion and circumstances should be the guiding rules as to their use or variation.

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