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is not according to Thy holy, hopes on Thee. Thy mercies will; wherefore not my will are infinite, Thy promises as but Thine be done in all they are ineffable so are they things: through Jesus Christ also unfailing; and the merits our Lord. Amen.

of Thine Only-begotten Son, which plead for me, are beyond

number and beyond price. Be 'For Faith.

Thou therefore my hope in all

I have to do or bear; through may with humility re- the same Jesus Christ our Lord. ceive, and with perseverance

Amen. hold fast, all those truths which Thou hast revealed. I thank

For Charity. Thee, O God, for Thy Holy

GRANT, O God, that 1

Word, and

for that Thou hast O LORD, Who hast taught

in affair of eternity, to the uncertainty of without Charity are uothing our own reason and judgment. worth ; Send Thy Holy Ghost Defend me against all delusion and pour into our hearts that of error; the snares of wit and most excellent gift of Charity, learning; the railleries of pro- the very bond of peace and of fane men; and from deserting all virtues, without which the truth under oppression, whosoever liveth is counted Grant, O God, that neither dead before Thee: grant this education, interest, prejudice, for Thine only Son, Jesus nor passion, may ever hinder Christ's sake, Amen. me from discerning the truth. Open the eyes of all that are in error: heal the wounds of GOD, Who makest all the divided Church : that we

things to work together may be one fold under one for good to them that love Shepherd. Amen.

Thee : grant our hearts to be continually filled with Thy love: that no temptation may

draw us away from the accomALMIGHTY Everlasting plishment of the holy desires

Father, grant me the necessities, dangers, and hearts; through Jesus Christ situations of this life to fix my our Lord, Amen.

For Hope.


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O ETERNAL Almighty

commanded me, but in imita.

tion of Thee, Who for our of God, that takest away the

sake wast obedient unto death, sins of the world, take away

even the death of the Cross; from us all bitterness, anger,

Who livest and reignest God, strife, malice, envy, and con

world without end. Amen, tention. Infame our hearts that, quickened by Thy ex

For Humility. ample, we may truly love our enemies; bless those that curse O GOD, Who resistest the us; do good to those that hate proud, and givest grace Give us patience and

to the humhle : grant us the kindness towards our neigh

virtue of true humility, ac: bour to endure their infirmi. cording to the example of ties, to bear their burdens, to

Thine Only-begotten Son, that assist them with help and we may never by being puffed counsel, to correct them if they up provoke Thine anger, but sin, to guide them if they err,

humbly receive the gifts of to lead them by a good ex

Thy grace: through the same ample in the way of everlast- Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. ing life; that we may all love one another, not in word nor

For Patience. in tongue, but in deed and in Who livest and reignest, world

Thine . without end. Amen.

begotten Son, hast overcome

the pride of the enemy, grant For Obedience.

us, we beseech Thce, devoutly

to remember the things which O

He endured for us, that we Thee with all my heart may after His example quietly to have mercy upon me, aç- bear the misfortunes that come cording to Thy Word unto

upon us :

through the same Thy servant, and to grant me Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. a right obedience to Thee, and to my superiors, that I


For Meekness. obey implicitly, quickly, and

art all goodness and

truth. Grant this, O Lord

, O GOD, Who by the pa

humbly, both in thought and O JESUS, my God, Wha

meekness, how wonderful art may both be able to see what Thou. Show me Thy face, things we ought to do, and that I may see the clemency of may have grace and strength Thy countenance, the mildness to perform the same : through of Thine eyes, the sweetness of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Thy lips, the lovingkindness of 'Thine acts, the beauty of

For Final Perseverance. Thy paths, and the overflow

ing love of Thy heart

. Grant My Lord and my God, I

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thank Thee for my creGods ; and to keep Thee ever ation, for my redemption by before my eyes, that, being Jesus Christ, and that Thou overpowered by Thy love, hast made me a Christian, that may study to imitate and to Thou hast called me to a be clothed upon with Thy knowledge of the true Faith, meekness : Who livest and and that Thou, after my so reignest God, world without many sins past, hast awaited end. Amen.

my conversion. I love Thee,

my God, and grieve for all my For Diligence.

sins: and yet, O God, I am in

danger of sinning again. I LORD, I humbly be- pray Thee, for Christ Jesus'

seech Thee give me the sake, to give me perseverance spirit of sacred ardour, that I unto the hour of my death. may be able to serve Thee Thou knowest well, O God, with diligence. Give me but how weak I am ; stand by me one spark of the fire that burnt and strengthen me, that I may in Thee for us; stir up in me never be separated from Thee, the fire of the Holy Spirit; Grant this, O Lord, for Jesus fill me with Thy love, that I Christ's sake. Amen. may work worthily of Thee, Who livest and reignest God,

For Command over our world without end. Amen.

For Knowledge.

'HOU, O God, biddest us

live righteously; and CAST Thy bright beams of this,

o God, is the innermost light upon our minds, we desire of my soul; but Thou beseech Thee, O Lord, that we knowest how many tempta.

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tions there are around us to fire of Thy Holy Spirit, that draw us aside and to weaken

we may serve Thee with chaste our good resolutions. Thou body, and please Thee with knowest, too, our weakness pure heart, through Jesus and our inclination to evil. Christ our Lord; Who livest Deliver me, lest I give way and reignest with Thee, in the in the hour of temptation. Unity of the same Spirit, one Strengthen me, O God, for the God, world without end. battle. Fully trusting in Thy Amen. grace, I will try to withstand every temptation, to subdue

For Devotion. every passion, and not to give way until I have obtained a


RANT us the help of Thy perfect command over myself. grace, we beseech Thee, Thy help is mightier than all O Lord, that, having our temptations, By Thy grace hearts intent upon prayer and hope always to conquer and to fasting, we may be delivered deliver my soul, and at last to from all enemies both of body receive the crown from Thy and soul : through Jesns Christ hands; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. our Lord. Amen.

For the Fear of God.
Against Drunkenness.


OST High, Almighty, most

awful, terrible God, merciful God, so mercifully regard us, that we may

most just Judge of all works

good and ill, Who by Thine have a horror of the miserable

Only-begotten Son hast taught and shameful sin of drunken

us to fear Thee, grant me to ness, and never fall into the

fear Thee for Thy perfect jussame: but rather disperse our

tice, Thy terrible judgments, goods to the poor than suffer them to be spent on sin.

the greatness of Thy Majesty,

and the multitude of my sins Grant this, O Father, through by which I have rebelled Jesus Christ our Lord: Amen.

against Thee, that I may For Chastity.

rightly fear and tremble bé

fore 'Thee, before Whom the FILL, O God, our reins angels veil their faces : through

and our hearts with the Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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For Trust in God.

hope, as our highest good Whom we love, as our Divine

Teacher Whose Gospel we Almighty God, that we

revere, as our True Light, who truly desire Thy protec. which lighteth every man that tion, may both be delivered cometh into the world; defrom all evil, and also trusting fend, support, and extend the under the shadow of Thy Holy and Blessed Faith: 0 wings may serve Thee with

let Thine altars be set up quiet minds : through Jesus among the nations which still Christ our Lord, Amen. sit in darkness and the shadow

of death; make them glad with For Prayers for the Love of the Holy Sacrifice and the God, see the Second Series of “ Prayers for the Days of the

graces of the Holy Sacraments. Week."

Humble the pride of all the foes

of the Faith; frustrate their evil For Spiritual Advancement. intentions. Strengthen and as

sist all those whom Thou hast O JESU, Good Shepherd, Who didst appear upon

called to the Apostolic labour earth and live amongst men,

of preaching Thy Sacred Word

in heathen lands. Give them grant that, by continually

the faith, love, and constancy meditating on Thy command

of the Apostolic Martyrs : ments, I may progress in holiGrant me, ever remem

bless their labours with the bering Thy benefits, to be

dew of Thy grace, and grant more and more filled with Thy

that Thy Name may be honlove. Grant that, considering

oured and glorified by the conThy perfections, I may daily

fession of the true Faith among

all nations: Who livest and grow more like Thee: Who livest and reignest God, world

reignest God, world without without end. Amen.

end. Amen.


For the Propagation of the


For the Suppression of Heresy

and Delusion.

We adore Thee, O Lord O LORD JESU CHRIST,

as God in whom we believe, as our Saviour in Whom

true peace, and faithful Pastor of Thy Church, in Whose sight all we should be


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