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forted me; for Thou art the lapsed into sin. It were easier Father of mercies and the God to number the drops of rain of all comfort. Great is Thy than to number my sins. For pity, O Lord, and great are I have polluted and injured Thy mercies.

my every power, and even my I will sacrifice unto Thee conscience. One only refuge with the voice of thanks- I have, O Lord, Thy mercy. givirg: I will exalt Thee, and Wherefore I pray Thee, of give thanks unto Thy Name: Thine exceeding goodness, to I will rejoice in Thy mercy. fo give me each and all of my

many offences, which I have Renewal of Good Intention.

committed in my whole life,

every one of which is plain to BEHOLD! made

Thine all-seeing eye;

Who whole. I will strive to livest and reignest God, world sin no more. I have washed without end. Amen. my garments in the Blood of the Lamb ; how shall I THANK Thee, O Lord again pollut: them. Having Jesu Christ, my God and received mercy, I will not Saviour, long suffering and of again forget Thee, my Saviour, great mercy, ever bearing with but will remember the loving- our iniquities, and rejoicing kindness of the Lord.

over one sinner that repenteth :

I thank Thee for that Thou hast I PRAISE Thee, 9 Jesu shown mercy, and stretched

Christ, my Lord and out Thy hand to me, and Master, with all my heart. I visited me, Thy lowly and unbow down my body and soul worthy servant, who have reto Thee. I acknowledge be- ceived innumerable benefits at fore Thee my sins, O my God. Thine hand, and have foolishly Accept my prayer, and grant despised them all. I had wan. me sorrow for mine offences, dered away from Thee, and that I may bewail myself now, provoked Thee times without and not mourn in vain for number: I had dishonoured

For I have been guilty Thee by the transgression of of every sort of sin. I have Thy holy commandments: I polluted my body and soul, had gone down to the depths and as often as I have promised of sin, and Thou l'ast again repentance, so often have I re- cleansed me and made me fit


to come and worship before chastisements of Thy wrath ; the Throne of Thy mercy;

and that these are now justly Thou hast granted me to ask doomed to hell, in great cry. and to receive forgiveness of ing and tears, without being my sins, and to be numbered able to find comfort or help. again amongst Thine elect. I I have surpassed them in transthank Thee, O God, for that gressions, and yet, lest I should Thou hast not forgotten me in suffer like torments, Thou hast my loneliness, and hast not spared me so long a time, and abhorred me in my unclean- hast not destroyed me, but ness, but hast received and sufferest me stiil to live that I welcomed me the lost one. I may turn and repent. What beseech Thee, therefore, of thanks do I owe Thee, O my 'l hine ineffable goodness to God, who hast borne with strengthen me for the future me even until this day! I by the grace of Thy all Holy have appeared before 'Thee Spirit, to resist the world, the again to confess my sins, and Aesh, and the Devil, and every to desist from them by Thy form of sin. Lighten the eyes help, and to turn to virtue, to of my mind, that I may walk the best of my ability. How in the path of Thy command- sweet were the words of Thy ments, and spend the rest of Priest in my ears, saying unto my life peacefully and sin- me, “I absolve Thee of all cerely, and finally, after this Thy sins !" 0 most blessed life, may come to Thee, my Word of comfort ! O most God and Saviour, to praise desirable grace which I have Thee and bless Thee for ever. this day received ! What Amen,

shall I give to Thee, O God, for so great grace? How

can I thank Thee as I ought? Judge, I

Not only my strength fails, times past the sword of Thy but words, and thought, and justice hath many times smitten all I have fail for an offering sinners on a sudden for their of sufficient thanks. I have evil passions, because they the will alone, by which, with would not submit themselves Thy help, O my God, I hope to Thy commands ; being to do that which is pleasing drawn neither by Thine in. unto Thee. Therefore, O my effable goodness, nor by the Creator, I present before Thee

O LORD, most righteous

this day, that which I implore Thee to accept as one continual sacrifice, the resolution which I now make. I desire perfectly to fulfil, and to keep stedfastly and faithfully the things which my ghostly father has this day enjoined upon me. Firstly. To keep my rules more watchfully so far as I am able. Secondly. Not to fall back into my old sins, but to hate them with a

contrite heart, and to Ay trom them as from deadly enemies. Thirdly. To walk in Thy fear, my God, and in Thy ways, keeping Thy commandments, following Thy inspirations, walking in the paths of virtue as I ought, and being obedient in all those things which I know to be for my soul's welfare, and to Thy glory, O my Lord. Amen,

Holy Baptism,
For the Unbaptized. being taught Thy holy mys-

teries, he may be regenerated O LORD, Holy Father Al.

in the font of baptism, and mighty, Everlasting God,

numbertd amongst the mem. we pray Thee of Thine everlasting and most righteous

bers of 'Thy Church; through

Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. mercy, Who art the Author of light and truth, to show

The Same. the brightness of Thy light unto this Thy servant. Cleanse IMPLORE Thee, O Lord, lim, sanctify him, and give Holy Father, Almighty, him a right knowledge, that, Everlasting God, in behalf of being prepared for Thy holy | Thy servant who now wanders Sacrament of Baptism, he may uncertain and in doubt in ever hold fast firm hope, right the night of the world : that purposes, and a holy faith; Thou wouldest make known through Jesus Christ our Lord. unto him the way of truth and Amen.

knowledge: that the eyes of his

understanding being opened, For Catechumens whilst

he may confess Thee One God, under Instruction, the Father in the Son and the

, , Son in the Father, with the chosen servant, N., that, Holy Ghost, and may receive the reward of this faith in this indeed, and of the number of world and in the world to the faithful; and in the day of come ; through Jesus Christ Thy harvest, when Thou our Lord.. Amen.

comest to purge 'Thy floor,

may be gathered with Thy For the Recently Baptized.

blessed ones into Thy barn;

Who livest and reignest God, O GOD, Who ever in- world without end. Amen.

creasest Thy Church with new offspring : grant that Thy Thanksgiving for the Benefit servants may all their lives

of Holy Baptism. abide in the grace of the Sacrament they have by faith re- ET

'TERNAL Father of the ceived; through Jesus Christ Only-begotten Son, our our Lord. Amen.

Lord Jesus Christ, Who art the Creator of all things, and

Lord of all that Thou hast The Same.

made, I give Thee thanks with O GOD, Who gatherest to- all my heart, and with all my

gether all nations into strength, for that 'Thou, with one by the confession of Thy out any merit on my part, and Name: grant to all those who moved only by Thine own are ri generate in baptism, that mercy,didst vouchsafe to cleanse they may be one in faith and me in that sacred stream which charity ; through Jesus Christ flowed from the side of Thy our Lord. Amen.

Son, washing away in Holy
Baptism all thy stains of my

soul, and delivering me from The Same.

death and hell, and from all my


and eternal glory foes, making me Thy dwell


, Jesu ing-place, and a tabernacle of Christ, Who, by the holy laver the most Holy Trinity, giving of regeneration hast received me the spirit of adoption Thy servant into the number whereby i num ered of Thy children. Continually among Thy children, bestow. baptize him we implore Thee,ing upon me the graces receswith Thy Holy Spirit and sary for my vocation, and the Thy Heavenly fire, that be gift of the Holy Ghost, endu. may be found to be Thy child ing me with strength to live

pleasingly in Thy sight, and giving me power to resist my ghostly enemy, and to attain to that eternal blessedness which 'Thou didst create me to inherit. What thanks can I give Thee, O Lord, Who ha-t chosen me for Thine own when so many wander in darkness, serving strange gods, and beasts and stones? All thanksgiving, gl ry and praise be to Thee, O most merciful God, who hast given me a part and lot in Thy Kingdom of Heaven, in Thy Holy Church, in the mansions of Thy children. Grant me, O merciful Father, so rightly to use that heavenly grace, that Thy murcies may not be spent in vain on me, nor my final lot be worse than that of those who have not known. Thee. Remember them also, O Cre. ator of the souls of men, according to Thy great mercy, Who hast remembered me, the last and least of all; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

was no other than an heir of everlasting wrath, didst vouchsafe that I should, as upon this day, he born again of water and the Holy Ghost, in the blessed laver of baptism, being thereby made a member of Christ and an heir of eternal life. For this Thine inestimalle favour I do here gratefully commemorate that happy day, and in most humble and hearty wise I do extol the abundant riches of Thy glorious grace, in Thy sight, and in the sight of Thy holy angels, with all the company of heaven : renewing that sacred vow which was then made in my name, to forsake this wicked world, ad to live as a Christian ought to do, in o edience to Thy holy faith and command. ments; most humbly bezeeching Thee, of Thy great mercy, to pardon me all former breaches of my solemn promise, and to endue me so with the assistance of Thy Holy Spirit, that henceforth I may walk in newness of life, worthy of that blessed estate whereunto Thou hast called me: and keeping myself unspotted of the world, the Aesh, and the Devil, may daily die unto sin, for which cause I was baptized into the Death of Christ; and, as I have had my part this day in the

Anniversary of Baptism. O LORD, Heavenly Father

, Almighty and Everlasting God, Who of Thine infinite goodness towards me when I was born in sin, and

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