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soul the gift of Thy love, adorable, glorious, fearful, althat, despising these transitory mighty, eternal God ! O Lover things, I may pass on with of me! O Friend of the faithcontinued longing to those ful, when shall I love Thee in things which are eternal. return for Thy love? When

Holy Trinity, One God, de- shall I renounce myself, and fend me this day from every give myself wholly to Thee? attack of the Devil. Keep me Would that I could deny myfrom every sin; protect me self, and be spent wholly for from a sudden and unprovided Thee. Stir up my heart, O death. Be my consolation in God, that I may seek Thee; entrouble, my defence in temp- lighten my heart that I may find tation, and the sweet refuge of Thee : make my heart Thine, my soul in death, [*As 'Thou that I may rejoice in Thee, and hast raised up my body buried forget all things beside Thee: in sleep, so I pray Thee like- Who livest and reignest God, wise to raise up my soul from world without end. Amen. the sleep of sin and darkness of this world; as Thou hast

III. recalled my body from sleep, The Holy Angels. so recall it hereafter from death to life, for death is but as a


speakable providence hast sleep with Thee.] To Thee be blessing and glory, and wisdom

appointed Thy holy angels to

be our guardians and protecand thanksgiving, honour, might, and dominion, for ever

tors, mercifully grant that we and ever.

may ever be defended by Thy Amen.

power, and hereafter be par

takers in their everlasting II.

felicity; through Jesus Christ

our Lord. Amen.
that treasure which is

Thyself, and let me be poor in
everything else.
Make me

J. poor in spirit, that I may de ALMIGHTY Everlasting sire nothing besides 'Thee, O

* This clause may be omitted, if the prayer be not said in the morning

as weak to the Mighty One, me; Thy righteousness, O needy to the Great Benefactor, Jesu, sanctify me; Thy paa child to its Father. In the tience, O Jesu, encourage me; Name of Jesus I pray for all Thy gentleness, O Jesu, rewhich can forward my sancti- fresh me; Thy goodness, O fication and true prosperity. Jesu, give me eternal life. Enrich me with what I need; O Holy Ghost, lighten my give me what is good and bene- understanding ; sanctify my ficial for me; lead me as Thou will ; support me in the conwilt, and be this day and ever Aict with my passions, and my God, Who helpeth me, my strengthen me in all good, that Shepherd in Whoin I trust, the I may know the truth, and may Guiding Light of all my ways. hate and deplore my sins; that

God the Father, may Thy may never postpone amendwisdom govern me; Thy grace ment; that I may give myself uphold me ; Thy love comfort up entirely to virtue, and never me; Thy favour and tender trifle with my everlasting mercy assure me; Thy righte- happiness. Make my heart ousness strengthen me; Thy ready, O God, for all goodness, Almighty power protect me. joyful in hope, stedfast in

O Son of God! may Thy faith, and rooted in charity; Incarnation be the pillar and perfect in obedience, and inground of my faith ; Thy holy tent after the things which are law my instruction ; Thy con- in heaven. duct my example; Thy hu- Grant me to be pure in mility my pattern ; Thy thought, true in word, edifypatience my strength; Thy ing in conversation, modest in innocence my healing; Thy my actions, temperate in pleaobedience my justification ; sures, patient in trouble, upThy suffering my deliverance; right in word and deed, senThy Cruss my honour; Thy sible in all things. Death my life; Thy Resurrec- Give me understanding, O tion and Ascension my hope ; God, to confess Thee, Thy Thy judgment the beginning holy will, and Thy counsel, to of my everlasting happiness. think and to speak wisely, to May Thy sacred Pas 0 walk prudently, to distinguish Jesu, strengthen me ; Thy between good and evil, and to holy death, o Jesu, deliver me; judge reasonably. Thy wisdom, O Jesu, teach Above all make Thy love


to grow in me, and make me me from dangerous company just, to render to my neigh- let me be circumspect and bour his due, to give him watchful everywhere, that I what belongs to him, may avoid those who would lead leave alone what is his con

me astray, and cleave to those cern, and gladly to see him that are good; following their enjoy what Thy providence example, and myself setting a has given him.

good example to others. Let Make me gentle, O God, with me so live that I may honour my meekness and benevolence, holy religion by my manner of that I may assist the deserted, life, win men to holiness, and, counsel the wandering, teach so far as in me lies, further the the ignorant, plead for the kingdom of Christ upon earth, weak, help the poor, strengthen Give me, O Loving Father, of the feeble, lift up the fallen, Thy Divine blessing what l'hy deliver the oppressed, and do goodness and wisdom judge all men as much good as I can.

best for me.

Grant me, as Grant me to be easily appeased, long as I live, a sound underand to love my enemies; to standing; a heart quiet and bless them that curse me; to free from reproach, and as do well to them that hate me; much strength as is necessary to pray for them that despite- for a laborious life. Prolong fully use me; to spare those my days, if it be Thy will, whom I could injure, and to until I have by good works return them good for evil. made myself meet for everlastInstil into me reverence for

ing life. my ecclesiastical and civil su. Bless my food, my labour, and periors; peaceableness with my my calling, that I may earn so family and fellow-townsmen ; much as I need to provide for modesty and respect towards myself and mine, to avoid inold age; condescension to- digence, to help my neighbour, wards those beneath me; readi- to help the poor, and to give ness to oblige every one. Suffer to Thy service. me to take a heartfelt part in neighbour inclined to love and the sorrows of my neighbour ; kindness towards me, that I to live in peace with all; above may find counsel wlien I need all to maintain peace and to counsel, help when I need help, further the prosperity of all protection when I need protecwith all my strength. Keep tion.

Make my

for ever.

I pray Thee not to deliver Thee. O True Light! O Eterme from all sorrow, but to give nal Life! O Love ever burnme patience when I suffer, hu- ing! grant me to die entirely mility when I am despised, to the world and the flesh, and meekness when I am injured, to forget all transitory things; contentment if Thou wilt not that I may neither grieve about remove my trouble. Grant them nor rejoice, nor feel any. me to put aside all vain grief, thing except Thy love. 0 and never to resist 'Thy holy most high, most powerful, will, but to submit myself with most beautiful, most glorious, childlike obedience,and to learn most sweet, most merciful, those virtues which it is Thine most loving, most adorable intention that trouble should Lord, make me a heart like teach me.

Grant me trust in Thy heart, and abide with me Thee, self-abnegation, and

Take me for 'Thine, renunciation of the world. and make me Thine. Bind Finally, when I am sick, be me to Thee with an indissoluThou my Physician; when I ble chain of love, that neither am in pain, soothe me; when death nor life may ever part my strength fails in sick- O Lord Jesu, make me to ness, heal me; or if it be Thy know my worthlessness and will that I should not recover, Thy Majesty and Goodness, grant me to be made ready that thence I may learn a most and prepared for my end by the profound humility, and from Holy Sacraments, and by the humility a most perfect charity. submission of my will to Thy O most merciful Jesu, foras. decree; through Jesus Christ much as Thou commandest our Lord. Amen.

this one thing, and I desire the

same, to love Thee with all II.

my heart, and to please Thee O MOST glorious Jesu, in everything and above all;

how beautiful, how lovely, why, alas! is not this brought how sweet art 'Thou! blessed to pass in me. I can desire are all they that love Thee. O nothing good, much less do most loving Lord, the only anything that is good, except treasure, the only joy of my Thy grace inspire the thought heart, grant me entirely to re- and assist me to the work. nounce myself, and with the What Thou hast taught me to most ardent desire to seek after desire, what Thou commandest,


we all

what Thou praisest, grant me of their perfect charity, till to desire and to accomplish.

meet before Thy Most merciful Jesu, I implore glorious Throne, and with Thee, deny me not what Thou one heart adore Thee, the commandest, which is most Saviour of us all: Who with pleasing to Thee, and most 'Thee and the Holy Ghost desired by me. Fill my heart liveth and reigneth ever one with a most perfect, most ar- God, world without end. dent, most faithful, most un. Amen. failing love ; that whatsoever I

THURSDAY, am, or have, or can do, whatsoever is within me or about

I. me, may worship Thee, seek O SON of God, Word of Thee, , serve Thee, and please Thee for Lord and Master, this day ever and most perfectly; Who Thou didst in the evening rise livest and reignest God, world up from supper and with great without end. Amen.

humility wash the feet of Thy

disciples,and even of the traitor, INI.

and on the same evening didst

give them Thy Holy Body and The Saints.

Blood, having taken the bread MOST gracious God, the and wine in Thy sacred hands,

Author of all sanctity, and didst communicate them, and Lover of Unity, Whose saying, Take, eat; this is My wisdom hath established a Body and My Blood, given for wonderful communion be. you and for many for the retween Thy Church Trium- mission of sins : On this day phant in Heaven and Militant Thou didst ascend into Heaven, on earth, as members of the and satest down on the right same mystical body, whereof hand of God the Father AlThy Son Christ Jesus is the mighty, to reign as His be. Head : Mercifully grant that

loved Son for ever and ever. as Thy blessed Saints without Wherefore I implore, by these ceasing praise Thee in Heaven, sacred mysteries, wrought this so we may continually serve day, to grant all sinners living Thee on earth, having their and departed the pardon of all holy examples in

their transgressions, and to brance, and being partakers / give me warm tean of con


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