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trition, and Thy purifying and I not find Thee? O most grace, to wash my soul, and faithful lover of souls, when I my polluted heart, as Thou was not Thou lovedst me and didst wash the feet of Thy made me to be; Grant me, disciples; to lighten my soul, to therefore, to desire Thee, to open my understanding, to seek Thee, to run after Thee, make me worthy to communi- and for love of Thee to despise cate in purity, piety, and all things beside Thee ; Who lowliness of Thy Holy Mys. livest and reignest God, world teries, both now and at the hour without end. Amen, of my death; and finally that at the hour of my departure my

III. soul may ascend with joy as Thou didst ascend, .without

The Holy Sacrament, any fear, misgiving, or hin. O GOD, Who in this won. drance, that passing away from

derful earth I may enter into Thy left us a memorial of Thy heavenly glory, to praise Thee, Passion : grant us so to veneand worship Thy holy Name rate the Holy Mysteries of for ever and ever. Amen. Thy Body and Blood, that we

may evermore feel within ourII.

selves the fruit of Thy redemp

tion; Who livest and reignest O LORD JESU CHRIST, God, world without end.

show T'hy power in me, Amen. a most miserable sinner: show that Thy goodness is greater

FRIDAY, than my wickedness; make

1. me, who have been hitherto entirely turned away from Thee LORD JESU CHRIST, and cold, now to be entirely sweet Saviour of my soul, converted to Thee, and to be I confess before Thee, on this infamed with the fire of Thy day of Thy Crucifixion, that love, and thereby transformed. it is I who have crucified O my God, my Creator, how Thee by my many sins and long shall I not know Thee? most shameful tra ssions, How long wilt Thou lie hid for which Thou hast suf. and I not seek Thee? How fered, and for my sake, endured long wilt Thou be with me, to die uplifted on a Cross.

I implore Thee, by the ho. nour and glory of Thy sacred Passion, by Thy wounds and death, make me partaker of those same sufferings of Thine, that I may thence receive grace, and be made worthy, if it be Thy will, to suffer for Thee Who in Thy compassion hast suffered for me. Arm me with Thy power and pati. ence, which 'l'hou didse display when the thankless . Jews crucified Thee. Strengthen me from this day forward to take np the Cross with contrition and hatred of my evil thoughts. Fix in my heart the recollection of Thy toil. some death, as Thou didst impress it upon the heart of Thy compassionate mother, T'hy disciple, and the women that stood over against Thy Cross, or at Thy feet. Give me light, and enable my heart to rise to the knowledge of the sufferings of Thy death, Thou Who didst make the inanimate creation to acknowledge Thet, and to proclaim with an earthquake Thy Divine power to all the world. Help me, as Thou didst help the good thi who prayed to Thee, and was taken with Thee to Paradise, that I may receive from Thee to-day the same grace Thou gavest then

to him. Bring me also, hy a sincere repentance and amendment, unto Paradise: for Thou art my Creator and my God.

Save, O Christ, all Christians living or departed in the faith, as Thy holy Church daily implores. Pardon our transgressions, bring us to Paradise, that we may see the brightness of Thy face, and rejoice in Thy glory.

O Crucified, what pains hast Thou endured for us! What blows ! what spitting ! what laughter! what despite ! and all for our transgressions, and to give us an example of perfect patience. Dare I, O God, henceforth avoid the Cross I have seen Thee bear; shall I be weighed down with troubles, seeing how Thou; O Lord, hast loved them, sought after them, embraced them, and regarded them as Thy great and especial glory. I confess to my shame, o Christ, that I have murmured at the ills that men, or Satan, or the Aesh, or my own evil mind, or the world, have brought upon me, whether sickness, or poverty, or ..::

These have befallen me, O God, by Thy permission, on account of my sins, or to draw me to Thee, or that I may glorify Thee when Thou chastenest me here

be O

for my sins, that I may rest in most holy, most fervent love greater glory hereafter. of Thee, and to forget all

If it be 'Thy will, O my things besides Thee. Õ Thou God, increase and multiply my

Who hast loved me, grant me labours, my trials, and my sor

to die for the love of Thee; rows, only increase my powers

Who livest and reignest God, of endurance, my patience, world without end. Amen. my thankfulness. For I am evilly disposed unless Thou

III. uphold me; blind unless Thou

The Passion of Christ. liberate me; fearful unless

LORD JESU CHRIST, unless Thou correct me; lost

Who from the bosom of

the Father didst descend from unless Thou seek me; enslaved unless Thou deliver me by

heaven to earth, and didst pour Thy Divine power, by the

forth Thy most precious blood

for the remission of our sins : grace of thy holy Cross; Who livest and reignest God, world

we humbly beseech Thee that without end. Amen.

at the last day we may be set on Thy right hand, and hear Thee say,

" Come, ye II.

blessed of my Father;" Who MOST pitiful Lord Jesu

livest and reignest God, world O

without end. Amen. Christ, grant me to love Thee fervently. O most faith

SATURDAY. ful Lord Jesu Christ, grant me

1. to feel with how great love Thou hast loved us, and dost LORD JESU CHRIST, still love ús. O most sweet my God and everlasting Lord Jesu Christ, how gladly | Judge, I know indeed that my would I love Thee! And since sins are more than can be Thou hast granted me to de- numbered, confessed, or undersire this, grant me also to love stood : that they are an imThee with all my heart, for mense multitude, surpassing without Thee I can do nothing. the stars of heaven and the O sweet Jesu, pardon my vile- sands of the sea in number. I ness and my rashness : grant pray Thee, Lord, upon this day what I ask, give what I beg on which Thou wast laid dead for: make me to burn with a in the tomb by Joseph and Shine upon

Nicodemus, whilst Thy Divine tion; Who livest and reignest soul descended into Hades, God, world without end. and with the light of Thy Amen. Godhead scattered the dark. ness, and lightened with great

II. joy our first parents, delivering them and bringing them into MOST loving Lord Jesu, Paradise ; upon this day, O grant me a love of Thee, Lord, I pray thee to mortify faithful, strong, holy, and and bury my sins, my evil pure, which may incessantly thoughts, and bad desires in think of Thee, praise Thee, the tomb of forgetfulness, that give Thee thanks, obey Thee, they may be emptied out of honour Thee, and spend itselt my mind, and not remain any wholly for Thee. O Jesu, longer alive in me, nor injure crucified for me, nail me to my soul. Cleanse me this day Thee with nails of love. in soul and body from my Make me to please Thee, hateful deeds.

wholly, perfectly. 0 Jesu, the darkness of my heart, when shall I see Thee face to and scatter the night of sin; face? Ravish my soul with raise my mind and my soul Thy love; melt my cold heart; unto the heavens, that I may transform me, unite me to rejoice in the vision of Thy Thyself with Thy Love. glory.

Grant me not to be able to Receive my prayer, O Lord, live without Thee. Let my for a sweet smelling odour, soul hunger and thirst for and have mercy upon all let it exist in Thee, and throughout the world. Have repose in Thee alone. O mermercy upon the living and the ciful Jesu, fill me with the dead. Give to sinners Thy most perfect humility, that I compassion; to the poor the may always love Thee most blessings they need; to the fervently, and never cease to mourners consolation; to the remember my own vileness. sick healing; to the weak I am a sinner, Thou art my strength; to the ignorant God and my all, and into knowledge ; to those at sea Thy hands ( commend my Thy, guidance; to the per- spirit; Who livest and reignest secuted help ; to all the God, world without end. grace of God for their salva- Amen.


enter also into our hearts, and III.

make them only Thine, for The Blessed Virgin. Whom alone we make them O , ready, that our souls being

Word made Aesh, con- cleansed and made wholly ceived in the womb of the pleasing unto Thee, Thou Blessed Virgin by the over inayest evermore dwell in shadowing of the Most High; | Thy creatures, and protect us; Whuse Mother bore 'Thee and Who livest and reignest God, remained a virgin: mercifully world without end. Amen.

LITANY OF THE Most Holy Jesu, Sun of Righteous-


Jesu, Son of the Virgin LORD, have mercy upon Mary,

Jesı, most lovely, Christ, have mercy upon us.

Jesu, most wonderful, Lord, have mercy upon us.

Jesu, mighty God, Jesu, hear us.

Jesu, Father of the Jesu, mercifully hear us.

world to come,

Jesu, Messenger of the O God the Father, Covenant, of Heaven,

Jesu, Angel of great O God the Son, Re- counsel, deemer of world,

Jesu, most mighty, o God the Holy Jesu, most patient, Ghost,

Jesu, most obedient, Holy Trinity, One Jesu, meek and lowly God,

of heart, Jesu, Son of the living Jesu, Lover of chastity, God,

Jesu, Lover of men, Jesu, Splendour of the

Tesu, God of peace, Father,

Jesu, Author of life, Jesu, Brightness of the Jesu, Exemplar of vireverlasting Light,

tues, Jesu, King of Glory;

Jesu, Lover of souls,

Have mercy upon us.

Have mercy upon us.

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