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upon the

one bread, who are partakers of us in Thy wrath, deliverest us one Bread: Who wouldest that

in Thy mercy; through Jesus we all should be bound to- Christ our Lord. Amen. gether in the bonds of faith, hope, and charity, as members of Thee, the one Head: hear

In Time of War. our prayers, and have mercy O GOD, Who makest wars disturbances and

to cease, and by the desolation of Thy people. We might of Thy protection overacknowledge that we, by our comest the assaults of all who sins, have merited this chas- attack them that put their tisement of heresy and schism. trust in Thee, help us who We pray Thee that by Thy call upon Thy mercy, that all most bitter Passion and Death violence being laid aside, we Thou wouldest give Thy peo- may continually praise and ple broken and contrite hearts ; thank Thee : through Jesus such as Thou wilt not despise. Christ our Lord. Amen. Bind up our wounds ; cause Thy Faith to rise up among In Time of Pestilence. us; drive away disputes and corruptions, and let Thy peace,

ALMIGHTY GOD, 'which passeth all understand- Who in Thy wrath didst ing, keep our hearts and send a plague upon Thineown minds, and lead us back unto people in the wilderness, for Thee, our true Shepherd, from their obstinate rebellion against Whom all light and grace is Moses and Aaron; and also in poured upon Thy members the time of King David didst joined to Thee in peace: Who slay with the plague of pestilivest and reignest, world with- lence threescore and ten thouout end. Amen.

sand, and yet remembering

Thy mercy didst save the rest: İr Time of Famine.

Have pity upon us, miserable

sinners, who are now visited WE beseech Thee, O Lord, with great sickness and mor

mercifully to hear our tality ; that, like as Thou prayers, and of Thy mercy to didst then accept of an atoneturn away the famine from us : ment, and didst command the that we may know in our destroying Angel to cease from hearts that Thou Who smitest punishing, so it may now please 'Thee to withdraw from insinite mercy and goodress, us this plague and grievous to calm this storm above and sickness ; through Jesus Christ around us, that we may give our Lord. Amen.

thanks uuto Thy holy Name,

and glorify Thy Majesty ; In time of Cattle Plague.

Who livest and reignest God,

world without end. Amen. O GOD, Who hast ordained that man in his labours

Prayer of Thanksgiving. should receive help even from dumb beasts, we humbly be O GOD, Whose mercy is

infinite, and the riches seech Thee, that Thou wouldest of Thy mercy without number, preserve to our use those creatures which are needful for our

we give thanks to Thee for

the gifts Thou hast mercifully subsistence; through Jesus

bestowed upon us : humbly Christ our Lord. Amen.

beseeching Thee of Thy good.

ness, that as Thou hast given In a Storm.

us what we asked, so Thou

wouldest ever more be with HEAR us, O Lord, when

us, and lead us into Thy everwe call upon 'Thee, and

lasting rewards; through Jesusgrant us fair and calm weather

Christ our Lord. Amen. in answer to our prayer; that we who are justly punished for be delivered by Thy

Lord; glory be to Thee. through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Glory to Thee, and to Thy Amen.

holy Name :

For all Thy perfections :

For Thine ineffable and inO LORD JESU CHRIST; comparable goodness. of

For Thy mercy towards earth, and of all that therein unworthy sinners : is, Who by 'Thy Baptism And to me, by far the most in the river Jordan didst unworthy of all sinners : sanctify the water, and by Thy For these, and for all other spreading forth Thy most holy things, arms upon the Cross, the air: Glory, honour, laud, benewe beseech Thee, of Thine diction, and giving of thanks :

our offences, may

mercifully GLORY be to Thee, o


From the tongues of men ind angels :

And of all Thy Saints in Heaven:

And of all Thy creatures in Heaven and earth :

And of me, a wretched and unworthy sinner:

Now and ever, 'unto the end of my life:

And unto the end of the world.

And for ever and ever.

O Father, Who hast created me:

O Son, Who hast redeemed me:

O Spirit, Regenerator, Who hast regenerated me :

Destroy me not.



O GOD, the God of the


A General Intercession.

men of truth, hating covetous

Endue the clergy with all spirits of all flesh, have those graces and abilities that respect unto the prayer of Thy are necessary to fit them for servant on behalf of himself their high calling. and of this people. Lord, put

Extend and suit thy graces 'Thy fear into our hearts, and to all conditions of men give us true repentance for our amongst us : that we may all great and crying sins; root out be upright in our dealings, all growing vices, and avert obedient to governors, the judgments which we have peaceable in our lives, sober, justly deserved.

honest, temperate, chaste in Preserve this Church in the our conversation, and charitable midst of this uncertain world. to the poor, and towards one Keep us from all wild and another. dangerous errors, and prepare Increase the number and us for what Thy providence grace of all such as fear Thee. shall bring forth.

Enlighten the minds of the Bless the Lady of this Isle ignorant, awaken the conwith a spiritof wisdom, justice, science of the careless, silence and the fear of God: provide the gainsayers, convert the her offices and council with profane, and all that hold the able men, such as fear God; truth in unrighteousness.

Rebuke the spirit of Anti- wife .... father, etc., and christ, idolatry, libertinism, of all those who for love of the sins of drunkenness, whore

Thee have done good to me, dom, litigiousness, defrauding

or have desired my prayers, the public, and sacrilege, which whether they be in this world are broken in amongst us.

or the other. Grant them the O God of peace and truth, assistance of Thy grace. Give rebuke the spirit of Antichrist, | Thy help to those in trouble; libertinism, and discord, which protect those in danger; deliver is ready to break in upon this those that are in any pain or Church and nation; rebuke its suffering. Have mercy also abettors; and give me grace, upon those who have hurt, or like a faithful servant and injured, or maligned me, or soldier of Jesus Christ, to stand who have done me any other in the breach, and to omit no wrong

Have mercy upon part of my duty in this day of those whom I have grieved, disdanger; for Jesus Christ's sake, tressed, or scandalized, by word the Prince of Peace and Son of or deed, knowingly or in Thy love.

ignorance, and forgive us all In tender mercy remember, our offences, and the sins we O God, all sick and dying

have sinned against one anpersons, that they may omit other. Take from our hearts nothing that is necessary to all suspicion, indignation, make their peace with Thee. anger, quarrelling, and everyBe gracious unto all that are thing that can hinder fraternal in affliction of mind or body, | charity. Have mercy, have or under any pressing calamity; mercy, upon those that pray all desolate widows and father- for mercy; give Thy grace to less children; all that call those that need it, and make upon Thee in their distress, us such that we may rejoice in and have none else to help Thy grace, and come to everthem.

lasting life; Who livest and Through Jesus Christ our reignest God, world without Lord. Amen.

end. Amen.

O MOST merciful Jesus, I PRAY to Thee, O Lord look

Christall necessities of my .... husband for whom I am bound to pray,

to whom I am related, or who

For our Country. are related to me, by the bonds of religion, of relationship, of GOD, the Holy Ghost, friendship, of kindness, or in Spirit of unity and love, any other way: For all who unite together the hearts of pray for me, to whom I am all the people of this land, indebted, or who have com. and grant us Thy joy. Bless mended themselves to my our Queen, our Princes and prayers : For all Christian Princesses, and all the nobility, people, for our country, our

and lead them in the way of home, our parish, and diocese, righteousness. Ward off from for all prelates of the Holy us war, rebellion, and all evil, Church, for all the clergy; and grant us all in safety and that we all may faithfully per- peace to call upon the Name severe humbly and faithfully of the Lord, and to live acin Thy holy service. I pray cording to His holy will : also for all the faithful de- through Jesus Christ our Lord, parted, for all that are sick, Amen. and for all that are in trouble. Have mercy upon us, and help For the Queen. all; Who livest and reignest God, world without "end, ALMIGHTY and Everlast. .

ing God, we are taught

by Thy Holy Word that the For the Church.

hearts of Kings are in Thy

rule and governance, and that ALMIGHTY and Everlast: Thou dost dispose and turn

ing God, by Whose Spirit them as it seemeth best to the whole body of the Church Thy Godly wisdom : is governed and sanctified, re- humbly beseech Thee so to ceive our supplications and dispose and govern the hearts prayers, which we offer before of Victoria Thy servant, our Thee for all estates of men in Queen and Governor, that in Thy holy Church, that every all her thoughts, words, and member of the same in his work, she may ever seek Thy vocation and ministry may honour and glory, and study truly and godly serve Thee; to preserve Thy people cointhrough our Lord and Saviour mitted to her charge in health, Jesus Christ. Amen.

peace, and godliness : Grant


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