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One or more of the following. FATHER, into Thy hands wake, and preserve us whilst I commend my spirit.

we sleep, that we may watch

with Christ and rest in peace. Or, Into Thy hands, O Lord,

Or, I commend my spirit; for May the Almighty Lord Thou hast redeemed me, O grant us a quiet night and a Lord, Thou God of Truth. perfect end. Or,

Or acts of faith, hope, charity, I will lay me down in peace

contrition; or one of the creeds, and take my rest, for it is

Gloria Patri, or short acts of self

oblation and commendation to Thou, O Lord, that niakest me God. to dwell in safety.

If wakeful during the night, join with the Angels who praise God

day and night, repeating the Ter Keep us, O Lord, whilst we

Sanctus, or other acts of adoration.




the Almighty, infinite, lack1.

ing nothing of all glory, ma

THY Holy Day, o God, jesty, and power. I give thee

Thine thanks tor that Thou art one Almighty power, with which God in Three persons, Father, Thou hast made the world, Son, and Holy Ghost, forgetand hast redeemed

ful of which the unbelieving wherefore, ( Almighty Lord worship other gods beside and loving Saviour, I worship Thee, besides Whom there is Thee, and give Thee thanks in truth no God. Grant, O with all my heart for the God, that all Christians may world which Thou hast make progress in all goodness, fashioned. I give Thee thanks | glory, and virtue, so that they for that Thou art one only may worship and glorify Thee, Gd, holy, wise, merciful, the and evermore serve Thee with preserver, the all-beautiful, all their heart and mind, Holy Father, have mercy upon out offending Thee in thought, us ; 0 most blessed Son of word, or deed, in honour God, deliver us from hell; O of Thy Incarnation and of Holy Spirit, grant us the glory Thy rising on the third of Thy protection. Hear, Ó day, and of the Holy Ghost, Lord, my Creator, hear the Who came down upon the prayers and entreaties of my day of Pentecost upon Thy sinful soul, and give me grace Apostles. to pray to Thee with great


Particularly I offer my prayer humility, that I may honour

to Thee for every soul that this Holy Day according to is troubled or tormented, that Thy ordinance, and the com

'Thou wouldest give help and mandments of Thy Holy

comfort according to Thy Church our mother: Grant

great wisdom and Thine unme a real contrition for all

searchable power. Through my iniquities by which I have sinned against 'Thee, against Death give us all knowledge

Thy holy Passion and glorious my own soul, and against my

of our sins, that we may know neighbour. I. implore Thee,

them, repent of them, and All-merciful Lord and Ever.

correct them; that we may hate lasting God, to blot out from

them, and break them off by this day forward my many sins good works, that at the hour against the multitude of Thy

of death we may be found mercies.

I thank Thee, O God, also ready, and worthily receiving for all the good things, and the

Thy Holy Communion, may help Thou hast given me, day

find a part in Thy kingdom

of life and peace. Redeem by day, until now; most especi. ally for the regeneration of my

us, Christians, by Thy sacred

blood : raise us up by Thy soul, and its deliverance, for all

resurrection : take Thy 'mercy and patience, and that Thou hast đealt with me

heaven by Thy ascension, that according to the ocean of Thy

we may worship and glorify

Thee for ever. Amen, mercies, and not according to the multitude of my sins.

II. I pray Thee moreover, O Lord Christ, to give me Thy O GOD, the light of my grace, that I may pass this

the , week well and piously, with- wherefore do we stray away



irom l'hee? Whom else shall | only intent on Thee. Make we seek? Whom else shall we me to love Thee with all my desire? Wound my soul, mind, that my understanding pray Thee, with Thy love : fill and my memory may be filled all my desires, that nothing with Thee and Thy glory, and beside Thee may delight me, may cleave only to Thee. nothing attract me; that Make me to love Thee with may behold Thee in all 'Thy all my strength, that I


be creatures, and in all Thy spent entirely in Thy praise, creatures love 'Thee alone. Thy love, and in accordance May I ever long for 'Thee with with Thy will. Make me to the most fervent desire, and love Thee, O God, so that ever think of 'Thee alone with 'Thou alone mayest possess me, the most holy love. O Lord and transform me into Thy Jesu, infame my heart with likeness; Who livest and the most holy and most faith- reignest God, world without ful love of 'Thee. Make me

end. Amen. to burn with love of Thee : with a continual love of Thee.

UI. Like as the hart desireth the

The Holy Name. water brooks, so let my soul Inog after Thee, O God.' Give O GOD, Who hast apme an insatiable, 'unbounded pointed Thine Only-bedesire of Thee, which no crea- gotten Son to be the Saviour ture shall be able to satisfy. O mankind, and called His Lord Jesu, I pray Thee by Thy piercing with a spear, to

who now venerate His sacred transfix my heart with love of Name, may hereafter with joy Thee, that 'I 'may love Thee

behold His face in heaven: with all my heart, with all my through the same Jesus Christ soul, with all my mind; that our Lord. Amen. is, with an entire and undivided will; that I may love

MONDAY. Thee, seek Thee, and labour to please Thee in all things,

I. and above all things.

Make me to love Thee with all my, soul, that all my senses ledge and confess, with great may be ruled by Thee, and I humiiity and lowliness of heart,

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with O JESUS CHRIST, eternal

that I day by day offend against voices, nor behold their brightThy love. I pray Thee, there- ness, nor am conscious of their fore, at the beginning of this assistance helping me to good, week's labours, to pardon and yet let them guard me, wardforgive me, humbly beseeching ing off from me the power of Thee of Thy great mercy to temptation, that it may not grant me grace to make a overcome me. Let them degood beginning, to think of fend me from my foes, visible. and to labour for my soul, for and invisible, that I transgress, which Thou hast endured such not against the Lord. At the toils and pains in Thy holy hour of my death may they Crucifixion. I implore Thee, stand by me and protect me, O God, my Creator, that I and bear my soul into Thy. may from this day forth unto Presence, that I may worship the end of my life be con- Thy glorious face, and behold, firmed in good to the honour the joys of Thy saints, when I and glory of Thy kingdom, shall glorify Thee for the mercy and for my own salvation. wit! which Thou receivest my

To Thee I offer this day my prayer, and evermore speak of soul, my body, and all that is Thy praises. Amen. mine ; and pray Thee that Thou wouldest make Thy will

II. to work in me as seemeth best to Thee. Give me patience LORD JESUS CHRIST, to endure, and chastise me Son of the living God, now, O most merciful, and grant me to hunger and thirst not in the world to come. after Thee with all my heart, Pardon the living and the dead and all my desire, and all my according to the comfort Thou soul; sweetly and peaceable to bestowest in Thy Holy Church, long for Thee ; and ever to de and grant me a place with sire Thee with all my spirit them in Paradise, that I with and my whole inner man, Who them may rejoice in glory. art our true blessedness. Let

Grant me the protection of every creature become worthThy holy angels, to guard me less to me, and nothing affect, day and night, and to assist me, nothing please me, except my soul in approaching, by a Thee, O sweet Jesu : transfix sincere repentance, unto God. my heart with Thy most holy. And although I hear not their love. Draw all

my desires

after Thee, that my soul may

reignest one God, world withlong for Thee alone, aud long- out end. Amen, ing for Thee, may despise all earthly things. O sweet Jesu,

TUESDAY. bill my heart with sacred long

1. ing for Thee, that I may ever burn with love of Thee ; and GOD the Father, Who ever thinking of Thee, may at the beginning didst desire nothing beside Thee. say, there be light, and Would that Thou only wert there was light, lighten mine dear to my heart, that Thou eyes that I sleep not in death, alone couldest please me! O lest mine enemy say, I have Lord God, when shall i per- prevailed against him. fectly love Thee? O my Lord O God the Son, Light of God, would that I could en- light, highest light, most true tirely despise myself and all light, Creator of the light and the world for love of Thee; of the day: O Light that would that my heart might be

shinest in darkness, lighting melted with Thy love, and every man that conieth into the transformed according to Thy world, drive away from me all pleasure, Who livest and darkness of ignorance, and give reignest, world without end. me understanding, that in Thee Amen.

and by Thee I may see and

know the Father, Whom to III.

see is to live, and Whom to The Most Holy Trinity.

serve is to reign.

O God the Holy Ghost, O

fire of light and love, illumine ing God, Who hast given me with Thy light, that I may unto us Thy servants grace, by be able rightly to distinguish the confession of a true faith, between the deceitful pleasures to acknowledge the glory of of the world and the true joys the Eternal Trinity, and in the of heaven. Lighten my mind power of the Divine Majesty that I may see how great a to worship the Unity: we be- good our enemy would have seech Thee, that Thou wouldest us exchange for a shadow that keep us stedfast in this faith, Aitteth by. Give me to see and evermore defend us from that is Thine, and to be blind all adversities; Who livest and to all else, Pour into my


ALMIGHTY and everlast

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