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me, but deal with me according to Thy mercy, which is

In any Calamity. greater than the sins of the

O LORD, despise not Thy whole world. Thou knowest people, who in their my weakness and fearfulness. trouble cry unto Thee, but for O God, keep me under the the glory of Thy Name mershadow of Thy Cross, sted- cifully assist us in all our fașt in faith, firm in hope, sufferings: through Jesus Christ constant in adversity, patiently our Lord. Amen. and calmly to bear my trials and troubles, and never to

Prayer when Falsely be led away by grief to do

Accused. aught contrary to Thy Commandments. Help me ac. O cording to Thy will. If it

Who knowest secrets, be Thy will that I should Thou knowest that they have suffer, Thy will be done, only borne false witness against give me the grace of endur- me, whereas I never did such ance, and have respect to my

things as these men have needs and my infirmity. To maliciously invented against Thee be all honour and me. But although in this I glory, world without end. am very much wronged, as Amen.

Thou, O Lord, knowest, yet my very, very many great and

crying sins have deserved this O

and a much greater punish: Who here on earth didst ment. I will therefore hold for our sins carry on Thy my peace, and not open my shoulders the heavy burden of mouth, because it is Thy doing the Cross, on the way to Cal- and my deserving. Lord, give vary, and didst bid us to weep me sure repentance for all the for ourselves, and not for Thee, sins of my life past, and espemercifully give me constancy cially for those which may to endure these many and great have been the occasion of this tribulations, and grant that sad reproach. Give me grace they may benefit me to the to look upon the authors of amendment of my faults: Who this wrong as instruments in livest and reignest, world with- Thy hand for manifesting Thy qut end. Amen.

glorious attributes of mercy sins may

and justice. Lord, forgive them, | Thy bitter Death and Passion, for they know not what they that Thou wilt please to forgive do. But grant, O Lord, that me my sins; give me strength may

know and acknowledge and patience to overcome all Thy voice in this dispensation, temptations and adversities; and that I may make the best pardon all my enemies and use of this severe trial and

persecutors, and all the injuries treatment;


that they have done me in be forgiven, and my pardon thought, word, and deed, and sealed in heaven, before I go make us all partakers of Thy from hence and be no more heavenly kingdom, Who with seen. For Jesus Christ's sake. the Father, and the Holy Amen.

Ghost, livest and reignest one

God, world without end. Most seriously consider, Amen. avoid, and repent of the sin of detraction.

A Prayer in Time of Per

plexity. In Time of Persecution.

goodness, may Thy Holy Christ, true God and

Spirit direct me in this (to me) true Man, Who sufferedst an

perplexing case. Let me faithignominious death the

fully consider what shall be Cross for my redemption; I required of me, that I may see humbly offer up to Thee my

my duty, and avoid the paths soul and my body, my life, of error and danger. Let my goods, and all my fortunes,

nothing seduce me from a to be wholly disposed of

settled purpose of doing what according to Thy most blessed I believe will be most acceptwill. And if it be Thy holy able to Thee. And grant that pleasure that I should lose my

I may omit nothing that I life or fortune for the profes- ought to do in order to be sion of Thy holy Name, and

rightly informed. Through the Catholic Religion, Lord, I Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. humbly and freely submit thereunto, beseeching Thee of Thine infinite goodness and DIRECT me, gracious God, mercy, and by the merits of


O MY LORD JESUS O GOD of light, truth, and




I may neither speak nor act and didst live on earth in anything unbecoming my cha- humility, and poverty, and racter, and that I may never toil : didst endure persecution, prostitute my conscience for injustice, and pain, and didst any worldly consideration on Thy Cross shed Thy whatever. Through Jesus blood for the remission of Christ our Lord. Amen, my sins : I pray Thee, send

me from heaven the spirit of For any Necessity.

counsel that I



that vocation to which Thou O GOD, our

refuge and hast indeed called me, Thou strength, Who art the knowest best, O Lord, in what Author of all godliness : be station I can live piously and ready, we beseech Thee, to die happily. The desire of hear the devout prayers of my heart is ever truly to serve Thy Church : and grant that Thee, and not to follow my those things which we ask own lusts and pleasures upon faithfully we may obtain ef- earth. Behold, O Lord, my fectually; through Jesus Christ heart is ready: I desire what our Lord. Amen.

Thou desirest: show me Thy

will, and give me Thy grace For Guidance.

that I may obediently follow

it unto death, who livest and O LORD, from whom all reignest God, world without

good things do come, end. Amen. grant to us, Thy humble servants, that by Thy holy inspi.

For Grace to Live according ration we may think those

to our Calling things that be good, and by Thy merciful guiding may O GOD, Whose, wisdom

ordereth all things and our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Whose providence ordains to

each one his vocation, and For Choice of a Profession.

gives him grace to serve Thee

therein : I thank 'Thee for the O JESU, Lover of souls : state of life to which Thou

Thou didst for my hast been pleased to call me. salvation come down from Grant me to know my duty, heaven, didst humble Thyself | and give me grace to do it,

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and so to behave myself as is little goodness, and my great pleasing unto Thee. Lead idleness about the study of me to do Thy will, and with- profitable things. Lighten hold me from all that dis. my darkness; make me wiser pleases Thee.

Give clearness and better. Show me the to my understanding, pureness wonderful things of Thy law, to my heart, strength to my that I may learn not what will, and 'Thy blessing on my carnal prudence, but what undertakings. Let my use of heavenly wisdom suggests, to the talent Thou hast given me my own and to my neighbe profitable, that I may be bours' profit: that by means able to stand before Thee on of this imperfect knowledge I the great day of reckoning, may come at last to the eternal and to enjoy Thy everlasting vision of Thee, the uncreated glory: through Jesus Christ Wisdom of the Father, Who our Lord. Amen.

livest and reignest, world

without end. Amen.
Before Study.

On Going to Work.
O THOU Most High and

I RETURN, O Father, to bitest eternity, Eternal Wis. the labour of my hands : dom, dwelling in the bosom of give me, I pray Thee, care the Father, illumine my mind and understanding as well as and give me a docile heart to health and strength, that being seek, to embrace, and to hold assisted by Thy grace I may fast the truth, for Thou art accomplish my labour with Truth. I seek to know, but gratitude and without hurt: how I ought to know, I know that the work which I am not; do Thou therefore make about to begin in Thee may me to know first what is be duly finished to the glory most necessary to salvation, of Thy Name: through Jesus and most conducive to charity. Christ our Lord. Amen. Take from me all desire of vainglory, all idle curiosity, To the glory of Thy Name, all unnecessary motives, that O God, I begin this work: I may learn to edification. and offer it to Thee; through Thou knowest my ignorance,

the merits of Jesus Christ, Q God, my want of skill, my Amen.

After Work.

LORD. we pray Thee, that O LORD our Strength,

Thy grace may always without Whose aid we

prevent and follow us, and toil in vain and can perfect

make us continually to be given nothing, I give Thee hearty

to all good works : through

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen, thanks for Thy merciful bless. ing upon my labours this day. Without Thee, O my Helper,

To obtain any particular I had done nothing; by Thee

Grace. I have accomplished my work. Grant, O Father, that as Thou ALMIGHTY Everlasting

God, Whose mercies are hast been my Helper, so what I have done by Thy help may

infinite, and Thy treasury in

exhaustible. Behold me, a be profitable to myself and to my neighbour: tlırough Jesus

miserable and repentant sinChrist our Lord. Amen.

ner, and cast me not away from Thy Presence, whom

Thou hast created from nothing For Grace.

by Thy Almighty power, and O LORD GOD, Who hast redeemed from everlasting

created me in Thy damnation by the death of image and similitude, grant Thine Only-begotten Son. By me Thy grace which Thou

Thine unspeakable mercy, hast shown me to be necessary

which in a moment by pardon to my salvation, that I may delivers the repentant sinner overcome my evil nature. Let from the punishment due to me find grace in Thy sight, his sins; by the merit of Thy and Thy grace shall be suffi- Well-beloved Son; by the love cient for me. In temptation of the Holy Ghost; I implore and tribulation I shall fear no Thee to have mercy npon me evil if Thy grace be with me: and to hear my prayer. Open this shall be my strength and to me the treasury of Thy my counsel.

Without Thy grace and grant me .... Cast grace I can do nothing; with Thy merciful eyes upon me, Thy grace I can do all things, and give me what I seek. But through Jesus Christ I desire, God, only what Thou Lord, Who liveth and reigneth willest, and what Thou willest with Thee, world without not I desire not. Nothing end. Amen,

can injure me but that which


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