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Jesu, One God,
Jesu, our Refuge,

Jesu, Father of the poor,

Jesu, Treasure of the faithful,

Jesu, Good Shepherd,
Jesu, True Light,

Jesu, Everlasting Wisdom,

Jesu, Infinite Goodness, Jesu, the Way and the Life,

Jesu, Joy of Angels,

Jesu, Master of Apostles,

Jesu, Teacher of Evangelists,

Jesu, Strength of Martyrs,

Jesu, Light of Confes

Have mercy upon us.

From the neglect of Thy inspirations,

By the mystery of Thy holy Incarnation,

By Thy Nativity,
By Thy Infancy,
By Thy Divine Life,
By.Thy Labours,

By Thy Agony and Passion,

By Thy Cross and De. reliction,

By Thy Sufferings,

By Thy Death and Burial,

By Thy Resurrection,
By Thy Ascension,
By Thy Joys,
By Thy Glory,

Deliver us, o Jesu.


O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world,

Spare us, o Jesu.

Jesu. Purity of Virgins,

Jesu, Crown of all the Saints,

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Be merciful : Spare us, O Jesu.

O Lamb of God that takest away the sins of the world,

Have mercy upon us, O Jesu.

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Jesu, hear us.

Jesu, mercifully hear us. LORD, have mercy upon



Christ, have mercy upon us.

O GOD, Who hast made Lord, have mercy upon us. the most glorious Name

of Jesus Christ Thy Son our OUR UR FATHER.

Lord both most lovely in its

sweetness to the hearts of Thy Ý. May our Lord Jesus faithful people, and Christ hear us.

awlul and terrible to evil Ry. Now and evermore.

spirits : grant that all we who

reverence this sacred Name of Amen.

Jesus here on earth, may reý. O Lord, hear my prayer.

ceive in the present life the Ry. And let my cry come

peace of holy consolations,

and in the world to come the unto Thee.

joy of rejoicing and of ever

lasting beatitude in heaven; O ; Who hast said: Ask,

through the same Jesus Christ

our Lord. Amen. and ye shall have; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it

LITANY OF shall be opened unto you; give


GHOST. unto us who ask it, the most holy affection of Love for Thee; that we may love Thee with all our heart, and

Christ, have mercy upon us. all our strength, and never cease from praising Thee.

Lord, have mercy upon us.

O Christ, hear us. O ,

O Christ, mercifully hear us. Who never failest to help and govern them whom O GOD the Father, Thou dost bring up in Thy of Heaven, stedfast fear and love: keep O God the Son, Reus, we beseech Thee, under deemer of the world, the protection of Thy good O God the Holy providence, and make us to Ghost, have a perpetual fear and love Holy Trinity. One of Thy holy Name; Who God, livest and reignest, world with- Holy Ghost, Spirit of out end. Amen.

Truth and Wisdom,

LORD, have mercy upon

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Have mercy upon us. Have mercy upon tosi

Holy Ghost, Light of the Patriarchs,

Holy Ghost, Thou Who didst speak by the Prophets,

Holy Ghost, Wisdom of the Apostles,

Holy Ghost, Victorious Strength of the Martyrs,

Holy Ghost, Purity of the Virgins,

Holy Ghost, Unction of all the Saints,

Have mercy upon us.

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Understanding and Strength,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Knowledge and Counsel,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Faith and Hope,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Fear and Love,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Joy and Peace,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Goodness, Meekness, and Patience,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Continence and Purity,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Humility and Mortification,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of Life and Health,

Holy Ghost, Spirit of the Children of God,

Holy Ghost, Giver of all Grace and Virtue,

Holy Ghost, Teacher and Ruler of the Holy Catholic Church,

Holy Ghost, Searcher of Hearts and Thoughts,

Holy Ghost, Consoler of the Sad, Strength of the Devout,

Holy Ghost, Joy of the Angels,

Be merciful :
Spare us, O Holy Spirit.

Be merciful :

From the spirit of error,

From the spirit of blas. phemy,

From all sins and temptations,

From resisting the known truths of the faith,

From presumption of God's mercy,

From doubting God's grace,

From malice, envy, uncharitableness,

Deliver us, O Holy Spirit.

[blocks in formation]

That Thou wouldest be pleased perfectly to purify us and to sanctify us to be Thy dwelling,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to preserve our bodies and souls unspotted as Thy temple,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to comfort and console us in trouble,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to give us quietness of conscience and true piety,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to strengthen us in Thy grace,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to enlighten the wanderers, and to guide them into the fold of Thy holy Church,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to receive us all into the number of Thine elect,

We beseech Thee to hear us, O Holy Spirit.

That Thou wouldest be pleased to exalt the holy Catholic Church; to enlighten her pastors, and to sanctify all her members,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to give us grace never to grieve Thee,

That Thou wouldest be pleased evermore to increase our piety and devotion,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to pour upon us meekness and charity as Tnou didst upon the Apostles,

That Thou wouldest be pleased to cleanse and sanctify all our thoughts, words, and deeds,

We beseech Thee to bear us, O Holy Spirit.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, Spare us,

O Lord.

O Lamb of God, that takest away the sins of the world, Hear

O Lord.



O Lamb of God, that takest O HOLY GHOST,

Spirit away the sins of the world,

of the Have mercy upon us.

cifully down upon us, we pray,

with Thy light and consola. 1 O Christ, hear us.

tion ; illumine our undero Christ, mercifully hear us. standing and consecrate our

hearts to be Thy holy temple. LORD, have mercy upon

Bring us the blessing of the

Father and the peace of the Christ, have mercy upon us.

Son. Comfort us, and all Lord, have mercy upon us.

who suffer, encourage and

strengthen the weak, teach and UR FATHER.

support the failing. Arouse the sinful, and stir up their

cold hearts to repentance ; y. Come, Holy Ghost, and

awaken in them love and fill the hearts of the faithful.

childlike confidence, that all Rz. And light in them the

men may in joy and peace fire of Thy love.

praise Thee and worship Y. O Lord, hear

my Thee, Who livest and reignest prayer.

with the Father and the Son, Ry. And let my cry come

God, world

without end. unto Thee,


RANT me, I beseech

wouldest have me do; and Thee, Almighty and grant me to accomplish it as I Merciful God, ardently to de.

ought, and to the benefit of my sire, prudently to search after,

soul. truly to acknowledge, and per. May my way to Thee be fectly to fulfil the things which sure, straight, and perfect, not are pleasing to Thee.

varying between prosperity and Dispose of me to Thine own adversity ; so that I may not be honour and glory: give me to puffed up by the former, nor know, to be capable of, and cast down by the latter. In to desire whatsoever Thou prosperity may I thank Thee,

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