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And always to desire to

A DevouT OBLATION OF OUR follow Thee :

BOD.ES AND SOULS to God. To Ay from myself, and to fly to Thee: That I may be defended by

God, have mercy on me, Thee :

and help me now and always,

that I may not delight in vain To fear for myself, and to

and transitory things. fear Thee:

O most Blessed Lord, I adore That I may be amongst Thy Divine Majesty with my those chosen by Thee :

body and soul; with all the To distrust myself, and trust

members and senses of the one, in Thee :

and with all the powers and To desire to obey because of

faculties of the other : and I Thee :

humbly offer them up all unto To love nothing beside

Thee, Who gavest them to Thee:

me, to do and suffer with Thy

grace whatever shall be pleasTo be poor for Thy sake.

ing unto Thee: Beseeching Look upon me, that I may Thee that none of these things love Thee :

which I now dedicate to Thy Call me, that I may see holy service may ever offend Thee :

Thee. And eternally rejoice in

Grant, O Lord, that my Thee. Amen.

tongue may be refrained from idle and sinful speech, my hands from wicked actions,

my heart from unlawful de. I BESEECH Thee, Lord sires, my eyes from vain and

Christ, that the dangerous objects, my ears sweet and living power of from hearkening to what is Thy Love may withdraw my frivolous and hurtful, and my heart from the love of all whole man, both interior and things under heaven: may I exterior, from every thing that die for the love of Thy love,

displeases Thee. Who for love of me didst die Grant, O Lord, that I may upon the Cross: Who livest

so resist the temptations of the and reignest world, without world, the flesh, and the devil, end. Amen.

in this life, that hereafter I


may be admitted to the eyer- than of the vain honours and lasting joys of Thy Heavenly perishing treasures of the Kingdom Through Jesus world; and, lastly, that I may Christ our Lord. Amen. not be supplanted by the craft

and wiles of the enemy, who never ceases to endeavour to

compass my destruction. Give merciful Lord Jesus, that me, O Lord, spiritual prudence Thou wouldest protect me to discern, courage to resist, from the danger of business patience to suffer, and conand inordinate care; and so stancy to persevere. Give me defend me from the tempta- for all worldly comforts the tion of this world that I may most sweet consolation of the never be ensnared by any, of Holy Ghost; and instead of its empty pleasures. Keep carnal pleasure, infuse into my me, O Lord, from all excessive

soul the pure love of Thy sadness, grief, and worldly Holy Name. In truth, O God, fear, and from whatever Thou all those necessaries which our knowest to be an hindrance to bodies require are but irksome my soul. And I pray Thee, to the fervent spirit, which if it O Lord, that I may be de- could would ever rest in Thee, livered not only from the yet though it is not lawful vanities of the world, but also for us to forsake these things, from those miseries which pro- we are forbidden by Thy holy ceed from the common curse Law to seek them more for upon mankind and the uni. pleasure than necessity. Grant versal corruption of nature, me, therefore, Thy grace, that wherewith I am much avoiding all superfluity and oppressed, that I have not

excess, we may so desire and liberty of spirit to behold use things temporal, that they Thee when I would. Help be to us for an occasion of me, O Lord, that Aesh and thankfulness, but

never of blood may not overcome me, offending Thee; Who livest and cause me to prefer a short and reignest, world without and deceitful pleasure before end. Amen. an immense and eternal joy; that I make not less account

A THANKSGIVING. of the honours and treasures HANKS be to Thee, O i of Thine everlasting kingdom God, for all Thy benefits



bestowed upon us from the ment and my soul, now and first moment of our creation. for evermore, and especially at Thanks be to Thee, that when the hour of my death. Let not we were nothing Thou didst death, I pray, come upon me create us, men, in Thine own suddenly, neither find me unimage and similitude. Thanks

prepared, nor be so terrible be to Thee, that when we were but that I may keep to my last lost by our own sins, Thou breath Faith, Hope, and didst in Thy mercy redeem us Charity, memory, and a sound by the blood of Jesus Christ. understanding. And then be Thanks be to Thee, because Thou my protector, O God. Thou hast by Thy Holy Spirit Grant to me mercy and pardon given us ability to profess the of my sins, to Thy Church true faith. Thanks be to Thee, peace and concord, to me, the for all the things which Thy greatest of sinners, grace in mercy has bestowed upon us, this life and glory in that health, peace, food, success, which is to come. So, SO and every other benefit which come Thou to me, O Lord we enjoy at Thine hand. Keep Jesu, and have mercy npon us under the care of Thy providencé, now and for evermore, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

O GOD, Who hast created

all things, Thou knowest

my sins. I pray Thee pardon LORD JESU CHRIST them, and have mercy upon

give me grace to do Thy me, for I have sinned greatly bidding, and bid what Thou against Thee. Give me, wilt. Make my soul ready Lord, firm faith, truthfulness, for Thine Advent, and come a good disposition, honesty, when Thou wilt. Give me patience in tribulation, humi. patience ; enough, at least ; lity in prosperity, perseverance perfect, if it please Thee; and unto the end. Help me, O come to me as Thou wilt, o God, in all my necessities and Thou Who art the Saviour of difficulties, and from my tribu. all them that put their trust in lation and anguish into joy and Thee. Put Thy Death, Cross, everlasting, rejoicing. And and Passion, Thy merits and when the last day of my life Thy Blood betwixt Thy judg- shall come, deliver me from the


prince of darkness, and from all
his terrors, and receive my soul
in peace; Who livest and reign-
est God, world without end.
TAKE from me the sin of

gluttony: give me the virtue of abstinence.

Take from me the spirit of uncleanness : give me the love of chastity.

Take from me the desire of the world: give to me content of mind.

Take from me the heat of anger: give me the spirit of meekness,

Take from me the care of this life: give me Thy Spiritual Joy.

Take from me haughtiness of mind : give to me compunction of heart.

Lord, have mercy upon us :

Jesu Christ, have mercy upon us :

Thou Who art the Saviour of the world :

Save us, O Lord :
And hear our voice :
And grant us all, O Lord:
To live in peace on earth:
Lord, have mercy upon us.


LIFE. For the Master of a House

mine entirely; for without bold.

Thee, O God, I know that we

can do nothing. Do Thou, UN NTO Thee, O Lord, O God, this day and ever

trusting in Thy mercy more watch over this house. and lovingkindness, 1 com- hold, look down upon me and mend this day my body and those who live with me, and soul, my thoughts, words and guide us all in the way that is deeds, my going out and com- pleasing unto Thee. Preserve ing in, my life and my death, us from doing aught in thought, (my wife, children, friends, word, or deed against Thy servants, my goods and pos- will, and grant us so to live sessions, my home), and all this day, that we may both that Thy bounty has given me. now and to all eternity conInto Thy care this day and fess Thy honour, Thy praises, evermore I give myself and Thy bounty, and Thy mercy.

O LORD, my God, Thou

Through Jesus Christ our dominion over the creatures Lord. Amen.

which 'Thou hast made, and hast ordered the world in righteousness; I know, O God,

that my condition is not that hast given me body, soul,

of command but of responsiand strength, and at Thy hands have I received what.

bility, and that Thou hast com

mitted unto me Thine own ever I am or have. Do Thou,

chosen children, joined to Thee therefore, dispose of all my goods, my home, my business,

by a bond of love, for whom

Thou didst no: hesitate even my condition, my deeds, and

to die. "Thou hearest, O God, my life according to Thy will,

in whatsoever pain they cry to Thy praise, and to the use and benefit of all mankind.

unto Thee; grant me, thereIn Thee is my hope; in Thee

fore, so to do my duty, that no is my confidence; in Thee I

occasion may be found for entirely trust, knowing that

accusing me before Thy tri

bunal. Who am I, O God, Thou wilt not desert me. To

that I should duly perform so Thy care I commend my all, my wife, my children, my ser

great a duty ? How can I,

who am but a man, weak and vants. Keep us, O Lord, from

full of imperfections, liable to sin, from shame, from fire, from storm, and from all evil.

err and to be deceived, avoid Let Thy holy angels be with

unjustly favouritism, or be us and lead us in the right

ever at my place in the service

of all? O God, I humbly pray way, that we offend Thee not

to send me wisdom from by thought, word or deed; but

the holy heavens and from the living according to Thy will,

place of Thy Throne, to be may praise and glorify Thee

with me and to labour with to all etervity. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

me, that I may understand and know what is pleasing unto

Thee. Pour into my heart For One in Authority.

Thy fear, that I may never out

of affection or dislike do anyO GOD Who by Thy thing except in accordance

Word hast all justice and truth things, and hast through Thy my heart and my understandwisdom appointed man to have | ing, that all that is just in Thy


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