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Give me,

FATHER of mercy, Who

sight may be pleasing unto me, and all that is unjust in Thy

A Parent's Prayer. sight hateful to me. O God, a mind loving what according to Thine eterThou lovest, and despising all nal counsel hast created man that is displeasing to Thee. for 'Thine honour and his own Give me Thy Spirit to govern happiness : I thank Thee for my every word, to guide my the children which Thy Divine every work, that justly minis. mercy hath entrusted to me, tering to these Thy servants, I and offer them to Thee as may please Thee, and appear beings which Thou hast creat length with joy before Thy ated, Who art indeed their judgment Throne, Who livest Father, Who hast created them and reignest God, world with- for immortality, Who hast by out end. Amen.

holy baptism received them into the fold of Thy Church,

and hast consecrated their souls For Husband or Wife.

by the grace of Thy Holy Spirit to be Thy temple. Bless,

O Lord, these Thy creatures, Whose kindness and the work of Thine hands : mercy there is no end, grant ward off all misfortunes from to us and to all Christian their bodies and souls, and married people whom Thou lead them in the way of life, hast bound together in Holy that they may walk perfectly Matrimony, to honour the state before Thee. Enlighten their into which we have entered, understanding that they may and to live in accordance with employ.it according to Thy it. Grant us to love one another Divine pleasure. Strengthen as Christ loved the Church, them with holy patience, that that He might be the more they may in all troubles hold loved in return. Grant us fast to Thee. Help them to to live together in holiness lay up a good store in Thy and concord, and that we Heavenly Kingdom.

May [and our children] may be Thy holy will be done conblessed by Thee, both now cerning them in all things. and to all eternity. Through Give me light, o Heavenly Jesus Christ

Lord. Father, to bring them_up Amen.

Christianly according to Thy

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holy will, to teach them to therefore, that my labours keep Thy commandments, and may bring forth fruit pleasing to put away all wickedness unto Thee, both here and in from them. May Thy Divine eternity: through Jesus Christ grace be with me to help me our Lord. Amen. to accomplish the work Thou hast entrusted to me, that I hereafter united with them in

Prayer for a Youth. Thy Kingdom, may praise ALMIGHTY, and Thee eternally: through Jesus merciful Father, I come Christ our Lord. Amen. to Thee for protection, having

no confidence in my own A Teacher's Prayer.

strength, and knowing myself

to be as a helpless child that O ALMIGHTY GOD, I can do nothing for itself. Uuto

am called to awaken Thee, O God, I commend the and cultivate the powers of the care of my soul. Defend me young, and to fashion them from my ghostly enemies, from after the likeness of Thy Son:

all who desire to lead me astray, Father of all, strengthen me

from all who would teach me that I may accomplish this to sin, from my own evil pasonerous duty lovingly and sions, and from my own weakzealously. Teach me to treat ness and folly. Keep me the young committed to my from wantonness and mischief, care as a most precious trea- from the temptations of the sure for which I must straitly flesh, from sins of impurity in answer to Thee. Make my thought, word and deed, and own character more perfect, from the temptations of my that in all my words and works age and station. Teach me I may set a good example. to submit myself with obediSet before mine eyes Thy Son's ence and humility to ny paDivine Love of children: make rents, and to all that are set me profitable to my pupils over me; and to labour diliby instruction, example, and gently to do my duty in that prayer.

Be 'Thou near state of life to which it has watch over both them and me; pleased Thee to call me. Confor what shall it profit me to form my will to Thine, O God, plant and water unless Thou and dispose of me and of my givest the increase : be with life according to Thy good

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pleasure, and as is best for the well bond as free: I pray Thee, salvation of my soul: through that since Thou hast been Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. pleased to call me to the state

of a servant, Thou wouldest A Child's Prayer.

give me an humble and obe

dient heart, and make me conI THANK Thee, God, tented with this condition of

merciful Father, for all life, as allotted to me by Thy the good things I have received Providence. Grant that I may, from Thee, and particularly with gentleness of spirit, and that I was made Thy child in singleness of heart, and willHoly Baptism, and that I have ingness of mind, serve those Christian parents to care for under whom I am placed; and me and teach me. · Repay that I may not either murmur them, O God, a thousand times against them, or envy those in this world and in the next who are seated in a higher for all they have done for me. estate: that I may obey them Make me meek and obedient, in all their honest commands, O God, and grateful to those in all fear and true respect, not who do me good. Teach me with eye - service to love them and help them pleasers, but with all my heart; as much as I can now and all and the rather, because Thy my life long. Make me good, commandment bindeth me so and bless me, and my father to do.

Grant that, serving and mother, brothers and sis- them diligently, faithfully, and ters, teachers and friends : carefully, I may avoid their through Jesus Christ our Lord. displeasure, and obtain Thy Amen,

favour and blessing, and at the

end of my days come to that For a Servant.

blessed place, where Thou,

with the Father, and Blessed BLESSED Lord and Ser- Spirit dost reign, world with

vant Jesus Christ, Who out end, Amen. when Thou wert the Son of God, and Lord of all the world,

For Choristers or others en. didst take upon Thee the form of a servant, that by Thy obe

gaged in duties in Church. dience , Thou mightest work Bow down, most merciful

of all people, as Lord, Thy ears to our



prayers, and lighten our hearts | Holy Church, and love Thee by the grace of the Holy with an everlasting love: Ghost, that we may worthily through Jesus Christ our Lord. minister to Thee in Thy Amen.

PRAYERS FOR VARIOUS NEEDS. In Time of Temptation. with resignation to Thy good COME OME, Holy Spirit, com

pleasure. Remember me, o forter and strength of my

Lord, in the day of trouble : soul, and assist me to resist all

keep me from all excesses of temptations. Grant me not

fear, concern, and sadness. to commit this sin .. Тоо

Granit me an humble and reoften I have been already signed heart, that with perfect guilty. I hope henceforward

content I may ever acquiesce to avoid it: assist me, O God,

in all the methods of Thy with Thy grace; through Jesus

grace, that I may never frusChrist our Lord. Amen.

trate the designs of Thy mercy, by unreasonable fears, by sloth

and self love. Amen. Against Evil Thoughts. O ALMIGHTY and most gracious God, mercifully

In Tribulation. hear our prayers, and deliver our hearts from the temptation of the depressed, and Light of evil thoughts: that our souls of those that are in darkness, may be made a worthy habi- Calm of the tempest tossed, tation for Thy Holy Spirit: Health of the wounded, Who through Jesus Christ our Lord, camest into the world to save Who liveth and reigneth with Thy creatures from the slavery The in the Unity of the same of sin, to dispel the clouds of Holy Spirit, world without

mourning, and to inake the end. Amen.

vale of misery a Paradise of

all delights, deliver, I pray In Time of Trouble. Thee, me, wretched and opGRANT, O God, that pressed, from these bitter

may always accept of waves of misery and trouble the punishment of my sins beating over me. I confess, O

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Lord, how justly I am tor- me. Nevertheless since Thy mented with so many griefs Divine Providence hath sent and trials, for I have often me this trouble for the good foolishly taken pleasure in of my soul (for we provoking Thee. I confess through much tribulation enter that heavy words and sorrow into Thy Kingdom), I bow of heart are my due, for that I my head, and receive this have all my life sought broad trouble at Thy right hand as ways, and pleasures, without a chosen gift, as an exceeding lifting up my eyes unto Thee. great boon. This only I ask, But rebuke me not in Thy O Lover of men, of Thy perfect wrath, suffer not mine enemy goodness, that as trouble into rejoice over me: for he creases, Thou wouldest increase hateth good, and because I grace in me, strengthened by struggle to escape from sin, he which I shall fear nothing, not pursues me, and desires to cast even the whole of hell raging me into mischief and iniquity, against me: but, being full of that he may drag me into the courage,


with David, pit. Leave me not, my De- The Lord is my light and my liverer, my Defender, my salvation, whom then shall I Helper; leave me not, but guide fear; the Lord is the strength me in the right way, and of my life, of whom then shall change my grief into joy, and I be afraid. Glory be to Thee, my fear into rejoicing. Like O Jesus, world without end. the disobedient Jonah, I am Amen. tossed in this sea for not hearkening unto Thy word : full of grief, I cry unto Thee, I

O LORD, the comfort of my Lord and God, and implore the sorrowful, the joy Thee, the All-merciful, that of the mourners, and our as Thou didst hear him crying refuge in time of trouble, unto Thee from the depths in break not a leaf driven to and the midst of the sea, so Thou fro. Pursue not the dry wouldest hear me when I cry stubble: write not bitter things unto Thee in the troubles that against me: punish me not for overwhelm me. All-merciful the sins of my youth. Deal God, quiet my thoughts, calm not with me according to my the storm of my sufferings, sins, for I have provoked Thy sweeten the bitterness within wrath and indignation against

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