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I have given way to my own

hast bidden me to love even as desires and passions, and have myself. Often have I sinned despised Thee, O most faithful against this Thy command; Father. I have hewed myself I have coveted temporal things out cisterns, broken cisterns tu the loss of others; I have that cannot hold water, and sought my own praise to the have forsaken Thee the foun- depreciation of others; and tain of living waters. I have yet, O God, what shall it profit sought in created things that me to gain the whole world happiness which can be found and lose my own soul? What only in Thee. There is indeed shall all these things profit me, no peace for the wicked: and if I go down to the pit? What therefore I return unto Thee, can I hope for in heaven or on most loving Father, of Whose earth, whilst Thou art offended mercy there is no end, the with me, O God? I confess treasure of whose loving-kind- that I have sinned; pardon me, ness is inexhaustible. Father, for I acknowledge my transI have sinned against heaven gression. Take away from and before Thee; give me, I me this hard, stony, envious, pray Thee, though I am un. carnal, worldly heart of mine, worthy of the name of son, and give me a heart conformed the garment of grace which I to Thy will, that I also may have lost by my sins, restore to be numbered among the chilme the ring of Thy love, dren of faithful Abraham. For which I have lost by the love Thou art He Whio did come to of created things, that adorned seek and save that which was with these token's of Thy lost: Who livest and reignest favour I may present myself God, world without end. before Thee at Thy Eucharistic Amen. feast, and may be united to Thee for all eternity; through

4. Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. I HAVE gone astray, like a

is 3.

Good Shepherd, seek Thy ser

vant, bring me back into the confess myself a sinner: way of Thy commandments. I have offended against Thy For Thou hast said, I will Divine Majesty, and against seek that which was lost, and my neighbour, whom Thou will bring again that which

O GOD to my shame,

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was driven away, and will the shadow of Thy wings, for bind up that which was broken, there is my rest, and therein and will strengthen that which

will I rejoice. was sick. Behold, O Lord, the countless wounds of my

6. sins, and heal them. Though I am unworthy, yet lift me up fable is the brightness of and bear me in Thy arms; Thy glory, and intolerable is number me amongst the flock

the breath of Thine anger of Thine elect, that I may against impenitent sinners. evermore sing of Thy loving But immense and unfathommercies; Who livest and reign- able are the promises of Thy est God, world without end. mercy, for Thou, O Lord, art Amen.

the Lord God merciful and

gracious, long suffering and 5.

abundant in goodness and truth, O ,

keeping mercy for thousands, from Jerusalem to Jeri. forgiving iniquity, transgrescho; I have left the place of sion, and sin. Thou, O God, peace for the desert of the according to the multitude of world's delusions, and the plea-Thy mercies, givest repentance sures of the flesh, and have to those who sin against Thee, fallen into the hands of my and dost promise to the penighostly enemies, by whom I tent remission of sin and sal. have been robbed of my inno- vation. O God, I have sinned cency, and left wounded unto above the number of the sand death. Cast Thy pitiful eyes by the sea shore, my iniquities upon me, O good Samaritan, are manifold, and I am not and have mercy upon me lying worthy to raise my eyes to in the misery of my sins. heaven on

acconnt of the There is none who can help multitude of my sins. Whereme in this wretched condition, fore I kneel and implore Thee, but Thou alone, Lord Jesu, O God, to give me goodness. and in Thee is all my hope. I have sinned, O God, I have Thou art the only Physician sinned, and I confess my sin. of my soul. I prav Thee, I pray Thee to pardon me; pour into my hands th: oil of destroy me not with my sins, Thy mercy and the wine of neither in Thine anger damn Thy grace, and hide me under | me or all eternity. For 'Thou,

our vows.

O God, art the God of peni- we forget when Thy visitation tents, Who showest Thy good- is passed what we bewailed. ness towards me : wherefore If Thou stretch out Thine also save me according to the hand, we make promises unto greatness of Thy mercy, that I Thee; if Thou withdraw may praise Thee all the days | Thy sword, we do not perform of my life, and that all the powers of heaven may praise If Thou smite us, we cry 'Thee for ever; through Jesus to Thee to spare; if Thou Christ our Lord. Amen. spare, we again provoke Thee

to smite us. 7.

If troubles come, we pray

for a time of repentance ; if God, we bring our faults, | Thy mercy grant it, we abuse and the stripes we have re- the patience that spared us. ceived for them.

Scarcely have we recovered If we consider the ill we from the chastisement Thou have done, what we suffer is hast sent us, when we forget little; what we have committed wherefore Thou hast chastened

BEFORE Thine eyes, ..

is great.


What we have done is serious ; If Thou hear us quickly, we what we have endured is become hardened to Thy mercy; light

if Thou delay, we murmur We feel the punishment of impatiently. sin; and yet we do not desist We desire Thee, O God, to from sinning

preserve what Thou hast made; Our weakness is crushed by and yet are too slothful to do adversity; but our iniquities what Thou commandest. are not changed.

We accuse ourselves before Our minds are sadly tortured; Thee, O God; and know that but our necks are not bent, if Thou pardonestus

Our life is filled with sor- Thou mayest justly destroy row; but our works are not us. improved.

Grant, O Father Almighty, If Thou wait, we do not what we ask without any amend; if Thou punish, we merit on our part, Who hast cannot bear it,

made us out of nothing, who We confess when corrected cry to Thee; through Jesus that we have done amiss; but Christ our Lord. Amen.


Prayers against the Seven Deadly Sins, which


be said with the Seven Peni. tential Psalms.


1. Pride.-Ps. vi. UR Lord Jesus Christ be

came obedient unto death, even the death of the Cross, and I, a poor worm, I who am but dust and ashes, I the greatest of sinners, who have merited death a thousand times, I, O God, have not feared to be puffed up. Have mercy upon me, O God; I acknowledge and detest my abominable arrogance. I pray Thee cast

me not into the pit with the proud Lucifer and his angels, but turn and deliver my soul. Help me and save me for Thy mercies' sake, and I will henceforth choose rather to be lowly in

seeing, nor the ear with hearing: I shall be satisfied when Thy glory shall appear. Alas, that I have hitherto so diligently served mammon; What shall it profit me if I shall gain the whole world and lose myown soul? The proud have robbed ; they have slept their sleep, and all the men whose hands were mighty have found nothing, I confess my iniquity, O God: do Thou forgive the wickedness of my sin. What I have unjustly acquired I will restore : I will be more merciful to the poor : I will serve Thee more diligently for the future. Help me. O God, Who fillest my desire with good things, and hear me, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


dwell in the tents of ungodli. Hear

O God, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



3. Anger.-Ps. xxxviii.

man beareth hatred against another, and doth he seek pardon from the Lord ? He showeth no mercy to a man which is like himself: and doth he ask for forgiveness of his own sins? It he that is but flesh nourisheth hatred, who will entreat for the pardon of his sins? And yet, O Lord, despite this warning, I have nourished anger and hatred in my heart, Spare

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me, God, forgive my iniquity me, O God, from sinning and my obstinacy in which I again. Let me not again, have so long persevered. From Lord Jesu, tread under fool my heart I pardon and remit Thy most precious Blood, whatsoever sins others have shed for the washing away of committed against me. Re- my sins. Forbid this, O God, buke me not, Lord, in Thine forbid it. I pray Thee, O Son anger, neither chasten me in of the most chaste Virgin Thy heavy displeasure. Let Mary, deliver me from the me be now as a deaf man that spirit of fornication. Wash me heareth not, and as one that is throughly from my wickeddumb that doth not open his ness, and cleanse me from my mouth, when my enemies rise sin. Cast me not away from up against me, and temptations Thy presence, and take not come upon me by which I Thy Holy Spirit from me: might lose my soul. Leave Who livest and reignest, world me not, O Gud, neither for. without end. Amen. sake me, for Thou art my strength and my patience. Hear me, O God, through

5. Gluttony.-Ps. cii. Jesus Christ

Lord. Amen,

forsaken the Lord, the

fountain of living waters, and 4. Lust.-Ps. li.

have hewed out for myself cisterns, broken cisterns, which

can hold no water: In truth I against heaven and be- have forgotten to fore Thee, and am no more bread, the bread of life, which worthy to he called 'Thy son. containeth in itself all sweet. What shall I do now? For ness, and have filled my belly Thy Spirit will not always with the husks of swine. strive with man, because that Whilst the food was yet in the he is also flesh, Have mercy mouths of the children of upon me, have mercy upon Israel the wrath of God came me. It is of Thy goodness upon them; and I have been so that I am not even now burn. often spared, who have defiled ing in hell with so many Thine image, O God, by inne reprobates whom this misera- temperance in meat and drink. ble sin hath destroyed. Keep Grant me hereafter to eat


WE is me that I have

O GOD, I have sinned

eat my

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