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mercy upon me, most merciful Father and the Holy Ghost, Lord ; despise not the broken

en i world without end. Amen. and contrite heart of Thy servant. Give me a

true and O MOST merciful Father, I perfect contrition for all the bless Thy holy Name, evil I have done, that I may and praise Thee with my lips detest my sins with all my and with my heart, that Thou heart. Help me by Thy grace

hast not washed me once only truly and penitently to confess from my sins, but hast showed them to Thy minister, to me in the sacred Blood of grieve for them, and to receive Christ a fountain, ever flowing, rumission, and grace for amend- in which I may be cleansed as inenc from Thy mercy; Who often as I sin. This is the everlivest and reignést, world with- Aowing stream, that washes out end. Amen,

away the sins of the world.

This is the medicine ever ready Bow down Thine ear, o for the infirmities of our souls. Lord, and have mercy

This is the precious means of upon me, for I have greatly our reconciliation with our sinned against Thee. Grant Eternal Father. I had sinned, me, O Lord, firmi faith at and my condemnation drew heart, words of truth in my near, but Thy Son had mercy mouth, a good intention in my upon me, and took my sins mind, honesty in my future upon Himself, and having actions, patience in tribulation, borne all the chastisement they humility in prosperity, and merited, bade His priest profinal perseverance, that this niy nounce the absolution of my confession and the rest of my sin. Grant me gladly to enlife may be pleasing to Thee. dure all that may befall me for Aid me, o God, in my sorrows Him, Who thus atoned for me: and necessities; turn my anguish through the same Jesus Christ and tribulation into happiness our Lord. Amen. and everlasting joy; and when the last day of my life shall

An Act of Contrition.

come, deliver me from the O JESU. Lord of infinite

and all the terrors of the pit, and receive my soul in peace; Who livest and reignest with the

Love, have offended Thee so often during my life; wash me from my sins in Thy Blood. I


grieve, O most merciful Sa. viour, for every one of my sins, and firmly purpose rather to suffer ill than again to consent to sin. I desire sincerely to confess my sins, and, so far as it is in my power, to make amends to Thee and to my neighbour, and henceforth to avoid all occasions of sin. Let Thy Death and Passion supply what is wanting in me. Trusting in Thy precious Blood and superabundant merits, I hope to obtain pardon and grace, to amend my ways, and to persevere in good unto the end. Do Thou, O Lord, Who hast vouchsafed me light to know my faults, perfect my contrition, and help me to make anıends for my sins. Take away from

me whatever is displeasing to Thee; perfect whatever is pleasing to Thee; that I may live and die in Thee and for Thee : pour forth Thy grace more abundantly upon me, that I may lead a holy life, and please Thee to my latest breath; Who, with the Father and the Holy Ghost, livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

Lord God, be merciful to me a sinner, Who hast redeemed me with Thy most precious Blood. Grant me of Thine inestimable mercy perfectly to know my sins, worthily to lament them, to confess them without concealment, to repent of them truly, and to bring forth worthy fruits of pen

Grant me of Thy tender pity perfect pardon of all my offences, deliver me from all ills, and unite me to the company of Thy Saints, To all to whom I am joined by friendship or relationship, to all by whom I have been helped, for whom I am bound

and to all the faithful, grant remission of all their sins. Deliver them from al evil, keep them in all good, and bring them to life everlasting. Grant perfect remission to all those who have sinned against me, and grant me to be able to love them according to Thy commandment, and to forgive them with all my heart. Soften my heart with Thy

wonted mercy; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. Prayer immediately before

Confession. To Thee, O God, King of

Heaven and earth, I

to pray,

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Prayer whilst waiting to

Confess. O CHRIST, Creator, and

Redeemer, Almighty

come to confess my sins: to renounce them with my whole will; to repent of them with a sorrowing heart. I implore 'Thee to assist me, mot merciful God, and to give me giace that I may abstain from them from this day forward. Strengthen me to do Thy will, and make me meet to enter Thy Kingdom; through Jesus Christ

Lord. Amen.

Prayer at Absolution.

the word of Thine Angel the chains fell off from the hands of S. Peter, and he was immediately restored to liberty, so grant, dear Lord, that by the words of absolution pronounced by Thy Priest, the chains of


sins loosed, and all my oftences pardoned; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

may be


Form of Confession. IN the Name, etc.

I CONFESS to God, the

Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, hefore the whole company of Heaven and to you, Father, that I have sinned exceedingly in thought, word, and deed, through my fault, through my own fault, through my own very great fault.

And especially since my last confession

days, weeks since. For these, and all my other sins, which I cannot now remember, I am heartily sorry, firmly propose amendment, most humbly ask pardon of God and of you, Father, penance, counsel, and absolution.

Prayers after Confession MAY this, my confession,

be pleasing and acceptable unto Thee, O God; and whatsoever has been wanting now or at any other time in my sorrow for sin, or in the purity and integrity of my confession, do Thou, of Thy mercy and pity atone for, and hold me perfectly and fully absolved in heaven; Who livest and riignest, world without end. Amen. To Thee, most merciful

Jesu, I return and give thanks, that Thou hast cleansed me from the leprosy of my sins. Blessed be l hy Name, O Lord, for ever: for Thou art the Saviour Who rejectest none, however sintul; Who


receivest all true penitents into them that are oppressed with Thy favour, and numberest wrong them amongst Thy children. He showed His ways unto I confess and adore Thy mercy, Moses : his works unto the and devote myself for the children of Israel. future to Thy service. Help The Lord is full of compasmy weakness, and suffer me sion and mercy: long-suffering, never henceforth, through love and of great goodness. of transitory things, to forget He will not alway be chidThy benefits, or to relapse into ing: neither keepeth He His my former sins. So bind my anger for ever. heart to Thee with bonds of He hath not dealt with us love, that I may be able to say after our sins: nor rewarded with the Apostle, Who shall us according to our wickedseparate me from the love of Christ. Amen.

For look how high the hea

ven is in comparison of the Psalm ciii. Benedic, anima

earth: so great is His mercy

also toward them that fear mea.

Him. PRAISE the Lord, O my Look how wide also the

soul : and all that is east is from the west: so far within me praise His holy hath He set our sins from us. Name.

Yea, like as a father pitieth Praise the Lord, O my soul: his own children: even so is and forget not all His benefits; the Lord merciful unto them

Who forgiveth all thy sin : that fear Him. and healeth all thine infirmi. For He knoweth whereof

we are made: He remembereth Who saveth thy life from that we are but dust. destruction : and crowneth The days of man are but as Thee with mercy and loving

grass : for he fourisheth as a kindness;

hower of the field. Who satisfieth thy mouth For as soon as the wind with good things: making goeth over it, it is gone; and thee young and lusty as an the place thereof shall know eagle.

it no more. The Lord executeth righ- But the merciful goodness teousness and judgment: for all of the Lord endureth for ever




and ever upon them that fear | Strengthen me, and sustain me, Him: and His righteousness lest I fall again. Let Thy upon childien's children ; hand be upon me; leave me

Even upon such as keep His not alone, neither forsöke me. covenant : and think upon Put Thy fear into my heart, His commandments

to do

that I err 'not from Thy way, them.

nor break my vows. Grant The Lord hath prepared me to serve Thee in holiness His seat in heaven: and His and righteousness all the days kingdom ruleth over all. of my life.

O praise the Lord, ye angels Keep my soul, that it may of His, ye that excel in be a vessel for sanctification strength: ye that fulfil His and honour, to the glory of commandment, and hearken Thy holy Name, that I may unto the voice of His words. praise Thee with all Thy

O praise the Lord, all ye Saints for ever. Through. His hosts : ye servants of his that do his pleasure.

THOU, O Lord, hast broken O speak good of the Lord,

my bonds in sunder. all ye works of His, in all I will offer unto Thee the sacri. places of His dominion: praise fice of Thanksgiving. Thou thou the Lord, O my soul. hast spared my soul, and hast

had compassion upon me in HE righteousness which Thine infinite mercy. O God,

Thou hast restored unto who is like unto Thee, Who me, O God, I desire to retain, takest away sin : Thou puttest and never more to depart from away our iniquities, and cast. it. I would fain go forward est our sins into the depths of and walk in newness of life, and be renewed day by day. Thou hast turned away from Let not my heart go back Thine anger, and from Thy from Thee, O God; suffer me wrathful indignation. Thou not to leave Thee again, o hast forgiven my iniquities, God, for Thou hast restored Thou hast reconciled me to me through Jesus Christ our Thyself by the Blood of Thy Lord. Amen,

dear Son. Thou hast regarded

my lowliness, and lifted me THOU, O God, hast given up. In Thy mercy Thou hast

pardon to the penitent. I brought me back and com


the sea.

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