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ing. Grant me, O Lord, that WHE

ashes as it were bread, and to

7. Sloth.Ps. cxliii. mingle my drink with weep

HEN shall I begin, o my meat may be henceforth to

God, to love and praise do Thy will, Who givest us Thee with all my heart, all to drink of Thy pleasures as my soul, all my mind, and out of a river; through Jesus all my strength, Who hast Christ our Lord. Amen. loved us with an everlast

ing love, and betrothed us 6. Envy.-Ps. cxxx.

to Thyself for eternity. My

soul, alas, has slept through GOD OD so loved the world

weariness: Woe is me, that I that He gave His Only- have hitherto been lukewarm begotten Son, to the end that in Thy service, so that I may all that believe in Him should well fear lest Thou shouldest not perish but have everlasting spue me out of Thy mouth. life. Thou, O God, makest Spare me, O God; enter not Thy sun to rise upon the evil into judgment with Thy ser. and the good, and rainest vant, for in Thy sight shall upon the just and the unjust ; no man living be justified. I and I am consumed with stretch forth my hands unto envy because it is well with Thee: my soul gaspeth unto others. I, who would that TH as a thirsty land. Hear all should happen to me me, O Lord, and that soon, according to my wish, am for my spirit waxeth faint; troubled at the prosperity of let Thy loving Spirit lead me my neighbour. Pardon, o forth into the land of righteousmost merciful Father, what- ness, and raise me up again soever sins I have hitherto for Thy Name's sake: through committed in this respect, for Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. great is Thy mercy. Grant that I may from this moment

Short Penitential Prayers put on, as the beloved of God,

and Ejaculations. bowels of mercy, kindness, meekness, and, above all things, KE

EEP me from presumpcharity, which is the bond of

tuous sins; that I may perfectness. Hear me, O God, never grieve 'Thy Holy Spirit, through Jesus Christ our Lord. nor provoke 'Thee to leave me Amen.

to myself,


Lord, make me ever mind- errors ? O cleanse me from ful of my infirmities and back

my secret faults. slidings, that I

be more

O Lord, be favourable unto watchfuland more importunate me; pardon and deliver me for grace in time to come. from all my sins.

O Lord, grant that the Ad- Grant that my great sin versary of souls may never find may never rise up in judgment me off my guard, nor from

against me, nor bring shame under Thy protection.

and confusion of face upon Obtain for me, O Jesus, the grace of mortification Let the Blood of Jesus Christ, and self-denial; the grace of O God, move Thee to have true humility and the fear of

mercy upon a miserable sinner, God.

May Thy Almighty and Give me, O God, such a

powerful grace make me as true sorrow for my sins, as perfect as Thou hast com. shall enable me to embrace all manded me to be. the necessary means, how bitter soever, for rooting them out

I ACKNOWLEDGE, O of my soul.

Jesu, the Almighty power O most powerful Advocate, of Thy grace to heal all the I put my cause in Thy hands; disorders of my soul. O deal let Thy Blood and merits plead with me according to the for me; and, by Thy mighty multitude of Thy mercies, and intercession, procure me a full heal my soul of its sad disdischarge of my sius.

orders. O that we may not sin, knowing that we are Thy HA AVE

mercy upon me, children.

God, through Jesus Make me,

O God, ever Christ, and forgive me all that mindful of my infirmities and I have done amiss from mine my backslidings, that I may infancy until this moment : be more watchful, and more knowingly or in ignorance, importunate for grace in time secretly or openly, sleeping or

waking, in thought, word, O say unto me, as Thou or deed, through the snares didst unto Moses, I have par- of the enemy, or through doned thee.


impure desires. Who can understand his Amen,

to come.


O ,

me, and forgive me all my sins, for Thy dear Son Jesus Christ's sake. Amen.

Liberate me, O my most dear Jesu :

Weeping. moaning, and kneeling before Thee,

In hard bondage, in cruel pain,

I adore Thee, and implore Thee to liberate me.

O LORD COD, I have

hoped in Thee:


ire and

Before Confession and Com.

in this time of peace, whilst munion.

yet Thou callest me, escape

from the snares of the powers O MOST merciful Lord,

of evil. Give me a firm purand most loving Re. pose

of amendment, that I may deemer, grant me, I pray Thee, live unto Thee in holiness and by Thy holy Death to receive righteousness, and not unto Thy Body and Thy Blood with myself, so that I may commutrue faith, living hope, and nicate at Thy holy Table to perfect charity, that I may be the benefit of my soul. I able to feel, with a

tremble, O God, at the severity hearty devotion, how great of the judgment which Thon was Thy love and tender

hast pronounced by the mouth mercy, when Thou at Thy of Thine Apostle against the last supper didst institute and unworthy communicant, and give unto us this most Holy knowing myself to be indeed Sacrament, whereby we con- unworthy to receive Thee tinually renew the memory of under my roof, I pray Thee Thy redeeming Death. Grant by.Thy grace Thyself to make that my heart may be cleansed me worthy. Thou, Who art from every sin, grant me by all holy, hallow me: make Thy grace perfect contrition, me a temple fit for Thyself, that truly grieving, I may show that I may, rejoice in Thy the wounds I have received to presence, and thirsting no more Thee and to Thy minister. for temporal things, may be Grant me to receive Thy heal. refreshed with the streams of ing medicine, that I may now Thine inexhaustible grace, and

may bring forth fruit pleasing unto Thee; Who livest and reignest God, world without end. Amen.

Prayer to the Holy Ghost for

Light. O LORD our

God, who

hast bidden us ever to pray, and art ready to grant whatsoever things we ask according to Thy will, hear me, trembling and troubled in this gteat darkness of sin, and show me the light of Thy salvation; stretch forth Thine hand to me, and deliver me from the depths of error. Though I am indeed oppressed, O Lord, and in thick darkness and obscurity, neverth less I adore Thee the true Light. Thee I desire with my whole heart, earnestly beseeching Thee that Thou wouldst illumine my soul, lighten my mind, and fill my heart with the brightness of Thy mercy, that I may perfectly know my sins and faults, and confess them with

true s rrow and contri. tion of heart before Thee and Thy Priest, with full intention of amendment, to Thy honour and glory, and to the salvation of my soul; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


what have I given Thee in return for all Thy love? Nothing but sins, iniquities, and ingratitude. Would that I had never offended Thee, and might never offend Thee again henceforth. Against Thee only have I sinned, and done this evil in Thy sight. I grieve with my whole heart for my sins, secret and open, for by them I have offended Thee, Who art the highest good, Who art infinitely perfect, and worthy of all love. I grieve that i have sinned against Thee, my Creator, my Redeemer, my God. I repent that I have ever sinned. I grieve that I have dared to offend Thee. Humbly, O God, I ask pardon. I detest and hate all my sins which I have committed from my childhood up to this hour. I detest them above all other hateful things, on account of their foulness, on account of the punishment due to them, on account of the loss they have brought upon my soul, and on account of my ingratitude to Thy goodness. Especially, O God, I hate all .... by which I have displeased Thee, and done evil in Thy sight, Who if there were neither heaven nor hell,


are still most worthy to be RECEIVE my

nor reward nor punishment,

confession, loved and served

most merciful Lord Jesu, nour and devotion, and never and spare me. I, a sinner, am to be offended on account of not worthy so much as to Thy supreme goodness and name Thee; for I have sinned perfection. Pardon me, O God, against Thee again and again, Who willest not the death of by my fault, by my own fault, a sinner. I purpose indeed

by my own very great fault. henceforth earnestly to endea- Behold, I kneel before Thee, vour not to offend Thee. I O God, O infinitely merciful purpose carefully to avoid all Saviour. I am ashamed, and sins and occasions of sin, and blush to lift my face to Thee, especially

I will con

for my transgressions are manifess that, and do penance

fold, and are become a sore for it. I will serve 'Thee burden, too heavy for me to better, O my God. For Thy bear. Be Thou, O most mersake I forgive all who have ciful Jesu, pitiful to me, a sin. offended or injured me. I ask ner. Rebuke me not in Thine pardon of all those whom I indignation; cast me not away have grieved, offended, hurt, from Thy presence, for Thou injured, despised, or grudged, hast said, I will not the death and desire to make them of a sinner, but rather that he amends. And since none of should be converted and live. these things, O God, can atone Receive me, I pray Thee, refor the evil I have done, I offer turning unto Thee penitent unto Thee, as a propitiation and with a contrite heart. for my sins, the merits of my Thou art my Saviour and my Saviour Jesus Christ. Pardon, God, and I am Thy servant, O most merciful Father, a though unworthy and a sinner. prodigal returning to Thee; Spare me, O Lord Jesu, Who receive me into Thy grace, didst die upon the Cross for and suffer me never to fall sinners. For to whom shall I away from it.

O good Ay save unto Thee, Who art God, would that I could my hope and my salvation. If prefer death to sin. Help Thou rejectest me, who will Thou my weakness; through receive me; to whom shall I Jesus Christ

Lord. go for help ; who else will Amen,

wash away my sins. Have


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